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Smart Silk Pillow

No matter how you like to sleep - on your side, stomach or back - the Smart Silk Pillow is claimed to be suitable for all kinds of sleepers. It uses a cotton outer shell and natural silk fill liner to keep away moisture and provide you with comfort and cool feel all night long. The manufacturer promises that this pillow is will give you a more comfortable and cleaner night's sleep. But what differentiates the Smart Silk Pillow from other pillows? The official website of the product says that choosing the right pillow can influence your overall health. This pillow's exterior is made of natural layered Tussah silk floss, which is stretched into sheets. This silk is enclosed in a 100% natural, soft cotton outer shell with a 233 thread count. These materials are claimed to be breathable. In addition, the pillow is filled with comfortable micro gel that boasts a cool effect. Does it all mean that the Smart Silk Pillow provides health benefits when compared to "standard" pillows? Can it wick away moisture and keep you cool all through the night? Let us try to answer these questions by taking a look at the manufacturer information available online.

The company behind the product is called Smartsilk Corporation Inc. The official website provides its postal address: Smart Silk 4286 Chemin Cote de Liesse; Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4N 2P7. You can send your message to or call at 1-877-678-7455 in the USA and Canada. The company also offers a wide variety of other products including silk lined pillows, silk lined mattress protectors, silk lined duvets, silk lined pillow protector sets, silk lined travel pillow, complete silk bed sets, silk lined neck pillow, and bed liners. However, the company is not popular or reputable in the country. They claim that the Smart Silk Pillow is certified allergy and asthma friendly, due to its ability to prevent the accumulation of pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens. The pillow is also said to be free of any harmful chemicals, thus giving you a clean and healthy sleep. Let us take a look at other features of the pillow, as well as at the real customers' revises available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Smart Silk Pillow Really Work?

Although the company behind the product claims to have been in business for more than eight years, there are few online customer reviews for the Smart Silk Pillow. The product appears to have a mixed customer reputation, which means that there are both positive and negative testimonials. The most common compliments related to the pillow's durability, that it can maintain its shape with no need to stuff it shifting around. It also does not becoming lumpy and is able to maintain the same temperature. However, the product is linked to some complaints too. The primary one of them references the high price of the product, which is not a good thing for most customers. Many people are not satisfied with the size of the pillow, as well as the level of comfort it provides. Let us take a closer look at the real customer reviews available online.

One woman writes that she ordered Level 3 Standard (medium firm) but she found it too firm and uncomfortable. Besides, the pillow is too small to sleep on. The buyer notes that the company behind this product is not interested in customer satisfaction. One can either send the pillow back and spend $30 on shipping and processing fees, or get a Queen Level 4 (firm) for another $16.95 (more than $100 in total) plus tax. The customer believes that, this pillow for the $84.70 should be just perfect. The woman decided to return the pillow and not to deal with the company any more. She wasted $30 on shipping and processing fees and feels ripped off. This is an unfair business practice! Another customer says that he loved the Smart Silk Pillow. Their directions that came with the product said that it can be machine washed and dry cleaned. The user's wife did that and spoilt the pillow. It is now filled with lumps the size of golf balls. The man is now trying to return it to the company. Another customer reports in her review that she got a pair of these pillows as gifts. Both felt nice to the touch but after using them for a few days, the woman couldn't even breathe. She was stuffed up in the morning. Since the woman works in the chemical industry, she took the pillows to her work and had them checked out. It was found out that there is foam in the middle of the pillow but it is covered in PBDE's (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). These are toxic chemicals that can interfere with the human hormones, causing such lung conditions as COPD. They can even cause infertility. PBDE's are banned in Europe. It is better to avoid using these products as they are too risky for human health, especially children. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews.

"I suffer from sleep apnea and I saw an ad about Smart Silk Pillow on TV. I decided to buy, so I immediately ordered it by phone. I didn't like high-pressure salesmanship. It was a big mistake to purchase this pillow. It is not what it claims to be. It has no silk pillowcase. The fumes from the chemical filling permeate through. When I contacted the customer service to return my purchase and warned them that I was going to charge their company with misrepresentation, they offered to refund my shipping. They did, but not mine."

"I liked the claims made on the infomercial, so I ordered two queen SmartSilk Pillows. It was my mistake to believe those claims but the biggest mistake of mine was ordering two of those pillows. The price was much higher than advertised. My purchase arrived about three weeks after I submitted the order. These pillows turned out to be just like other, pillows. Waste of money! I am disappointed!"

"Smartsilk pillow did not work for me. I ordered soft, but it was not soft at all. It feels like sleeping on a hard mattress. I woke up with congestion and migraines in the morning. After about a week of usage I noticed that my SmartSilk pillow became lumpy. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for fraud."

My Final Summary

There is no denying the fact that the Smart Silk Pillow is too expensive taking into account the competition available on the market. This product is not advised to people who suffer from allergies or night sweats. There is an opinion that the product contains some chemicals in the materials it is made from. There are many complaints that the pillow is too hard and thin, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep on. It is also not able to dissipate heat, even though it is promised by the manufacturer. Even though the company has been in business for eight years, it has very few customer reviews. Online customer reputation referencing the pillow has a mixed character. There is no solid evidence that this product has high quality or is comfortable to use. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the Smart Silk Pillow, I cannot recommend this product to buying.

Where To Buy Smart Silk Pillow In Stores?

The Smart Silk Pillow is available on the official website in three different sizes. They vary in price. Standard (20" X 26") costs three payments of $29.95, for a total of $89.95. King (20" X 36") costs three payments of $33.28, for a total of $99.84. Queen (20" X 30") costs three payments of $29.95, for a total of $89.95. No matter which size of a pillow you will choose, it comes with $19.95 shipping. Each purchase comes with a 60-day refund policy and a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. To request a refund, you will need to call to the customer service at 877-678-7455.