Skipio Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Skipio is a special communication application/software which is responsible for sending marketing text messaging and reminders to the customers. It offers different types of automated text services such as alert messages, Ringless voicemail, bulk sms, personalized communication and trackable links. The official website contains the necessary business details including the official postal address: 615 N 150 E, American Fork, UT 84003-3894. The service has been in business for four years. It started on 12/31/2014. The marketing expert of the business is Mr. Freddy Shelton.

So, Skipio is the customer relationship software with a unique platform that makes it possible for you to communicate in bulk but in a 1-on-1 manner. Response rates are quite high in the industry due to the unique features: trackable links, 10-digit numbers, smart auto responses, ringless voicemail, pre-built campaigns, analytics, trigger-based responses, and so much more. You can get more engagement than with any other platform available at present. The software can also boast a simple design. Let us take a look what actual users think about the service.

Customer Reviews - Does Skipio Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the service on third-party websites. One guy reports that he was looking forward to checking out Skipio, which seemed to be the perfect fit for him to keep up with a lot of established clients. He was contacted by one of the sales representatives and they even set up a 9AM phone conference to discuss his interest and everything he needed to know. The conference took place the next day during which the man was told the price of $99 per month. The customer didn't like the price and requested a refund after the first month. Then the man did a little research and found out that it was not a $99 service but he actually had to pay a $297 up front cost for three months. That's not little money. At first the man felt like he was lied to but in reality he was not attentive when he was listening to the company's representative. He asked for more clarification and contacted a sales manager. He explained the situation to him and expressed his discouragement. The sales manager apologized for the inconvenience and asked the man why he had not reached out to higher management earlier. The man had to pay the money but he cancelled his enrollment in three months without any issues. The company's representatives are sincere and helpful enough, according to his words, but the service is too expensive. It seems to be a legitimate company.

Many other customers reported that they were pleased with the fast customer service on the phone and on live chat. One guy says that he has been with them for over the last 72 hours. He confesses that he can't wait to get started with the service. It must be highly beneficial, so the guy highly recommends it to everyone. One woman reports in her testimonial that she has used Skipio for over a year and considers it to be the best platform for sending text messages. She has tried other companies but found out that no one works as well as this company. Skipio appears to have the best features. The ability to have campaigns, pre-planned messages, keywords, and send video makes them stand out from others. They have always had great customer service the reps of which have always responded to inquiries of their customers. Some of the users say that they are looking forward to new features to be utilized to further enhance their experience.

The experience of many customers has been very positive not only due to the service itself but also due to the great customer service. Most customers feel optimistic about this service even if they are just onboarding. They would gladly recommend Skipio to others. This service is risk free and works as advertised. The company sends vital text messages to inform users of certain issues. This is a useful service that involves professional and attentive people. You can easily get a refund if you are not satisfied with the service to the fullest. But most probably you won't need to request a refund, since the service is highly beneficial. One user claims that Skipio has been a game changer in his life. He managed to build a business and it is incredible! The staff of the company is responsive, supportive, and does everything possible to make the software work perfectly. It also teaches new users how to use it correctly, so that you use proven techniques. The Skipio system is amazing and the company provides excellent customer service. The programing is intuitive, weather you are new to texting or you are a tech savvy. The individualized and training support is incredible, according to many customers. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"Skipio is just awesome. It gave us an opportunity to expand our marketing efforts significantly. It also provides excellent customer service. They reach their customers directly. Thank you, Skipio. I am thrilled to be a part of your team. Whenever I need anything, I can reach out really fast and get the help I need!"

"Skipio has saved me a lot of time, especially when I was reaching out to referrals. It gave me efficiency in marketing because I can personalize the text. Most of my business deals with a lot of texting. Now I cannot imagine my business without this service. I can also give the company's customer service all five stars!"

"Skipio is a great tool that is highly beneficial for my business. It takes a little time to get used to it but if you need any help you can freely contact their team. They have incredible customer service. I tried to contact them long, so I left a message for them. I was blown away by their immediate response because I was not even their customer at the moment. I was leaving town so I desperately needed their services. The rep named Matt Busi contacted me and gave me excellent customer service. He worked with me to get me set up. Thank you, Matt Busi."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Skipio this company seems to be worth your attention. The service is easy to set up, but even if you face any difficulties you can always contact their customer service department. The company's reps are very knowledgeable, careful and helpful. Most people are pleased with the service and all the features. There is enough information about the service online for you to be sure that it is beneficial. Both the marketing and customer service are perfect but the one thing that is missing is the NOTES section in the contact record. It would allow to date and time stamp vital conversations. Skipio is definitely dedicated to giving scalable results to any business. They are great to work with, eager to help and quick to respond in order to suggest the solutions to any problems or difficulties.

Most users are very impressed with the functionality and ease of the tool. They love Skipio's customer service a lot. The staff of the company are patient and ready to walk you through any situation. This app has been good for staying in touch with your clients. There is possibility to add emojis, pictures, and to use the quick responses. The users also like the dashboard and ease of seeing all the options. It is easy to do the things you wish. The features of ringless voicemail, unlimited text, and that you are able to add pictures and audios, as well as to create campaigns, make the service perfect. Skipio is a great addition to any business. With all this in mind, I would certainly recommend this service.

Skipio Pricing and Rates

The starting price of using Skipio's services online is $99.00 per month and $199.00 for three months. If you are not pleased with what you get you can request a refund by calling the company’s customer service department.