Sole Spa Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Sole Spa Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Sole Spa

Sole Spa is a simple and quick way to clean your feet with no need to bend over. The product resembles a sandal with numerous bristles for cleaning your feet, suction cups on the bottom for use on smooth surfaces, as well as a pumice stone on the heel. There is very limited information about the manufacturer of the device; however, there is an official website ( with a registration date of February 2017. The website provides few details on the product but it seems to have been designed for marketing goals more. Let us take a look at the features and claims about Sole Spa made by the manufacturer on their site.

Well, the product is claimed to exfoliate and scrub feet with over 1,000 soft cleaning bristles, clear away heel calluses with the pumice stone built in the unit, as well as to remove unpleasant odor and dirt. Sole Spa is also said to be able to fasten to any smooth surface with special suction cups. According to the manufacturer, it can be used by people of any age, even elderly ones, since it does not require bending down. Does the product work as advertised? Let's find out by taking a closer look at how it works and what real users are saying about their experience of using the device in their reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Sole Spa Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, Sole Spa is foot brush with a built-in pumice stone to allow you to clean and exfoliate your feet with no need to bend over. To use the unit, you will only need to place it on the floor of your shower cab or your bath tub. It can be securely kept in place due to six suction cups which are attached to the bottom of the unit. Insert one foot into the device and turn on the water. Then pour some soap onto your foot and the unit. Rub your foot between the lower and upper bristles, or move your heel along the pumice stone located on the back of the unit.

Generally speaking, these types of brushes have been on the market for many years already, so there is nothing new about Sole Spa. Most of such devices are almost the same as the one we are discussing today. Some feature a similar pumice stone on the unit's back. Based on the users' experience, these shower foot brushes work pretty. One of their advantages is the fact that it sticks to your tub. But for the owners of a textured tub or shower floor, this may not be a benefit, since the device will not stay in place securely. If that's the case, you may try to use your other foot to hold Sole Spa in place; however, that can be very awkward. If it sticks well, you will want to leave it in place in your bath tub or shower cab or remove it after each use. To remove it, you will need to bend over, which can be difficult for some users. By the way, the device is actually meant for such users. Some people prefer to add soap up-close, which requires more bending over, too. You could squirt some soap onto the device from above.

This is an As Seen on TV product but it does not necessarily mean that it has high quality. Unfortunately, there are not so many customer reviews about the device online. contains only several testimonials from actual users of the product. They carry a mixed character, thus, while some customers are pleased with their Sole Spa, others are not satisfied with their purchase at all. The most common complaint is the poor quality of the product. The next one is the difficulty and inconvenience of using it. Even physically healthy people find it uncomfortable to use, not to mention elderly and handicapped people. Some users report that the product does not show any better cleaning results. So, it is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews.

"I ordered my Sole Spa directly from the official website thinking that I was guaranteed to receive the product of the highest quality. However, I was mistaken. The quality of my unit leaves much to be desired. The major concern of mine is the unpleasant smell of the materials from which the product is made. But my order was delivered when expected. I would give it two stars."

"All I can say about my SoleSpa is that there is nothing special about this device. If you are a healthy person who can easily bend to wash your feet, there is no need to pay so much money. This device really keeps my feet clean and soft but it is too expensive. Don't expect that it will help you fight toenail Fungus, though."

"I bought Sole spa a week ago and I immediately understood that this product was not for me. It is not convenient to use at all. I tried to use it several times but I failed to get used to it. The device is not worth the money it costs. It is better to buy a traditional pumice brush and manage your feet while sitting. I cannot recommend Sole Spa to usage."

My Final Summary

Summing everything we have learnt about Sole Spa, it should be said that it can be suitable for those who buy it with realistic expectations. The device is rather expensive but it does not provide any unique features which have not been on the market yet. There is a risk that it may not stick to your tub or shower floor. The pumice stone can be bought at a much lower cost. Some people do not find it useful at all. Otherwise, it works about as advertised, but most users did not see any significant difference in the cleanness or softness of their feet. Remember that this is a test marketed unit, which means that shipping can be glacial at best. Some people report that they had to exercise their patience in the shipping process. If you cannot wait for too long, there are similar alternatives that can be shipped much faster.

The pumice stone proves to be not useful to some users. While some people prefer to scrub pretty hard, they won't achieve the same effect with the pumice stone on Sole Spa. If you don't require as much pressure you could benefit from this product. But if you don't use the pumice at all, there is no sense for you to buy the device at all. Just purchase a foot brush that costs several times cheaper than Sole Spa. Generally, there are many alternatives to this device available on the market. You have probably encountered many other shower foot brushes in stores or online. For example, there is another As Seen on TV foot brush known as EasyFeet. It is a foot brush with a pumice stone on the back. EasyFeet and Sole Spa perform similar functions but the former costs about $10, which is twice cheaper. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Sole Spa, I cannot recommend this device to purchasing.

Where To Buy Sole Spa In Stores?

The best place to buy Sole Spa from is certainly the official website of the manufacturer. One unit costs $19.99 plus free shipping. Each unit comes with a bonus back brush. Sole Spa was not available in stores at the time of writing this review.