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Sirena Vacuum

Sirena Vacuum is a bagless vacuum cleaner that utilizes a water-based filtration system which promises to provide you with a fundamentally superior system for cleaning your whole home. Air that passes through this system is washed with water and cleaned by a stringent HEPA 12 filter. As a result, it returns clean and fresh into your home environment. Its advantage is that water never clogs the way like many bags do. This vacuum is claimed to clean your house with 100% efficiency saving a lot of your time. This bagless vacuum features a canister and sounds to be just perfect. But is it really worth buying? To answer this question, we will need to take a closer look at its features.

Designed with a water-based system, Sirena Vacuum claims to overcome these frustrating problems associated with bagged vacuum cleaners. By using water to wash the air, bags tend to clog quickly. In case of the cleaner we are discussing today, the fast-moving air enters the water basin producing serious disturbance and a heavy "rain storm". The latter washes most dust and dirt particles from the airflow. After being washed well, the air gets into the separator and the fan producing suction. Then it exits through the HEPA 12 exhaust filter where it is well-filtered. As a result, clean air returns into your environment. The Sirena vacuum cleaner is sealed internally in such a way as to make all the air pass through the washable filter. This feature will be appreciated by those who suffer from asthma or dust related allergies. The Sirena Vacuum is made by Sirena, Inc., in China. It is claimed to be a Canadian company, though. The product is sold in the U.S.A. mainly through their network of independent stores that specialize in vacuum cleaners.

Customer Reviews - Does Sirena Vacuum Really Work?

Sirena Vacuum features a separator located at the bottom of the suction motor and placed above the water basin. By spinning at a very high rate, it throws any water away from the air flowing through it. This action ensures that the high volume of air flow gets through the water, creating a strong "rain shower" to wash the air. The separator can be cleaned after a few uses. To do this you will need to remove the brass retaining nut. The Sirena housing keeps the wrench and brush tool inside. Sirena's water basin is constructed of transparent ABS Plastics and is incorporated into the unit's design. This enables you to see the liquids or dirt collected in the water, so you know when you will need to change the water. A baffle located behind the intake port is responsible for intensifying the "rain storm" inside the basin and for keeping larger debris away from the separator. This baffle empties the water basin and enables you to pour water down a drain while holding back larger debris. The latter can be dumped out through the basin opening. Its large opening will help you to rinse and wipe its inside.

The motor's power is 1200 Watt, which is an average power for vacuum cleaners of the kind. It produces suction for cleaning carpets with the Sirena power nozzle. The Sirena vacuum washes the air but it does not mean that it will pick up all the moisture from the surfaces it cleans. It features a bypass cooled motor that produces two separate air flows - one goes through the suction producing fan and another one through the main part of the motor. This prevents any larger dust particles from entering the motor. It also protects the motor from overheating if the attachment or hose gets clogged.

Sirena Vacuum comes with a special nozzle for cleaning different kinds of surfaces in your home, including carpets. Its brush roll with two rows of bristles promises to provide the required power to deep clean your carpets. However, based on the customer reviews, the unit often fails to clean the carpet's difficult dirt. An electric hose comes with the system to deliver the power to the nozzle's cord. This allows the hose handle to start the power nozzle automatically and to stop it when you make to pause.

There is a very limited number of testimonials from real users of Sirena Vacuum. However, they are not as positive as the manufacturer's claims are. For instance, one woman reports that she bought her unit in December of 2015 and after only six months of use it stopped working. It refused to turn on. The customer is disappointed of having nothing more than an expensive piece of trash. She should have bought the Rainbow instead, according to her words. The last one she used served her for fifteen long years before it finally stopped working. The woman asks everyone not to waste their money and to avoid buying this piece of trash.

"Sirena Vacuum has a very misleading ad. According to the picture and description, the unit includes the power nozzle, but my vacuum arrived with a hose and some handheld attachments only. The power cord of the unit didn't retract, which was a nuisance. Some of its parts seemed to be made of cheap plastic. I think the foot-release pedal would probably break over a short period of time. I never turned it on to test suction noise and volume. I am returning it."

"I am disappointed with my Sirena Vacuum. The power Nozzle stopped working for no reason, even though the item is still new. I tried to ask for help from the customer service but no one wants to help me. I purchased the cleaner in November 2017. It did clean well but because of this problem I cannot use it."

"Sirena Vacuum is complete waste of money. It is an overpriced vacuum cleaner that does not work as promised. They also have lousy customer service. When I called them to complain I was convicted of doing something wrong. I do not recommend buying anything from this brand."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Sirena Vacuum during our research, this product does not seem to be worth buying. It has a lot of drawbacks. First of all, many buyers are not satisfied with its performance and functionality. They say it often fails to clean some surfaces properly. They have to change water too frequently too. The vacuum cleaner often gets clogged too. It may get broken really fast, according to the testimonials of real users. The unit seems to have many promising attachments for home cleaning but they may not perform as promised. Many customers report that the product is overhyped and overpriced. The idea behind this bagless vacuum cleaner seems to be just great but performance lets it down. The advantage is that the unit can add scent to your environment but even with this benefit I cannot recommend Sirena vacuum to buying. If you need a good water-based vacuum cleaner, you should opt for the one made by a well-known and reputable manufacturer.

Where To Buy Sirena Vacuum In Stores?

This vacuum cleaner can be bought from the official website of the company where is currently comes with a 45% off and the list price of $999.99. Good condition of this unit and its timely delivery are guaranteed. For more details, you can call at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126 for free and. Most of their salespeople are knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners and will be happy to help you. This is what the company claims but in reality many clients are not satisfied with their customer service. There is free shipping on the product. You can order it by calling at 800-413-2778 or 717-665-5126. They ship only within the USA. Sirena Vacuum can also be bought from some retail stores. The price may vary from store to store. for instance, Amazon offers it for $715.66 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.