Spinn Coffee Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Spinn Coffee

If you are tired of the capsule coffee makers, too much waste and only one type of beverage, it is high time to pay attention to the Spinn Coffee. It is a coffee machine that offers you an opportunity to make eight beverages, works at the touch of a button, and creates minimal waste. This countertop brewer is easy and convenient to use. It creates tasty drinks and is environmentally-friendly. Spinn Coffee features a number of peculiarities that ensure you get an ideal cup of coffee. According to the brand's commercial, coffee lovers are used to purchasing coffee beans from the same large corporates in the country. Spinn Coffee connects their machine with a smartphone app to allow you to buy coffee from both national and local bean roasters. This will help you avoid creating a lot of waste.

The Spinn Coffee machine brews coffee in a smarter way. It uses only beans, not filters, capsules, or pods. This is much cheaper and creates much less waste. The founder of Spinn Coffee is Roderick de Rode who started in the coffee business together with his current partner, Roland Verbeek. The latter said that he held a patent on a machine that brewed coffee working on centrifugal force. Thus, they created an innovative way of brewing in combination with the smartphone app. The men were helped by Dick de Kock, who founded CoffeeCompany in the Netherlands and has deep experience in coffee making. At present, the Spinn Coffee team consists of 21 members who work together to fill your cup with high-quality coffee.

Customer Reviews - Does Spinn Coffee Really Work?

You can find not many user reviews on this coffee machine online as it is a completely new product on the market. However, most of these testimonials are positive. The users like the beverages they get from the Spinn Coffee. It is no surprise, as the machine uses a new technology. According to the company's official website, this coffee machine works due to the centrifugal force it uses. It means that the coffee mass is forced away from the rotating center. This machine houses beans in a special cylinder made to keep them fresh. There is also a reservoir for water on the machine's backside. At present, these units need to be refilled by hand, but in the future, Spinn promises to create a plumbed-in version for automatic refilling. To start brewing, choose the style of coffee you wish. The machine grinds beans to the coarseness defined by the setting you have chosen. The grounds are directed into a cylinder, where they can brew while being agitated, sitting, or spinning at different speeds. Finally, hot water is forced through the grounds in a pressurized brewing method used in an espresso machine.

The Spinn Coffee can be used to make different styles of coffee, including americano, espresso, lungo, and French press. This is possible due to the use of eight parameters in the brewer. For instance, the machine can combine an extremely fine grind with a small amount of water for making espresso. Or, the machine "rocks" the grounds before spinning them out to create a French press-style brew. Another advantage offered by the Spinn Coffee is absence of any mess. The machine drains the grounds of any liquid, before shooting them out into a waste container. In addition, the machine has some high-tech features, namely built-in sensors responsible for the connection with your smartphone via an app. The latter gives you an opportunity to control your Spinn machine at a distance. It is also connected to an online marketplace for customers. According to users' testimonials, this smartphone app is easy to use and allows the owner to shop from national and local roasters. It is an interesting offer to those who wants to trying out new beans. The app offers product comparisons, reviews, and pricing.

You can add many selections of beans to their list. If your machine is running out of coffee, it will automatically order more. In this way, you will never run out of coffee. Besides, this app allows you to adjust brewing settings, set a brewing timer, find new brew recipes, and remote start your brew. Another advantage of the Spinn coffee machine is that it might replace your drip, French press, and espresso machines. It takes up not much space on your countertop. It is high time to take a look at what real owners of the machine are writing about their experience of using it.

"Spinn Coffee helps me to get more in my coffee mug every morning. Compared to other popular coffee makers I have ever tries, this machine serves up really delicious espresso, Americano, lungo, and even a full carafe of coffee. Each day I can enjoy a lot of flavor along with a rich aroma. This is a completely new technology in making coffee. By the way, each beverage has a different taste, texture and aroma. I can have different coffee drinks depending on my mood. With this machine, my life is great!"

"I have just bought my SpinnCoffee machine. Despite its rather high price, I stopped my choice on this machine because it uses only freshly ground beans. So, I can feel a completely fresh aroma in each cup of coffee. I am very pleased with my own app. I just set my machine to brew coffee and enjoy it in the least of my time. I also order the freshest beans from my favorite vendors from the comfort of my home. The app informs me of any updates and machine status. I am happy with my investment."

"What I like about the Spinn Coffee maker is that it is totally self-contained. It means that the device takes care of all the steps for cooking marvelous coffee for me. It grinds the beans to the ideal fineness, uses a spinning cylinder, heats the water, forces the water to go through the beans and selects the proper pressure. I like this concept, as I am a too busy person to cook coffee on my own."

My Final Summary

According to statistics, 95% of coffee lovers want their morning cup of coffee without fuss. The Spinn Coffee machine is the one that will provide you with such pleasure. It is sold at a rather high price at present but it is no surprise. This machine uses a completely new technology of making different kinds of coffee beverages. It uses a highly functional app to simplify your everyday life. This nifty smartphone app will allow you to brew your cup of coffee while still being in bed. Your mornings will get much more enjoyable than ever. Not only does the Spinn cook fresher and better tasting coffee, it gives you an opportunity to choose from eight different styles of drinks.

Another benefit of the Spinn coffee machine is its ability to decrease waste and familiarize you with independent coffee roasters for you to be able to enjoy great tasting coffee every day. Your smartphone app will let you choose your coffee style, schedule cups of coffee, and order coffee beans with one touch of a button; this makes the coffee maker really smart. Another major bonus is that this device doesn't make a mess. The grounds are drained of all water and spat out into a waste container. So, if you are a real coffee lover who wants to bring some innovation into your daily routine, pay attention to the Spinn Coffee machine. It is a worthy product for your kitchen.

Where To Buy Spinn Coffee In Stores?

According to the Spinn's official website, a retail price of the product is $499. Customers can score a discount on the machine by pledging for their funding campaign. If you have any questions contact their customer service and you will get a prompt and friendly answer.

Affordable Alternative

Many modern health specialists are sure that the problem can be perfectly solved by another product known as Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker ($299.95) and I completely agree with them because study many products of the kind. You'll be pleasantly surprised.