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Stayful is a company that helps travelers to easily book boutique and independent hotels at a discount. It works to make your searching experience consistent and to provide you with the hotel that will meet all of the vital standards at the best price. But the responsibility of the company is not just to find a nice hotel room for you, but to provide you with unique experiences in association with your trip. So, if you don't know where to look Stayful is a nice option. The company was founded by Cheryl Rosner, earlier the President of and Expedia Corporate Travel. As he had more than a decade of experience of working with big travel booking websites, he noticed a gap where travelers could not connect with independent, boutique hotels. Cheryl knew that these hotels typically had more empty rooms and fewer guests. They used to pay more for marketing when compared to chain hotels. Each empty room is money lost, thus, independent hotels had to offer up discounted bookings for people looking for rooms within one month of booking.

Cheryl decided to create a website for independent boutique hotels that would give the travelers an opportunity to shop lesser-known accommodations at a lower cost. That's how Stayful started. You can travel to numerous cities with this company including Anaheim, CA, Atlanta, GA, Asheville, NC, Austin, TX, Charleston, SC, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Key West, FL, Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, London, UK, Miami, FL, Montreal, QC, Milwaukee, WI, Nashville, TN, New York City, NY, New Orleans, LA, Orlando, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Palm Springs, CA, Phoenix, AZ, San Antonio, TX, Portland, OR, San Diego, CA, Santa Fe, NM, San Francisco, CA, Savannah, GA, St. Louis, MO, Seattle, WA, St. Thomas, USVI, Toronto, ON, Telluride, CO, Vancouver, BC., and Washington D.C. The company constantly adds agreements with new hotels. You can offer a new hotel.

Customer Reviews - Does Stayful Really Work?

The company appears to work like Expedia or another popular booking website you are probably familiar with. To book a hotel room you will need to visit the homepage, put in where you want to go, enter dates, and how many rooms you need. Then the site will present you a list of available hotels, but there are several unique differences between Stayful and a standard booking website. The major one is the "booking window," that will allow you to enter the dates of your stay. It is better to make the booking within 30 days of your travel date. Before this term, hotels expect additional bookings and are not interested in reducing the price. But if it is within 30 days, the hotel is willing to give a discount because they know that those rooms are not going to be snatched up. You will see two prices when browsing available hotel rooms. It means that the prices are not fixed and may change every day. So, if you see an appropriate price, you should jump before it changes. The company runs an algorithm to determine the best pricing at the moment of your search. This decreases the need to have to make your own offer, like on many other booking websites such as Priceline. But expected occupancy and the most popular travel weekends are taken into consideration.

There are numerous customer reviews about Stayful on different websites on the Internet. You can quickly conclude that almost all of them are positive. The users are pleased with the site and do recommend it to their friends. Most of all, the company appears to appeal to millennial-age travelers who want to enjoy well-designed spaces and to get unique experiences. Their favourite hotel's amenities provided by accommodations include 24-hour fitness centers, free bicycles for guests, minibars stocked with fresh fruit, and other features specially created to improve your stay. One customer says that her favorite hotel is the Arlo in New York. Even though it is small (about 150 sq ft), but it is very efficient and features a well-done design. Another highly praised hotel is La Jolla's The Lodge at Torrey Pines, near San Diego. It is not only stunningly beautiful, but has amazing amenities. The hotel itself features restful ambiance and in-suite fireplaces. Boston's XV Beacon is also known for its great outdoors spaces, fireplaces, and luxurious rooms. Its homey touches appeal to many visitors, as well as their Lexus car service. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews left online.

"I have made a booking for the PUBLIC Hotel in Chicago through the Stayful website. I appreciated seamless transaction, great price and location. The hotel was just as described on the company's website. I was satisfied with what they offered and am going to book via Stayful again. By the way, my friend has just booked the Metropolitan on Miami Beach and managed to save more than $100, which is enough for several mojitos by the pool."

"Last time I booked Magnolia Hotel in Dallas via stayful and was highly pleased with the service. The magnolia was in a wonderful location. I loved the variety of trendy hotels available on Stayful website. Before that I had booked hotel rooms in New York and LA. All hotels were fantastic. The company's site and app are awesome. I had great experience and I highly recommended this awesome and completely legit company to everyone."

"I used to book the Bahia in San Diego through StayFul and it was great. The official website was easy to use and gave me an opportunity to decide how much money I wanted to spend on the room. The hotel was right on Mission bay and the children were more than happy. I am going to use them on my business trip soon. My brother has booked San Francisco many times and each time said that he liked the hotels and the prices. He stayed at VillaFlorence and Zetta. I would certainly do it again."

My Final Summary

The hotels listed on Stayful official website are accommodations of high quality, yet at a reasonable cost. You can certainly find less-expensive options but they will have a lower quality too. The hotels offered by the company are family-friendly and will appeal to younger and more mature people. You won't find one and two-star hotels on the site, though, nor any giant hotels that have more than 100 rooms. Each of them is fabulously decorated, intimate, and has a very distinct personality.

If you're tired of looking through hundreds of hotels on other websites and are interested in accommodations that are comfortable and affordable to live it, you should definitely search in Stayful. It is recommended to book a room about 30 days before your business trip or your next vacation. As the company negotiates discounted prices with hotels beforehand, there are no refunds. Nevertheless, I do recommend you looking for the best hotel room available on Stayful's site.

Stayful Pricing and Rates

To book a hotel room, you will need to sign up for a Stayful account. It can be done for free. You may simply need to be educated on new hotels and prices. The prices on different hotels may differ a lot depending on numerous factors. Let's have a look at just a few offers. The Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA costs $324 per night; Elliott House Inn in Charleston, SC is priced at $237 per night. You can book a room at White Swan Inn in San Francisco, CA for just $180 per night.