SimpliSafe Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


SimpliSafe is a home security system created by a Harvard-educated engineer. It works with the use of wireless technology and proves to be so effective that Wisconsin police use it to catch intruders. This system introduces 24/7 protection to keep your home safe and secure. Tech experts at CNET consider SimpliSafe to be the best smarter home security system. One of the advantages of this system is that it requires no middlemen, no annual contracts, and no landline. You get great protection at a reasonable price, unlike many security systems offered by traditional companies. Functioning of SimpliSafe doesn't need phoneline, but it works due to the independent cellular connection that cannot be cut by criminals. The company offers instant intrusion response. Besides, you will have access to the system control from your laptop or smartphone no matter where you are. The alerts keep track of gun safes, liquor cabinets, medicine cabinets, closets and file drawers in your house.

All activity alerts are immediately sent to your phone, so you will always know what is going on in your shelter. SimpliSafe will also alert the police instantly. What is important is that this security system is easy to install in less than an hour! The system will arrive pre-programmed already, so it will be able to start working immediately. The company offers the highest caliber monitoring. SimpliSafe operates on powerful lithium batteries, so you don't need to worry when the electricity fails. One set of batteries lasts for five years. In this way, you will be able to save up to 20% on your Monitoring system, as the company offers discounts up to 20% on your home insurance. Many insurance companies trust SimpliSafe. The system has Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection. Those powerful sensors will ensure your safety in case of gas leak or fire. Sensors can protect a house of any size. Besides, you can add more sensors.

Customer Reviews - Does SimpliSafe Really Work?

The security system provides total control from anywhere in the world, as you can download free Apps for your iPhone and Android smartphones. Most users are happy with this function. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System is recommended by the New York Times, as well as many other companies. Unlike many alarm companies who have huge sneaky hidden fees, SimpliSafe has no hidden charges. The company allows you to try it risk-free for 60 days. If you are not pleased with the system you can get your money back. SimpliSafe alarms are easy to use, reliable, have no annual contracts or hidden costs.

However, SimpliSafe may be not suitable for you if you have a large home (larger than 20,000 square feet or if it has more than fifty windows on the first floor). In this case, you would benefit from a system offering a bigger number of sensors. You can get one from a traditional contract security company. If you run a huge commercial property, you are recommended to opt for a system that has CCTV or security guards. But if you belong to the 95% of people who don't possess a large home or commercial property, SimpliSafe will be the best choice for you. You can contact one of the company's security consultants at 1-888-957-4675 if you have any questions. SimpliSafe's wireless sensors are installed in the least of your time.

There are numerous reviews from satisfied experts and ordinary people who chose SimpliSafe as a security system for their property. Those customers are pleased with the fact that no contracts are required and the system is very smart. The bells and whistles do not cost much money. The company has thousands of Facebook Fans. You can easily read their reviews about the system. Most of them claim that it is perfect for people who do not want to poke holes in wallboard. You can count on SimpliSafe which is an affordable, but completely functional wireless security system. All sensor units have removable adhesive backs. Let us have a look at what ordinary people write about this security system.

"SimpliSafe was unbelievably easy to setup. I haven't had any issues with it since I ordered it three months ago. It works all the time even when electricity fails and never loses signal. Within this period of time, I experienced a small problem only once when I heard the door chime sound a little "crackled". I called support and they came within an hour to replace one detail. It is really difficult to find perfect support like that."

"I was looking for a simple and inexpensive alarm system for my daughter's apartment when she was away at college. My criteria included portable, no long-term commitment required, and fast installation. SimpliSafe met all of my requirements. It needs no drilling or wires. They came quickly after ordering, installed the system within half-an-hour and gave use simple instructions on how to use it correctly. The sensors were mounted on doors and windows. The alarm has the best features of traditional alarms. It functions great. This system was certainly worth the money and I recommend it to all of my friends for their peace of mind."

"I bought a Simpli Safe system for my home to stay peaceful about the lives of my wife and children while working in China for one year. I wanted my house to be protected without having to sign a three-year contract. Fortunately, the company behind this security system does not require any contracts at all. What I liked first about SimpliSafe was easiness of setup. Second, it operates on batteries and does not depend on electricity in your house. The batteries run for several years, which is another advantage. It is important for me to feel that my home is protected. Due to SimpliSafe system, I can sleep peacefully far away from my family."

My Final Summary

SimpliSafe system can be certainly recommended to everyone who is looking for a secure guard for their home or company. It offers a number of advantages, including reasonable price and monthly monitoring fees, affordable hardware, expandable and customizable system, absence of any monitoring contracts, quick and easy installation, no wiring or drilling. As it was already mentioned, the system works via cellular connectivity on batteries, so it does not require electricity. Cellular communication is the best type of communication. This security system is simple to relocate and comes with a 3-year warranty. You will be offered a 60-day money back guarantee and some discounts. There are five packages offered from SimpliSafe company for you to choose from. If you are looking for a worthy security system for your home to monitor it from afar, you will certainly like SimpliSafe Home Security System.

Where To Buy SimpliSafe In Stores?

The cost of the system depends on the package you choose. As it was already mentioned, there are five packages, however, you can always add any component to your package. The chosen system can be purchased from their official website. Starter costs $229.96, Economy costs $259.95, Classic costs $349.92, Master costs $449.87 and Ultimate costs $539.85.