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Sleep Styler

The Sleep Styler is a hair styling system that was endorsed by Shark Tank's Lori Greiner. It uses patented super-absorbent heat-free rollers that make hair, wavy, curly and just gorgeous while you sleep. Thus, you don't have to apply any effort to get the hair of your dream. The official website of the product indicates that all you will have to do is to wrap your damp hair around each Sleep Styler roller, fix the strap, get your sleep, and unwrap your hair in the morning. The styler is suitable for both long and short hair, thick or thin hair, even curly hair. According to the manufacturer, the device will form bombshell curls, while saving you a lot of time on styling time. It can be used for straightening your hair.

Sleep Styler features a marshmallow soft memory foam core for better comfort during your sleeping. There is also special microfiber material that will hold all water contained in your hair, so you will wake up completely dry. Is this device really worth the money it costs? Can you expect it to work as well as advertised on the official website, or will it be less useful than expected? Is there any competition or cheaper alternatives to Sleep Styler? To answer all of these questions, we will take a closer look at this device's features and real customers' reviews. We managed to do a good research and this is what we have found.

Customer Reviews - Does Sleep Styler Really Work?

Human hair is mostly made up of keratin, a strong protein due to its molecular hydrogen bonds stuck together to create long filaments. These bonds help to prevent hair from easily falling out and possible damage. But at the same time keratin makes hair hard to style. It is known that these hydrogen bonds can be weakened with water and heat. The latter works relaxes the hydrogen bonds making hair more obedient and easy to take any shape you choose (wavy, straight, curly, etc.). Water penetrates between protein molecules and weakens the "chain" between them. The principle of work of the Sleep Styler is similar to a hot roller - it weakens the hydrogen bonds, helping to hold hair in place and allowing you to style your hair. But the device does not use heat, it uses water and long individual wraps made from soft memory foam cores. A microfiber exterior is responsible for soaking up moisture, so you don't have to be worried that your hair will be burnt with hot hard plastic rollers. Sleep Styler allows you to wrap each part of hair around a padded core and keep it in the fixed position using the attached strap.

There are many customer reviews about the product online with the majority of positive feedback. Actual users of the device are happy with its performance and with the fact that the manufacturer offers two different lengths of Sleep Styler. Short device with 1.5-inch rollers is suitable for hair that is between mid-back length and shoulder, or hair that is long and fine. This version functions similar to more traditional rollers that provide additional texture and a "more robust curl". Long device features rollers that are 1.5 inches in diameter, but with a longer design, which allows you to deal with hair that is longer than mid-back length, or short but thick hair.

One customer of the Sleep Styler writes that she had a very positive experience of using the device. She ordered it from the official website and I received the rollers within a week after placing her order, so the woman was happy with fast delivery. Earlier, my standard approach to curling my hair was to blow dry it a bit with my head upside down. Before that I also used to dry my hair with a towel. Then I used to set my whole head with large Velcro rollers and allowed my hair to dry completely, which took about two hours. After buying Sleep Styler rollers I don't have to wait for two hours, instead I go to bed. In the morning I just unwrap my hair and enjoy the results. Sleeping with these rollers is quite comfortable as they are soft. All rollers stay on the woman's hair during sleep, some of the curls may be tighter than the others but in general hair looks very pretty after using the rollers. The majority of users claim that they are glad to have these rollers. Their main advantage is that they don't have to sit for a few hours to let hair air-dry. One can just go to bed with damp hair and wake up with dry and curly hair. Let us take a look at what real customers think about the rollers.

"Sleep Styler rollers are pretty impressive. I bought these at Walmart for about $30 and I have been using them for almost a month now, and I am very pleased with the results. But I will say these rollers may require a little practice. It is necessary to say that my best results were when I used them on about 80% dry hair. I saw huge difference! Sleeping on them isn't as unpleasant as I expected. They are so soft that I almost don't notice them on my head. They stay put even through all my turning and tossing. Overall I am happy with the product and I do recommend it to my friends."

"SleepStyler curlers are just cool! I put them in at 10 pm and took them off at 6 am. My hair was dry and curly. Before doing the procedure I did my hair 85 percent dry with the use of a blow dryer. I had my boyfriend put them in, and he said that those rollers did a great job. My hair is waist length, so I find these rollers a great alternative to hot rollers that can damage my hair."

"I use to spend too much time in the morning to curl my hair before work but after buying Sleep Styler my life has drastically changed. All I have to do is to wrap my hair in the rollers in the evening, enjoy my night's sleep and unwrap my hair again. It completely dries during the nights and becomes nicely curled. I also tried these rollers for the sake of my fried hair. At first it was a bit difficult to use the stylers but now I can set my head within ten minutes."

My Final Summary

Sleep Styler is a great product for those who are tired of frying their hair with hot rollers. The device uses water-based technology, due to which your hair will stay undamaged and beautiful. Another advantage about these rollers is that they can create a nice hairdo overnight. This is the reason why there is so much positive customer feedback about the product at the moment. It might deliver the best results if used correctly, even though it may require a few tries to get the technique down right. The company delivers the product within a week or so.

Sleeping with Sleep Styler rollers is surprisingly comfortable. Some women report that they woke up with big beachy curls without any noticing how their hair was getting curly! So, if you want to style your hair without any effort and heat, this product is for you! It will make your hair super voluminous. The only thing for you to consider is that your hair needs to be at least six inches long from the scalp. With all this in mind, I would certainly recommend Sleep Styler to usage. It can help you achieve wonderful hair styles overnight.

Where To Buy Sleep Styler In Stores?

The rollers can be bought on the official website of the manufacturer or from one of the retail stores online. One Sleep Styler set costs $29.95, plus $4.95 shipping. If you live in CA, CT, NY, or NV, you will be charged sales tax too. The Short includes twelve 3-inch rollers, while Long version includes eight 6-inch rollers.