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Smile Station Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Smile Station Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Smile Station is medical company that offers a great variety of dental services via professional dentists. It was founded quite recently with the goal to help their clients to improve the look of their teeth, to treat teeth issues and to teach them take proper care of their oral health. The company claims to provide compassionate and comprehensive dental care to their patients, no matter how old they are. Their mission is to provide personalized dental care to their clients, both infants and adults. They focus on the patient comfort, innovative technologies and prevention of teeth problems in future.

The staff of the company claims to submit to all insurance plans and to offer flexible payment plans to provide affordable treatments and to ensure that the price of the treatment does not prevent their potential patients from appropriate treatment and teeth care. They provide Frenulum Evaluations for Ankyloglosia and Lip Tie linked to breastfeeding in little kids. They also have good experience with anterior and posterior tongue ties, using laser therapy for different treatment options. Let us take a look at what real clients of Smile Station think about the company and their experience.

Customer Reviews - Does Smile Station Really Work?

Before we study what actual patients of Smile Station think about the company, we will need to take a look at the services offered and specialists providing these services. There is a pediatric team headed by Dr. Dan Allen. This pediatric dentist's career is focused on providing care to little patients. His goal is to teach each child good habits for a lifetime, make their teeth healthier and smiles more beautiful. His team pays special attention to the concerns of children and providing treatment in a gentle and fun way. They intend to prevent cavities and provide the necessary treatment in the most comforting way. They are said to provide friendly pediatric practice. Children's parents are also welcome into their treatment room. Laser dentistry uses no needles, while their composite fillings and crowns are discreet and mercury-free.

Smile Station

The company also has an adult team who try to make their patients forget upsetting experiences from their childhood. The team is headed by Dr. Cheryl Tauriello and includes hygienists and assistants who long to make you feel comfortable. The adult dentistry team promise to help you with your dental needs with a compassionate approach, since the staff understands dental fears of their patients. They offer the most innovative whitening techniques, as well as customized implants. The orthodontic team of the Clinique uses the latest technologies and has a keen interest in giving you the smile you will be proud of. They offer affordable solutions for adults and children, ranging from traditional braces, to the Invisalign technology and behind-the-teeth braces. They offer preventative care for kids with the purpose of reducing the need for braces and the time of treatment if it is necessary. The Clinique also offers flexible in-house financing options.

There is a great number of customer reviews about Smile Station online. While some people are pleased with their services, others are not. One customer says that their office and the dental staff are amazing but their billing department is a real nightmare. They were given certain information when they called the receptionist for the first time. They made appointments for their three children and asked some questions. The woman was told that her insurance was accepted and she liked that, since she could not afford the out of pocket expenses. After her children had their checkup, the family received a large bill. They were charged 90%, while their coverage usually covers 80%. The client called the billing department and was told that the office does not actually accept her insurance but they could receive a slight discount. The woman was unpleasantly surprised with such a mistake. This should not be allowed, to her mind. Here are some of the actual customers' reviews left on third-party websites.

"I will never go back to Smile Station anymore. Dr Allen missed the fact that the sealant of my six-year old daughter fell off her tooth. As a result, she developed a large hole that could not have been missed by any dentist. I had to take my girl to another dentist for an emergency appointment. I cannot recommend this place. Don't go there unless you want to lose your teeth."

"I was disappointed with Smilestation. At first I liked this place, since everyone was very nice and seemed to be professional. The problem was that they were not sincere with me on the cost of my treatment. I asked them whether my insurance would be accepted and they said yes. But when it came for paying for the services, they told me to pay twice more than expected. Besides, my insurance covered a miserable part of my expenses. They are dishonest."

"I came to SmileStation to treat my root canal. When I was in terrible pain I asked them how much it would cost me. They answered it would be $400 but in reality I was charged $1000 afterwards. I didn't even get the crown done. When I asked them to give me a discount they answered that it would be illegal. They were not forthright from the very beginning. I will not come back to them. They are wolves in sheep's clothing."

Where To Buy Smile Station?

The prices for Smile Station teeth care services may vary a lot. To learn the exact amount of money you will need to pay for the services you have received you will need to at least consult the necessary specialist of the company. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

As you can see, Smile Station is associated with a great number of customers' complaints. The staff of the company does not seem to be upfront. They may tell you one cost in the beginning of your treatment and you may be billed a much higher cost in the end. There are no negative reviews about the professionalism of their dentists. They do their job well. Unfortunately, their services turn out to be extremely expensive. Not everyone can afford such high expenses. The treatment of only one tooth may cost you $1000. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Smile Station. It is better to look for a cheaper dental clinique.