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Spire Mindfulness

Fitness trackers have become quite popular lately, but there are very few of those devices that focus on your mind psychological state instead of body. Believe it or not but mental health is as important as the health of your body. A person suffering from mental issues risks get physically sick too. Our mental health is very personal and can be difficult to define, thus, it is really difficult to measure. Spire Mindfulness is one of the best breath-tracking devices available on the modern market. It promises to curb stress and help you resist physical tension in future. This interesting device was released in 2014 but became popular just this summer with an overhauled iOS app and an Apple Store retail presence. Let us give a closer look to the company behind this mind and body tracker to see whether it is really able to combat stress.

Spire Mindfulness is a device in the form of an oval-shaped stone with a graphite color. It is also called just Spire and it is attached to a silver clip. It can be tucked inside your bra with the clip facing out or worn on your pants. Despite its simple look the device performs more complex functions. If you are ever asked what that thing does you can simply answer that it reminds you to breathe. In other words, every time you face a stress you start breathing faster and the device shown that with special signals. It means that you should take a deep breath in order to calm down and encourage more mindfulness. The device is also an activity tracker that counts your steps on a daily basis. But there is no display to you to run faster. Instead, its app is responsible for improving your achievements in heavy lifting. Does Spire Mindfulness really help you to keep calm? Can this beautiful breath-tracking device help you cope with stress? To answer these questions, let us take a closer look at its features and real customers' reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Spire Mindfulness Really Work?

There are many customer reviews about the device on different websites on the Internet. Most owners are happy with the product and its features. They report that it is extremely easy to set up as any other Bluetooth device. It is emphasized that you should check whether your phone's Bluetooth is turned on. Then you will need to install the Spire app and pair the device to your telephone. It is also very convenient to carry Spire Mindfulness device with you wherever you go. Just slide the item onto the waistband of your pants and move on. The next thing people like about the Spire is that it is a beautiful device; however, no one will see it under your clothes. The stone has to contact your skin in order to show correct data. The stone should be well pressed against your skin, so you could even running with it. Women may like the idea of clipping the Spire inside their sports bras. In any case, you should feel that the device is there touching your skin.

Spire Mindfulness device looks for your breathing. As you inhale and exhale, the unit tracks the movement of your chest and sends these data to your phone. You can see your breathing patterns in real-time on the app screen in the form of an undulating line. You are expected to establish your individual baseline after using the device for several days. It means that your breathing is not being compared to any standard. Your breathing depends in your individual state of mind. Steady and slow breaths signal deep focus, while erratic ones indicate stress. Remember to keep the device close to your body. Your smartphone is expected to relieve your stress. You will receive notifications on your phone every time you are too nervous. You can set your Spire to send you an alert when you need to take a deep breath or when you have been sitting for a long time, when you when you have been very focused for a while, or when you have been extremely calm. These reminders will make you more conscious of your own state of mind. Spire's notifications will inform you when you need to focus on your mind. What most users of Spire Mindfulness device appreciate is that the app integrates with their camera roll, calendar, and location. This information will give you a better idea of when you are the most focused, stressed, or calm. So, you will know what triggers your stress. For instance, if meeting with your boss is often stressful for you, you are recommended to take a few deep breaths or meditate before going to them. Let us take a look at what real users of the device think about it.

"Spire Mindfulness is a great device as it helps me to avoid stress by reminding me to relax when I need it. I can constantly watch my breath rise and fall due to the app on my phone. So, I know when I need to relax. I would definitely recommend this device to buying. It does have a significant effect on my psychic life. By the way, I use it on my iPhone 6. The device itself is easy and convenient to use."

"Once, I was having dinner with my friends at a restaurant. I was limited in my budget and when I opened the menu I was shocked by the high prices of the food. Just at that moment my Spire Mindfulness device buzzed at me and I saw a notification on my phone saying "you are tense at the moment". I took a few deep breaths and decided just to enjoy my seafood and a nice evening with my old friends. I like that this feature reminds me when I need to stop worrying because this only makes things worse."

"I started using my SpireMindfulness device about a month ago. Actually, it was my therapist who recommended it to me to add to the treatment of my fear of flying and rage issues. It does help me and I can see positive results. Nobody can see that I am wearing the device. Its clip goes inside your pants and measures my breathing activity. It shows me how I breathe and tells me when I need to calm down. It is just amazing how fast it can react to my tenseness. It starts vibrating and reminds me to breathe. Nice device!"

My Final Summary

Spire Mindfulness device is a worthy product that comes with a special app that needs to be downloaded on your phone and run continuously. It should be remembered that the device stores only six hours of information before it is automatically deleted. It is also a very useful activity tracker that tracks your active minutes, steps, and calories burnt. However; it has no clue what exercises you are doing at the moment. The system also doesn't track sleep, but this function is in the works. It can be assumed that the device can benefit to the reduction of your stress long-term as you learn how to take control of your breath and to relieve stress on your own.

Spire Mindfulness device might improve your overall mental health, as well as your well-being in general. Most people who have left their testimonials about the product report that it has helped them a lot. It is durable and water proof. It is relatively inexpensive when compared to devices of the kind. However, if you need a fitness tracker, you should better opt for another device. The device vibrates gently to remind you of your state, so it won't disturb you from doing important things. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Spire Mindfulness device I can certainly recommend it to usage.

Where To Buy Spire Mindfulness In Stores?

You can buy a Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker for Android and iOS on Amazon for just $79.95, even though its list price is $99.99. Hurry up to catch the bargain.