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Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board is a specially created plastic exercise device that intends to trim waist fat and strengthen core muscles due to its balance-board design. It also promises to enhance your workouts. The device is available in a variety of sizes and shapes and has been on the sports market for a while - it appeared on Nov. 6, 2015. Since that time it has become very popular and has been shown on the popular ABC entrepreneur show Shark Tank. The founders of the device are Linda Clark and her daughter Gloria Hoffman. They were thrilled when Lori Greiner, shark and QVC personality, agreed to invest $125,000 in the company for a 20% stake. If you have seen Simply Fit Board on Shark Tank and you would like to learn more about it, continue reading the review about this balance-board workout craze.

We have managed to do some research of the trending board and over the next several minutes we are going to take a closer look at the Simply Fit Board, its benefits and customer reviews. It is interesting to know that the board is crafted from a special plastic, according to the official website. This allows the user to rock back and forth as well as to twist from side to side. The surface of the board includes non-slip surfaces for feet and handles for hands. It is available in five different colors including bright magenta and atomic orange. The cost of the board is $44.95. The official website of the product also contains their series of 10-minute YouTube workout videos with tutorials on how to use the Simply Fit Board, workouts for children and many different workouts for adults. The board helps to lose weight, burn abdominal fat, improve balance, tone legs, and has some other benefits.

Customer Reviews - Does Simply Fit Board Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, balance boards (also known as "wobble boards") have been on the market for a while. They are available in all possible sizes and shapes. Some are shaped like discs with rounded bottoms; others look like skateboards with knobs underneath them. Despite quite different designs, balance boards have the same purpose - to improve your balance. But is the Simply Fit Board really as effective as claimed on its official website? To learn more, we did some research through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). According to their research made in 2011, our balance can be not only maintained as we get older but it can be significantly improved. It can be also supposed that a good balance board including the Simply Fit Board can be "lifetime" type workout equipment. It has been proven that balance training can strengthen muscles, rehabilitate injuries, condition the body, help prevent falls and improve postural alignment and stability.

Another piece of information published from the ACSM, "Ankle Sprains and the Athlete", claims that a balance board is a perfect rehabilitation technique that can stabilize and strengthen the ankle. It was even mentioned that it can reduce the risk of re-injury by 50%. Mayo Clinic has several pages about the ability of balance exercises improve your stability, which is why they should be included into your daily routine. In this way, Simply Fit Board seems to be a good way to improve your posture, balance, and rehab injuries. A lot of researches made me feel very positive about the advantages of balance-board workouts. It is important to emphasize the fact that Simply Fit boards can fight "muffin top" and burn fat, according to their official website. Based on our research, there is enough evidence to support that claim, but these are not just advantages of the board itself. To achieve any results, you will need to train correctly and regularly.

People who have tried Simply Fit Board in their own life, report getting positive results. Many of them followed workout videos provided on the company's official website. The two major sources of customer feedback can be found on Simply Fit's Facebook page, and on the QVC page. The Facebook page contains more than 160 reviews on the board with an average rating of 4.7 stars. The QVC page has about 150 reviews with an average 5-star rating. The most recent reviews emphasize the company's perfect customer service and the product's ease of use. The majority reviews are glowing. Let us take a look at some of them.

"I received my Simply Fit Board a few weeks ago, and I like it a lot. As soon as I stepped on it for the first time, I understood that it was what I needed. I train n it every day and I do feel my legs burning. Earlier I had some problems with the balancing. I watched all videos on the site and learnt some tips on how to balance correctly. It looks easy but it isn't in reality. You have to apply effort to do some exercises. Now I can turn myself around and from one side to the other. I do recommend this device to everyone who wants to strengthen their body and improve the balancing. It is a great invention!"

"Simply Fit board is the greatest device for losing weight I have ever had. I weighed 228 lbs when I started training with it, and now I am only 165. I started from elementary exercises and now I can do even the most difficulties ones. The tutorials on the site helped me a lot and I love my Fit Board very much. I have already recommended it to many people and I will continue telling about it. If you are looking to lose weight and look great you should try this balancing board too."

"I am overweight and I suffer from severe degenerative disk disease and some other health issues including PTSD. It is often difficult for me to leave my house and to exercise in the gym or outdoors, so I decided to buy Simply Fit Board. I have to confess that this board (the magenta one) has improved my balance considerably. I don't fall as much anymore, I have lost some weight. But the best part is that I don't need to go out to exercise and the board does not take much space in my house. It is so much fun to exercise on it."

My Final Summary

Simply Fit Board is a sports product that provides a lot of benefits. This balance board is the latest piece of balance tools that proves to be effective for improving your stability. It can be used for certain rehab programs in combination with other exercises. The founders have done a great job of creating a bright balance board that is fun to use. Another advantage about this device is that it comes with a series of ten balance-specific workout videos on the official website. These will help you to get the full benefit of the board. It has to be emphasized that Mayo Clinic and ACSM claim that it is important to start from elementary and slow exercises when training with your balance board. As you increase your stability and strength, you can branch out to more difficult exercises.

All in all, the Simply Fit Board is a worthy balance board that comes with attractive equipment and free workout videos. It is a perfect option for people who want to improve their balance, get rid of extra kilos and look better. After one month of working out, you are expected to see visible results; you will tone up your back, butt, arms, and legs, increase your energy and improve the sense of balance. The product has a number of positive customer reviews. With all this in mind, I do recommend buying Simply Fit Board.

Where To Buy Simply Fit Board In Stores?

The device can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer or from a number of retail websites. It costs $44.95 and has a weight limit of 400 pounds.