SmartFares Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Exploring is an unbelievable pleasure for frequent travelers; however, traveling may not be easy on pockets in the modern world. But things have changed due to the services provided by SmartFares, a company that has brought a wide range of inexpensive flight deals while keeping them safe no matter whether you are planning to be voyaging far away or to explore a city next to your state. SmartFares is a leading online travel reservations service in the United States of America. It is now available on Android. This application allows you to book inexpensive flights and discounted airline tickets to the most popular travel destinations not only within the country but also all over the world. The app allows you to search for flights and book them right in the palm of your hand. The official website of the company is It can be used for traveling too.

According to the claims and customer feedback, SmartFares Android app provides the ease and flexibility of managing your flight bookings, accessing travel data and checking flight status when you are on the go. It is easy to download this valuable app. Besides, it is absolutely free and includes the following features: ability to search, compare and book from numerous inexpensive flights, ability to sort flight search results by stops, price, and duration; ability to store recent searches and flight search preferences; 24*7 customer support service. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the customer service department by calling at the phone number: (US) 888 666 6563. the international phone number is 858 634 5555. you can also write an email to the customer support team at If you are thinking about starting your flight booking experience on, don't hurry; it is a wise idea to take a look at the actual users' testimonials found online.

Customer Reviews - Does SmartFares Really Work?

During our research, we have seen numerous customer reviews about SmartFares online. Overall, the company seems to have a rather contradictory reputation, since there are both positive and negative opinions about its services, fares and customer support. The clients of the company are glad that they are given an opportunity to search and compare deals on airline tickets, flights, and hotel deals to a great number of locations all over the world. The company really specializes in selling airline tickets to the general public. The customer support department is described as responsive and helpful, even though some customers failed to have their issues resolved. However, it turned out to be not the company's fault in most of those cases. Happy clients report that they have had wonderful experience with SmartFares and would use them again. They appreciate the fast and easy service, as well as a good official website that is easy to use and navigate. They confessed they loves it and would definitely come back whenever they need to buy tickets again.

Thus, for example, one customer says in his testimonial that he was very excited to get a deal on the SmartFares website, so close to his departure date, he went to the site and ordered the needed tickets. It was quick and easy; besides, there were no hidden fees. The tickets were unbelievably cheap. The man confirms that booking airline tickets online is a great option to choose whenever you need to travel by plane. Another customer who is a female has been always very pleased with SmartFares and their website but once she had the only negative experience with the company. It happened when she called the customer service department to speak with a Live SmartFares representative. At first the call was disconnected but the woman was insistive and continued calling and saying hello. The representative apparently could not hear the customer. In this way, the woman was unable to receive the $20 discount, but she was not very disappointed, since she had received many discounts before that.

One more individual confirmed that ordering airline tickets on was quick and extremely easy. The customer also called the toll free number and received a quote 300 dollars more absolutely for free. He was very pleased and confesses that it was the cheapest ticket he has ever bought online. Once he had encountered another company that advertised false pricing. is different and honest. One woman says that she is a traveler with enormous experience of traveling by air. She can confidently say that SmartFares has the most amazing prices she has ever seen. Their website is easy to use. Now she uses their service for business trips, visiting her relatives and just seeing her best friend for Christmas. The service does not only offer affordable prices but also easy-to-use site with instructions for every step you need to take when ordering your tickets. The customer feels very thankful that the company has made each of her trips affordable, fast and easy. She has given them five stars and could give even more more because the customer service reps solved her problem on her latest purchase in a fast manner, so that she could travel without any issue. The woman promises she will use SmartFares for future flights too.

One man tells in his online review that he used to book one flight with another company called JustAir, but after an effort to put in the necessary info, he received "Sorry... we cannot confirm". Then the man addressed SmartFares with the same inquiry and that company confirmed it right away. The customer felt gratitude and relief with the fact that he could make a trip on time. The customer service in this company is great. Booking confirmation is fast! The man recommends this seller of airline tickets to all of his friends. Let us take a look at some more customer reviews about SmartFares available on third-party websites.

"If I had read other customers' reviews before ordering tickets through SmartFares I wouldn't have ordered them. Fortunately, I have had highly positive experience with this site. It was easy to find the tickets I needed and to order them. The customer service rep helped me to find the best deal and even gave me an additional discount. Overall, I am glad I did not have any trouble connecting from Maryland to Montego Bay. I purchased the tickets at a lower price than what the airline had offered."

"I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews about SmartFares. In fact, they had me thinking my ticket was fake and that I would have to purchase a new ticket to Indonesia once I landed to LAX. Then I found out that my ticket was absolutely legit. Let me remind that I had booked my flight two weeks before the trip. The guys from the company are just amazing. They helped me with ordering the tickets. Keep up with the good work. Thank you, SmartFares."

"I was skeptical about SmartFares at first. I booked my tickets with the company for Spirit Airlines. They gave me a confirmation code, I typed my last name in and the confirmation code went through the airlines website. Everything was successful. The boarding pass came on the day of check in. I had to call them several times, though, but every time they helped me. I had no serious issues."

My Final Summary

SmartFares is a major provider of airline tickets online. Using the services of this company you are guaranteed to avoid extreme expenses, as well as to enjoy fast, ease and hassle-free buying experience. The official website provides detailed information on how to order tickets and to have a successful booking process. It is full of a wide range of cheap flight deals, so you are sure to have a mind-blowing experience. In most cases, the company offers additional discounts, so it has got a great number of constant customers. If you dream to have cheap yet safe trips on a regular basis too, you should opt for SmartFares. Their mobile app has got performance improvements and optimized functions to bring you better experience. Terms and conditions have been recently updated. The app will allow you to search, book and enjoy your trip to the fullest. The app has been installed by over 10,000 users already and is being installed by new users every day.

Traveling across the continents including Asia, Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa, and beyond is undoubtedly one of the best things one can do during their lifetime. SmartFares offers an exquisite variety of flight deals to maximally satisfy any customer. The company allows you to book tickets any time and to get a stress-free experience with pocket-friendly prices. Whether you would like to explore cityscapes, beaches, markets, gourmet delights, fascinating landscapes, historical architectures, outstanding culture, or any other form of traveling, SmartFares will meet your needs. The company is experienced enough to provide you with the best services for an incredible traveling experience you have dreamed of. So, if you feel like traveling, you should certainly consider the services of this online company. It will help you get inexpensive flight deals by selecting from a wide variety of deals offered on the site. With all these advantages and disadvantages, we can recommend SmartFares to everyone who is looking for discounted flight tickets.

SmartFares Pricing and Rate

SmartFares application is absolutely free to download and use. The same concerns the official website of the company. A processing fee is up to $30.00 USD. It may be charged for every ticket to cover such expenses, as procurement, quality control, fulfilment, and servicing of the ticket. All processing fees and fare adjustments are charged by LBF Travel Inc.