Snuggie Tails Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Snuggie Tails

Snuggie Tails are actually comfortable and soft fleece blankets for children with many different attractive character designs. The company behind the product guarantees to enthrall kids' minds with its snuggie design. These cozy blankets are meant specifically for children and come in nine colorful characters. These characters include Dragon, Blue and Pink Mermaid, Rainbow Fish, Shark, Clown Fish, Dolphin, Penguin, and Orca Whale. The manufacturer assures that these characters feature a fascinating design to make each item perfect for playing games, reading a book, sleeping, and just sleepovers during the day. Further we will take a look at Snuggie Tails reviews to find out how truthful these claims are. These blankets are claimed to be made from superior material - soft velveteen material. This kind of fabric provides a perfect comfort while sleeping. The durable stitching is promised to last for years of use.

Snuggie Tails are claimed to have a design that fits all children up to 5 feet tall. Extremely soft fabric and a universal design make these tails highly enjoyable and impressive. The product is easy to maintain too. You will just need to put it in a washing machine. The item can be reused many times. The company behind the product is called Snuggie. It is one of leading brands creating exquisite and adorable high-quality blankets. They claim to craft timeless products that are made to keep your family comfortable. They are dedicated to creating the softest blankets that can boost kids' imagination and transform them into sharks, mermaids, dragons and other popular characters. Their blankets are promised to suit every need. Through imaginative play kids can learn more about the world, express themselves, interact, plan, and try different roles. Let us take a look at the product's features and real customers' reviews available about Snuggie Tails online.

Customer Reviews - Does Snuggie Tails Really Work?

The length of the product is 54.00", while its width is 27.95".it is manufactured from super soft velveteen material that is machine washable. It is up to you to choose the desired color. Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket is available in three vibrant colors to pick your kid's favorite one. Pink is perfect for a playful and tender little girl. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, is cooling and represents peace. Purple is a graceful and elegant color that possesses both warm and cool properties. There are many customer reviews about the product on third-party websites and most of them are highly positive. Little users appreciate the fact that they can simply slide into the tail and transform into any character they wish. At the same time, the blanket keeps them cozy, warm, and cuddly. Since it is made from soft comfortable velveteen, the product can be used as a wonderful sleeping bag perfect for lounging at home, car rides, and sleepover parties. Since children have their hands totally free they still can play games, read, text, eat, and do many other things without having to take it off. These cuddle blankets are colorful, which promotes creative imagination and new games. Let us take a look at some real users' reviews available online.

One woman confesses that her granddaughter was very excited to receive her gift. When she opened the box she saw the mermaid blanket and burst with joy. She immediately fell in love with it. It is soft and has high quality. Now the girl even takes it to preschool and can go down for naps much easier with this tail than earlier. This is a perfect gift. Another woman also bought Snuggie Tails for a gift for her 5-year old daughter. The parents organized a birthday party for the girl where she used her gift for different games. It is very soft and is washed well in the washing machine. The colors remain vibrant and bright. The material is soft and fluffy even after washing. This item can definitely serve for years to come. It is big and roomy too. Another woman writes in her testimonial that she purchased these tails for her nieces for Christmas. When they received their gifts they immediately wore them and spent the whole evening in them. They were very happy. So, Snuggie Tails are an irreplaceable gift for children of different ages because they can use these costumes for both play and sleep. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews to find out whether other people also enjoy this product.

"My daughter loves her Snuggie Tails very much. She sleeps in this garment every night and says that it is very soft and snugly. She is small for her age and can fit her entire body inside the product without any problems. She likes its bright and vibrant colors too. Some people are writing about the seams coming apart, but we don't have that issue. I have not washed it yet, but I will report back what happens when I do. At present, I give five stars to this product."

"I bought pink and blue mermaid blankets from the Snuggie Tails series. My four and two-year old daughters love them dearly. They don't want to sleep with anything else during the day. The blankets are really big and fit both girls perfectly. The kids can snuggle up in them like a sleeping bag. They feel so soft for the kids' tender skin. I'm very glad I purchased these tails for my daughters."

"Snuggie Tails wasn't actually for me, but it was meant for my niece who is five years old. When she opened the package, she banged her head on the table with excitement! Everyone asked her if she was okay, and she answered that she was just extremely happy with her gift. This is how much she loves this cozy blanket. It is too big for her right now, but still she uses it every day for games and sleeping. Thank you for such a soft and high-quality blanket!"

My Final Summary

Imagination is one of the aspects of kids' psychological and social development. Probably all modern parents want to grow sufficient intellectual and social potential in their children. Snuggie Tails help to develop kid's imagination and creativity because this blanket is able to elevate their imagination. Kids can simply slip into the blanket and transform into some character while feeling cozy, snuggly, and cuddly. Each item is made from soft and comfy velveteen as well as features brilliant stitching. It is designed for children below 5 feet tall. There is a great number of user reviews on Snuggie Tails online and most of them are positive in nature. If you want to provide your kids with comfortable and stylish blankets, this product will be just right for them.

These blankets are easy and fun to use. All you will need to do is slip in and get warm. You won't feel irritated when wrapped around in this blanket. Your legs will not pop out and be cold either. These cozy blankets will help to keep you warm during cold winters or when the AC is too cold. Snuggie Tails provides the comfort you need since each product is manufactured from super soft velveteen. The blanket measures 54" high x 27.95" wide with enough space to put feet into the tail. When washing the product in the machine use cold water only and do not tumble dry. Remember to wash dark colors separately, do not bleach or iron. Most people are happy with the snuggies. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Snuggie Tail, I do recommend this product to buying for your children.

Snuggie Tails Pricing and Rates

You can order Snuggie Tails Blanket for $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping at the official website the color and character is to your choice. Amazon offers one item at the price of $19.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.