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Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer is a professional carpet cleaning company that has been trusted by people who have tries their services. The company has delivered high-quality carpet cleaning service for more than 70 years already with the majority of customers pleased with their job. Their carpet cleaning methods are certified as allergy and asthma friendly since they are able to remove about 94% of common household allergens. Their carpet cleaning option is an EPA Safer Choice product, so you may be sure in its safety for you, your children, pets and the environment. It means that the carpet cleaning service from Stanley Steemer will make your home not only clean but also healthy for living. Their carpet cleaning involves the method of proprietary hot water extraction cleaning. It is also known as "steam carpet cleaning." However, it does not use steam. This cleaning method removes spots, dirt, and odors in a safe way without leaving behind any residue. Whenever you need to clean your carpets, just contact Stanley Steemer, and the professional carpet cleaners will do the job for you.

Stanley Steemer is known for providing professional commercial and residential cleaning services including cleaning hardwood, carpet, tile and grout, oriental rugs, natural stone, area rugs, furniture, cars, RV's and boats. The company provides their services in and around Brooklyn. They started with one van, a man and a vision seventy years ago. Today, they are the major residential and commercial cleaning company. They train their own technicians, make their own equipment, provide 24-hour scheduling and deliver high-quality services. In fact, Stanley Steemer is the first carpet cleaning company that was certified as allergy and asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. So, when it comes to the need in the professional cleaning, there is a phone number to call 1-800-STEEMER. This cleaning company was founded by Jack Bates in 1947 as a one-man carpet cleaning business. At present, Stanley Steemer is owned by Jack's descendants, President Justin Bates and CEO Wesley Bates. The official address of the headquarters is 439 20th St; Brooklyn, NY 11215. the office is open from Monday to Sunday 24 hours. The official website of the company is and their phone number is (855) 853-7127.

Customer Reviews - Does Stanley Steemer Really Work?

Stanley Steemer is associated with a great number of customers' testimonials left on third-party websites. We are glad to announce that the majority of the reviews are positive in character. People like that the company's staff use their own cleaning equipment. For cleaning carpets they use the proprietary hot-water extraction process that provides the best results. EPA Safer Choice cleaning solution removes stains, dirt, and allergens from carpets without leaving any residue. The company guarantees fast drying time. Due to the powerful carpet cleaning equipment almost all water is extracted during the cleaning process. As a result, your carpet fibers are left with minimal amount of moisture, providing you with the feeling of freshness and cleanness. Your carpet dries within a few hours. In order to extend the life of your carpet, they apply a protector that helps to prevent possible damage from spills and dirt. It also significantly reduces static electricity. So, you may enjoy longer durability of your carpets. Their carpet protector protects carpets against tear and wear that may be caused with vacuuming and foot traffic. A carpet protector is a must-have for families with children and pets. It is a great way to prolong the results of carpet cleaning, as well as to defend your kids from gems associated with pets. In homes with kids and pets, the odors can be trapped in the fibers of your carpets. After a special carpet deodorizer is applied you can forget about unpleasant home odors. This deodorizer does not mask carpet smells, it neutralizes them. Application of this deodorizer makes your carpet smell fresh, making your home feel clean too. Let us find out what actual users of Stanley Steemer are saying about it.

One woman says that the company provides fabulous cleaning services. This is the only cleaning company she is fully satisfied with. They are totally professional. After she calls them, she gets a call from dispatch informing her that the guys are on their way. The woman has her favorite cleaners already, namely Giuseppe and Damir. Both of them have boot covers on. They arrive with the special gear. They even roll the woman's entry rug to the side not to damage it with the rolling wet vac. The woman has white furniture from Restoration Hardware, so it is challenging to clean. Her two dining chairs and 7ft couch took the guys almost an hour to clean them, but they took proper care of the delicate fabric. They coped with all spots without any problems and dumped out two large buckets full of dirty water. Then they wiped the floor dry and made sure that the apartment was perfectly clean. The woman promised that she would be a constant customer of Stanley Steemer and she highly recommends them to all of her friends.

Another client of the company had them in Commack NY clean his wooden floors. According to the man, they did a great job and even moved furniture to clean the floors under it. The service techs were professional and polite. The owner of the house would have spent much more time cleaning his floors himself, so it was worth every penny. It a billion time over. They even sealed the floors making them look new again. By the way, these floors are over 15 years old already. The customer is pleased with his great experience of using Stanley Steamer services. Everyone was courteous and professional. Manager Chris called him back to make sure that the job was done properly and that the client was left satisfied. He really was, so he is ready to recommend this company for any floor cleaning. He also adds that their prices are reasonable and the value is outstanding. Let us read some more customer reviews online.

"Stanley Steemer is a great company. It was very easy to book an appointment online and the techs were on time. The service was fantastic. I was served by the crew of Moulay Rachid Bencherif and Mohamed Zakir. Both of them were hard working and friendly. They perfectly cleaned my carpets even though I had lost any hope that it would be possible to bring them back to life. In fact, my carpets were ruined by another cleaner. I am pleased with the end result. I was glad that they took credit cards! I highly recommend this team of professionals."

"I am absolutely satisfied with the service provided by Stanley Steemer. They cleaners a large fabric leather sofa and ottoman. The customer service is wonderful. I had to change appointment times the same day but it was not a problem for them at all. I talked to a professional and polite agent. The agent also worked with me to identify all of my cleaning needs. He also ensured that their prices met my budget and gave me a little discount. The crew was on time and called me an hour before arriving. They took their time, did great job and advised me how to take care of my sofa and ottoman in the future."

"After I ordered a Stanley Steemer team, I received a call informing that they were on their way. The guys Joseph and Christopher arrived as promised and reviewed what needed cleaning. They explained what they were going to do and started the job. It took them 45 minutes. Both guys were polite, diligent, and professional. I will be using their service again. I also liked the fact that made sure that everything looked right. Now my carpets look great! Thank you very much. I do recommend this cleaning company to everyone."

My Final Summary

Stanley Steemer is the first professional cleaning service that has proudly earned the allergy and asthma friendly Certification by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It received this kind of certification in three categories: Tile and Grout Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Hardwood Cleaning. Another good news is that their cleaning sprays, solutions and spot removers have been recognized by the EPA's voluntary Design for the Environment program. Hot water extraction is a method they use to clean their carpets. It is also known as steam cleaning. This method removes the deepest and toughest dirt in a gentle and safe way. The company actually has many cleaning teams and all of them are knowledgeable and professional. They usually come quickly and remind their clients about their arrival beforehand. They are able to cope with any problem in a fast way. You can make an appointment online, which is fast and convenient to do. The staff make sure that the job is perfectly done and always give advice on how to maintain the freshness and cleanness of your furniture and floors. The techs wear boot covers and protective robes. Since the majority of the company's clients are highly impressed with their services, I can certainly recommend Stanley Steemer to addressing whenever you need your home to be cleaned. They will do an incredible job for you.

Stanley Steemer Pricing and Rates

As one of the major carpet cleaning companies in the country, Stanley Steemer offers a free online cost estimator. According to the estimator, the cost for cleaning three bedrooms and a hall is about $140. The company may also charge by the room. The price ranges from $15 to $40.