Somabar Reviews - What Is It?

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The manufacturer of a relatively new product, Somabar, realized the idea of a robotic bartender quite successfully. They created a kitchen countertop device holding liquids in airtight pods. The device connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and is able to make more than three hundred different adult drinks in a very short period of time. It can also add bitters to your beverages! According to the manufacturer, all you have to do is just fill each of six pods with the desired ingredients, choose the beverage you want, and let the device pour exact amounts of each of the ingredients. It will then thoroughly mix each drink before dispensing and certainly flush the system with water to clean it. This device can be purchased for the price of a standard smart appliance.

Somabar is suitable for making individual beverages in the evening or for large parties. It is highly usable in the real world and will make you a world class mixologist with one pressing of a button. It might be classified as a "standard" countertop kitchen device, but it cannot be hidden discreetly in a corner. Its length is 19", while its height is 15", and width is H 11". The device weighs about 15 pounds. Each Soma pod can hold 750ml of liquid. The water container can hold up to 1.5L. Somabar will weigh about 30-40 pounds when fully loaded. Somabar is compatible with 110v and 220v outlets and can be used no matter where you live.

Customer Reviews - Does Somabar Really Work?

You can see a great number of testimonials left by real users of Somabar online. The device made its online debut via a December 2014 Kickstarter campaign. It managed to raised more than $312K, while an original goal was only $50K. Its real-world debut tool place at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, where several high-profile outlets picked up the story, including Digital Trends, Tech Times, and CNET. The appliance was excessively tested in March 2015 when it was named a cool replacement for fully functional bar setup. One of the biggest complaints was that the device didn't feature a cooling element; however, it was cheaper due to this fact. Otherwise Somabar would be much more expensive and less affordable. This means that you have to pre-chill the pods or add some ice to your drinks. I think it is not a big problem for most users.

The device promises to create cocktails automatically without your help. It even washes itself after preparing each beverage. Somabar won the best innovation award for home appliances at CES 2016. However, it is not the only player in the game. The modern market offers a number of similar devices, but what makes Somabar different from others? This very device is really versatile as it provides food safe, BPA free pods with airtight seals. As a resul, your ingredients will stay fresh longer and will be ready to serve any moment. Somabar pods are also leak-free and portable, so, you can give them to your friends. The proprietary friction fit seal mechanism prevents leaks and improves performance in general. Software and sensors are responsible for sending information to the companion app. Then, the static mixing technology and positive displacement pumps deliver ideally mixed cocktails directly to your glass. When the pods are empty, you can easily remove them and wash in your dishwasher. As it was mentioned, Somabar's internals are flushed with water after preparing each cocktail, so the flavor of the previous drink won't get into the next one.

Most people are pleased with the work of the Somabar's Companion App. It is available for iOS and Android smartphones. This app allows you to order beverages depending on the ingredients you have in your pods. You can always change them. Besides, the system will alert you whenever you are running low of any of the ingredients. The app can offer 300 different drinks for you to choose from. You can add your own cocktail recipes and see what drinks other people from around the world prefer. You will have just to scroll through the menu, choose your drink, prepare the ingredients and alcohol, and submit your order. Let us have a look at the actual testimonials of people who have used the device in real life.

"I'm so very excited about my Somabar! It is my own robotic bartender that can mix me a Fitzgerald, a Tequila Sunrise, a Manhattan, and many other popular cocktails. All I have to do is fill up the pods with the necessary ingredients, plug them in, and start the machine to make a drink for me using the app. The coolest part about this device is an opportunity to treat a lot of people at a time. I like to organize parties in my house and nothing can be easier than to make delicious cocktails for my friends. I also make cocktails for dinners or just for having a relaxing night!"

"I fell in love with somabar as soon as I tried my first cocktail made by the machine. It is able to prepare my favorite cocktails in a simple push of a button. App-controlled ordering system is very easy to operate. To my mind, this appliance has a compact size, so it stands on my kitchen countertop very conveniently. I usually clean pods in a dishwasher. I think this is a great investment for anyone who likes cocktails."

"When I opened the box with my Somabar, I understood that it was created for my kitchen. It has a beautiful design and perfectly suits my interior. Besides, I placedit on my countertop near a coffee machine. Both appliances look fine together. I am pleased with its app controlled system, so I can quickly choose what I want to drink. The cocktail is ready in just a few seconds. It is easy to add herbs, spices, and alcohol to any drink. This device is created for people who really love themselves and the comfort."

My Final Summary

If you are looking for an automatic bartender with the app connectivity, you should pay attention to Somabar. It costs about $450 (including shipping), but it is certainly worth each dollar. This device can quickly prepare drinks to any taste. It will be a perfect addition to any party, as it can serve drinks to a big number of people. Even though Somabar does not chill ingredients inside, you can always add as much ice as you wish. Some people do not like chilly cocktails due to the number of reasons.

Somabar app works flawlessly and is easy to operate. So, you will be able to treat yourself or your friends with a drink in just several minutes. Six pods that come with the product are removable and dishwasher safe. You will be able to add new liquids to pods as soon as they are running out. Somabar is a compact device, so it can be comfortably placed on your kitchen countertop. You will undoubtedly love its modern design. If you like really delicious cocktails, hurry up to order Somabar!

Where To Buy Somabar In Stores?

You can preorder Somabar directly through the company's official website for $429. Average shipping costs about $37. The device is available in White on White, Black, White w/Wood, Orange, Blue, and Red colors. No refund policy is mentioned on their website; however, the product comes with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.