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Speed Razor Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Speed Razor Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Speed Razor is claimed to be a device that has completely changed the way of shaving, according to its official website. It is an As Seen On TV product that promises to provide you with a closer shave than any other product of the kind. The device also features eight blades, four on each side. This is a high-performance dual-razor design that permits to use the product in a back-and-forth movement; as a result, you are rubbing the blades along your skin while shaving. The non-slip grip contributes to this movement, so you can use it even in the bath or shower. There is no information about the manufacturer of the product, which means that it cannot be trusted completely. The official website contains very little information about the razor itself.

The company behind Speed Razor claims that using their product means fewer nicks from placing and moving a blade on your skin. This device is said to be an easier alternative to traditional shavers. It is also stated to be perfect for shaving the legs, arms, armpits, chest, and head. Finally, the product is claimed to be suitable for both men and women. Can this device really shave away body hair in a reliable and quick manner without nicks? Can it give you a closer shave than that provided by other razors? What can you truly expect from the Speed Razor? We are going to answer all of these questions further but at first let us take a look at the real customers' reviews available on the market.

Customer Reviews - Does Speed Razor Really Work?

Speed Razor

There are very few actual customers' testimonials about the Speed Razor. The manufacturer claims that its double-sided design can provide a closer and faster shave; however, not all users agree with this claim. The product's commercial shows that the device can be used to shave in both directions, which can speed up the whole process of shaving. Body hair has a tendency to grow in different directions. The dual direction shaving ability of the Speed Razor might be more effective. However, you will need to use a shaving cream, no matter what zone of your body you are shaving. It means certain headache and more expenses. Shaving cream takes additional time to apply, so this device with the double sided design may take as much time for shaving as electric shavers and even safety razors. The latter do not require a shaving cream to work.

According to the users' reviews, the Speed Razor is not always able to get hairs that are hard to reach with a traditional product. Based on what we have learnt about the device, there is lack of evidence to support the claims about this product. We are not sure that it is able to provide the closest shave. The modern market offers a wide array of options for personal grooming to choose from. There are both better and worse options, so it is up to you to decide which razor is the most suitable for you. There is no indication that the Speed Razor can do the job in "half" the time it takes a traditional razor.

There is a number of warnings for you to take into account before starting to use the device. To avoid the coordination issue you are recommended to try this razor on a non-living object for the first time. Only then you can move on to your skin. Girls may want to use this razor to shave their legs. The same concerns boys who have begun to shave their face. They are allowed to do so, but they should be supervised by adults for at least the first several uses. Speed Razor can be used to shave almost any body part, but the device should not be used near eyes. In order to remove undesired hair from your eyebrows, you are recommended to purchase a smaller device such as a pair of tweezers. Let us take a look at the reviews let by real users of the product.

"I placed an order for two units of Speed Razor at buy one get one free, as well as one pack of replacement blades in the beginning of September. My credit card was charged $25 on the 15th of September. On the 20th of September, I the company called me to say that the items were sent to me and that I was supposed to receive them soon. Today it is the 14th of November, and I am still waiting for my order. I cannot contact Speed Razor. What should I do?"

"SpeedRazor brought a lot of disappointment to me. I was very excited before I bought the product. That excitement lasted until I tried to shave for the first time. The device has some difficultly shaving thick hair on my chin or hair that lays "flat" against the skin on my lower neck. I also found that the unit would not shave my facial hair at all if I let it grow for more than one day. When trying to shave less thick hair the unit functioned adequately. So, it can be used for thin hair only. It shaves close but leaves some stubble"

"Speed razor is advertised to provide unbelievable shaving results, so I decided to buy it for my husband. My husband tried it on his face, and it failed the touch test. It left some stubble. Then I used it on my legs, my bikini area, my underarms, and my menopausal facial hair. It left stubble too. My epilator did a better job in a less amount of time. But what is worse is that this razor caused me red rash on some areas. My husband went back to his Gillette Sensor3 Men's Disposable Razor and I returned to my Panasonic"

Where To Buy Speed Razor?

Currently, the device is available from the manufacturer's website for $18 via a "buy one, get one free" deal. The product comes in two colors; blue and red. Shipping is free. The company offers a 4-pack replacement blade set at the price of $10. We called the company's customer service and they said that only their replacement blades should be bought. There is a 30-day guarantee. You will need to pay return shipping to send the product back to the company. To initiate a return, you can contact the customer support by calling. The product isn't available on Walmart or GNC.

My Final Summary

The device has a number of drawbacks. It does not appear to shave well especially when it comes to thicker or longer hair. It does not have the "lift and cut" features to provide a smoother shave. It seems that a shave with a disposable razor is better. Based on the experience of real users, there are better razors available on the market. Overall, I did not like the Speed Razor. I found it disappointing and overpriced. Another negative point about this unit is that it requires perfect coordination. You need to put your fingers in the right place and operate this razor back and forth in a straight line, otherwise it may cut you. If you are not that physically coordinated, you may get cut easily. The Speed Razor promises to provide you with the closest shave, but since it requires the use of a shaving cream, ordinary razors can probably do the same job faster and with fewer nicks. The unit's novel design is not worth trying out, even if you are looking for the razor to shave your hair in two directions. You will need a separate small razor for your eyebrows. As a specialist I would not advise to buy Speed Razor online before searching Amazon. The Internet is full of cheaper yet better alternatives.