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Spine Stretches

Several minutes a day with Spine Stretches can help you to get rid of your lower back pain. This system is designed for people who need a portable decompression solution while on the go or at work. This is claimed to be an effective way to decompress your spine and provide a fast relief from back pain. This solution promises to reduce pressure on nerves, rehydrate discs, combat lumbar aches and pains, and promote flexibility. It is claimed to be a convenient and portable product that targets the source of discomfort. Spine Stretches promises to relieve low back pain in a few minutes due to the use of a safe yet powerful therapeutic technique called Spinal Decompression. It works by stretching the spine gently, rehydrating spinal discs and relieving pressure on nerves. The device features a lightweight and compact design, which makes it easy to use. The unit can be tucked inside the bag or suitcase for work or travel. All you will need is a nonslip floor (rug or carpet) and fifteen minutes to spare. Are you ready to get rid of low back pain? Is this device really able to relieve your discomfort in just a few minutes? Let's try to answer these questions by taking a deeper look at the unit.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the manufacturer of Spine Stretches online, which is very disappointing, since the product cannot be trusted to the fullest. However, it is associated with a great number of promising claims. It is up to you to decide to believe those claims or not. The device promises to provide decompression action that can significantly relieve low back pain. According to the manufacturer, regular use of Spine Stretches prevents back pain from reoccurring. The unit is also said to be safe and easy to use. But probably the greatest advantage of this device is that it provides pain relief naturally and without costly medical procedures or harmful medications. The product has a compact and lightweight design. It weighs about four pounds, so it can be easily tucked into a backpack or bag and taken with you wherever you wish. Can Spine Stretches really relieve your low back pain by gently stretching the spine? Is there a better competition? Let's try to find out by taking a look at what real users are saying about this device.

Customer Reviews - Does Spine Stretches Really Work?

This spine stretching device is associated with a great number of customer reviews; however, many users report that it is not good at all. The major complaint is that the product is sliding on the floor while you are doing exercises. One man says in his testimonial that he tried it just once and returned it. He realized that he wouldn't be able to use it very much. Besides, it turns out to be very difficult for some users to lie on the floor for 15-20 minutes. One woman reports that it is generally very difficult to control the stress you are putting on your back, thus, Spine Stretches can cause injury of your spine. She says she bought this device two weeks ago and used it during her weekend. By Monday morning the woman could hardly stand up from her bed because it had injured her back. She felt a twinge the first time but did not pay much attention to it thinking that it was nothing significant. She used the device two more times, then the symptoms developed even more within the next two days later. Since then the woman has suffered from back spasms.

Many other reviewers have reported that they found it difficult to feel the force of strain they were putting on the spine. Many reviewers confessed they could not understand whether Spine Stretches was stretching them at all. The strap adds some pressure on you as it stretches your back and even creates a rotation of your pelvis. We have found out that the device doesn't really work if you are a petite person. It is difficult to avoid sliding when using it. One should also be careful when ordering this product. It is offered at a number of websites but there is high chance that you will get a fake product. For this reason, it is advised to order a product of this kind from the manufacturer only. In this way, you will ensure that you are getting an original product of high quality. The original Spine Stretches has to come with all the necessary documentation. Let us take a look at the testimonials left by real users of the product.

"I am not pleased with Spine Stretches for one major reasons - it does not fit for plus-sized individuals. Still, I tried to use it as I could but I have noticed that it actually made my back worse. I ended up getting an inversion table for $50 (on Craig's list). It works perfectly and my back feels so much better. You may regret if you buy Spine Stretches!"

"When I received my Spine Stretches, I found out that the product was missing the training disk and a part of the Hang Up. I had to order a disk separately for additional money from another vendor but I realized it was incomplete. So, I returned the product to the seller. Fortunately, my money was refunded. I am going to buy a back stretcher from my chiropractor because I have problems with my neck too."

"Spine Stretches did not work for me. It fails to decompress the spine for me. It is better just to hang. I have a serious problem - a L5S1 herniated disc is compressing my sciatic nerve. This device did not provide any decompression to me. Maybe it would have been more effective if I used it immediately when I felt pain. But when it happened there was no way to get and maneuver this item."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Spine Stretches, I cannot say that this is a perfect spine decompressing device. It has a lot of drawbacks. While it promises to provide you with proper stretching, the device itself can be damaging for your back. It is very difficult to control the strength of stretch you are applying for your spine. It means that there is high risk of injuring. There is a complaint that it is not suitable for big people who may need help for their spine. There are many products available on the market that are designed for stretching your back with fewer risks.

According to many customers' reviews, Spine Stretches feels like traction, which may not be a good thing in some cases. Real users report that there seems to be no ability to make better adjustments once you are in it. Another common complaint is that the customer service behind the product leaves much to be desired. If you have any issues or concerns, do not expect that you will contact any of the company's representatives easily. The official website of the company is low-informative and does not provide any details on how to contact the manufacturer. There is even no cost information. In this way, if you need a product that would decompress your spine and relieve your lower back pain really effectively, you will need to look elsewhere. I cannot recommend Spine Stretches.

Where To Buy Spine Stretches In Stores?

The only way to get this device is from the manufacturer. At present, Spine Stretches is unavailable on either of stores. We are not aware of the cost of this item.