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Simply Contour Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Simply Contour Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Simply Contour is a special garment that is used for body-shaping by lifting the butt and compressing the waist. It shapes your body to provide you with an hourglass shape. There is little information about the product's manufacturer on the official website, which is simplycontour.com. It was registered in May 2016, which means that the product is new on the market. The manufacturer's claims about this kind of garment are quite promising. It is said to naturally flatten and slim the female body. The fabric from which it is made expands, breathes, and compresses easily. The garment can be worn under any other clothes giving you a look of up to two sizes smaller. It is claimed to be designed by women, so it has no zippers, hooks, or muffin top. The product is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Simply Contour is manufactured by the company that has been on the market for three years only, so it can hardly be trusted, to my mind. Their other products include Genie Hourglass, Miss Belt, and even the V-Shape Trainer for men. They created Simply Contour only two years ago. This body-shaping product offers a bit different idea; however, this item looks familiar. In fact, it was marketed in 2016 under the name Sensual Contour. There is still a website for that version (sensualcontour.com). While such products as Miss Belt are well-known waist trainers and corsets, the garment we are discussing today combines a butt lifting bottom with waist compression. Wearing it alone looks strange, but it is said to be almost unnoticeable under clothing. Is it really so? Does the product work as advertised on the official website? Let's find out by reading real customer reviews about Simply Contour.

Customer Reviews - Does Simply Contour Really Work?

Simply Contour

Before we move to the actual customers' opinions about this unusual garment let us take a look at some other features of the product. The concept consists in compressing the tummy while lifting the butt. Theoretically it is expected to provide a stark difference in the body shape; however, it is available in four sizes only, which is a big drawback. All women are different and I don't think that all of them will be able to find the right fit. There is high chance that you fall between sizes. In this case, the manufacturer recommends leaning toward the smaller size of the two, as the garment is meant to provide compression. Here you may face certain discomfort linked to wearing tight clothes, which can be harmful for your health. But there is no doubt that choosing a larger size will not provide you with proper results.

There are limited customer reviews about this product online, which is not good. It means that women are either not interested in the suggestion or find it useless. There are many concerns about choosing the right size. Many women are not satisfied with the quality of the garment. There is a common concern about bathroom breaks while wearing it. Taking it off is very problematic and difficult, since the piece is really tight. Besides, it is a single unit that covers a large part of your body. Overall, the garment does not work as advertised for most female customers. The average rating of the product is 3.5 stars. Let us take a look at the real customers' testimonials found on third-party websites.

"Simply Contour does the job covering up my butt and everything on the torso but there is one big drawback about it. The garment tends to roll down and through its bottom part one can see the lines on my butt. Believe me, my butt is rather wide, so the holes are really noticeable. I think the buttcheeks don't fit right. To my mind, it does not justify for the bottom. I feel very disappointed about my online purchase! It's just gross!"

"SimplyContour does not work, especially for the shapely girls like I am. The advertisement shows everything in a very beautiful way but the reality is quite different. This product simply does not fit well. All lines on my body can be seen through the clothes. I simply cannot wear this garment anywhere, except my home where no one sees me. Besides, this product is very expensive, while it looks like it was bought at the dollar store. They must improve this product for women. Do not waste your money on this garment. You will see better results while wearing a ducktape around your belly."

"I am not pleased with Simply contour at all. It looked like I put a sock over my body. It had two small circles on my butt that just smashed it inward making it very flat. This product did nothing good for my figure, and it kept sliding down. I am curvy-shaped woman but they show slender girls in their advertisement. I had different results. I decided to return the product but I failed to find any return information on their official website. I called the customer service but the rep refused to even give address to send the stuff back. What a big joke!"

Where To Buy Simply Contour In Stores?

The product can be ordered and bought from the official website of the manufacturer only. One item of Simply Contour costs $29.99 plus $7.95 shipping plus another $7.95 for a mandatory second "free" item. So, the total cost will be $45.89.

My Final Summary

Based on our thorough research of Simply Contour, it seems that this product is not worth spending money on. It has a lot of drawbacks and concerns. Many customers are not satisfied with their purchase, as seen from third-party websites. There are numerous concerns about poor fit of the garment, improper sizes, poo quality and bad customer service. The product is claimed to be too expensive when compared to the competition. The modern market offers a wide variety of alternatives. For example, you can find butt lifting underwear and waist compression garments similar to Simply Contour, but at a much lower cost. If you are interested in considering alternatives, you should pay attention to Sayfut Women't Butt Lifter Shaper. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Simply Contour, I cannot recommend this product to usage. I don't think that it will be of any help in shaping your body. There are better products on the market that can meet your needs well.