Sole F80 Treadmill Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Sole F80 Treadmill

The Sole F80 Treadmill is a foldable piece of equipment that is said to be notable for its club-like performance, probably, due to its CushionFlex Whisper Deck, commercial 3.5 CHP motor, thirty levels of power incline (with maximum 15% grade) and a 22" x 60" running surface. The user can see their training progress on a 9" console screen and on a mobile device via the Sole Fitness App. According to the manufacturer, this club-quality treadmill has become more powerful and roomier than it was at debut. It is claimed to have an enhanced display that can be linked to a tablet or a computer for convenient entertainment, multi-tasking, and syncing exercise data via mobile apps. This model has also a reversible deck, which promotes the quietness of the machine's work and can even double the life of the deck. It can also reduce the impact by 40% compared with outdoor training surfaces.

The Sole F80 Treadmill is said to have 10 preset programs, as well as user-designed workouts. The 9" screen is claimed to be one of the largest in the line, and can be easily displayed on the user's tablet computer or smartphone. The treadmill has Bluetooth connectivity to be used with the Sole Fitness mobile app, compatible with most Android and iOS devices. The use of this app you can allow you to read the news, watch a movie, the regular treadmill screen while training. Your exercise data will be recorded in the background. The Sole Fitness app can sync with MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and other programs to keep your fitness data in one location. The treadmill can be easily folded to save space. To do this, you will need to toggle a switch and fold the deck upward. The treadmill can lock into position for children's safety. Let's take a look at the real users' reviews about the Sole F80 Treadmill online.

Customer Reviews - Does Sole F80 Treadmill Really Work?

The average rating of this product is 97.1/100. Despite it is meant for home use, this treadmill has commercial quality and impressive recent upgrades. This cardio trainer has a commercial 3.5 CHP motor, a thick track, a spacious 22" x 60" running area, and an automated ramp with maximum 15% grade. This foldable treadmill demonstrates workout programming on a 9" console screen and has compatible Bluetooth for you to sync your system with the fitness app. The latter allows you to download workout information and control programs; however, no audio controls are available. The Sole F80 Treadmill has also been upgraded with a sound-muffling deck able to absorb shock more effectively than outdoor training surfaces.

There is a limited number of customer reviews online. Besides, they carry a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative opinions. According to the users' testimonials, even though the treadmill is foldable it is extremely heavy, thus, not very portable. Another drawback of the trainer is that its side rails are too short and inconvenient. Another concern is that the machine doesn't seem to be durable enough. One guy reports in his review that he bought the system directly from Sole and used it for less than a year. At present, it is unusable due to the LS1 error. The man addressed Sole customer support but it has been worthless. Thus, he cannot recommend Sole products to anyone. If you are thinking about buying any of their products do a Goggle search for Sole LS1 errors. You will quickly change your mind.

Another man writes that he purchased this unit in late August 2012 but already by mid-January, he was having problems with sudden stoppages. This machine did not run for more than 30 seconds, taking into account the user's modest weight. There was an error message, LS1, "Low Speed" and all controls went dead. The man has had four repair visits. The first time, a new motor was ordered without any real inspection. After that, the repairman told him that he could not install the motor as he didn't take the tools. The client was shocked, to say the least. A third repairman came with socket wrenches and BTW, thus, his visit ended in the motor swap. But the system still would not work showing a LS1 error message on the console panel. The man ordered new rollers and they were installed on a fourth visit. Guess what? It still didn't go! The user had to order a new motor sensor unit and console panel. He is still waiting for delivery. Fortunately, he has an extended warranty. As you can see, Sole F80 Treadmill is really difficult to diagnose and repair. It seems that all the technicians can do is try to replace different parts in an attempt that the machine will start working. Another customer purchased the product from sporting good shop and it is not running on the second month! Sole customer service representatives thought it was software problem first time, then software problem. The customer is completely dissatisfied with both the product and the company behind it. Let's take a look at the actual customers' reviews left on third-party websites.

"I am not pleased with my Sole F80 Treadmill at all. Speed transitions are very slow, which does not allow interval training. It takes at least 30 seconds to transition from a walk to a run. Besides, I am sick and tired of that constant beeping for unknown reasons. The manufacturer decided to have the treadmill beep every 60 seconds regardless of your workout. It is annoying, especially if you like to watch TV while walking on the treadmill. I called their tech support but I was said there was no fix for the beeping. My advice: avoid buying this model"

"If you google "Sole" or SoleF80 Treadmill you will see that both issues are linked to "low speed error". The manufacturer of this trainer has had this problem for years and hasn't resolved it. Of course, you can buy a new computer board but it costs $250.00 plus labor. Another advice is to lube your deck all the time; otherwise you will face major problems. Other treadmills require no lube at all and are sold for a similar price. They sent me a new treadmill and it is down again with low speed error. I bought a new computer board but it went down within several months again"

"Sole F80 treadmill was working well for the warranty period, and then it started producing a knocking terrible noise, that is so loud I cannot even use the machine with headphones in my ears. I can't understand where this noise is coming from. I have had other treadmills but I never had any noise. By the way, I don't use it strenuously. Don't believe all those positive reviews. The machine is not worth buying"

My Final Summary

Sole F80 Treadmill is associated with a great number of disadvantages. It offers a limited workout variety. There are only ten programs and there is no option to download new workouts. The side rails are very short and inconvenient to use. Actually, handrails are provided for safety and stability, but they are not long enough for some runners to use. This treadmill has a great number of negative customer reviews. Most complaints refer to extremely short durability, problems with operation and horrible noise produced by the machine. Even at its $1,499 sale price, many buyers appear to be disappointed with their purchase. It seems that the treadmill does not have any club-quality components, as claimed by the manufacturer. With this in mind, I cannot recommend Sole F80 Treadmill to purchasing.

Sole F80 Treadmill Pricing and Rates

This treadmill is currently when sale priced at $1,500. You are going to receive a Sole F80 Treadmill warranty package that includes Lifetime warranty for the motor, Lifetime warranty for the frame; Lifetime warranty for the deck; two-year warranty for the labor and 5-year warranty for the parts and electronics. You can also get a 30-day trial period, which mean that you can return the F80 if you are not satisfied with your purchase. However, few customers were able to return their products.