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Stella Rosa Wine

Stella Rosa is a well-known wine-making company that was founded by the Riboli Family in 1917. these people had often heard that Californian wine drinkers had a desire to taste sweet and at the same time light wines that would refresh them in hot weather. They decided to act and started working with wineries in Italy to make and import their semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines. It is important to mention that Moscato D'Asti was the first wine imported. It still remains their flagship, but now the company offers 16 distinctive wines to meet the taste needs of any wine drinker who enters their tasting room. The story of Stella Rosa wines started when the Riboli Family bought the legendary San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles. This city is not actually known for its wine production, but before the success of the film industry and Hollywood, oenology and viticulture were the leading economic industries. Nowadays, growing grapes in the urban areas of Los Angeles is not effective. That's why Stella Rosa has chosen the Asti region of Piedmont, Italy, to develop its wine-making activity. With the ideal soil and a long growing season, it is easier to grow the aromatic grapes for semi-sparkling and semi-sweet wines. Each stage of the wine production is done in Asti and the ready wine is imported to the USA. Nevertheless, the company doesn't carry the high price tag as other imported wine brands do.

Moscato D'Asti is the first option for you to choose when starting your adventure into Stella Rosa wines. The other 15 flavors are also highly appreciated by the fans of the brand. When it is hot, you should opt for Stella Black, Stella Pink, or Stella Berry. Each of these wines contains an unforgettable flavor of juicy berries. Each sip offer a well-balanced taste. On a special occasion you may want to try Imperiale Black Lux, a sparkling wine. In this review we are going to focus on Stella Rosa Rosso (Semi-Sweet) and Stella Rosa Black. Stella Rosa Rosso is a red wine from Piemonte, Italy. It is made from the following sorts of grapes: Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Montepulciano grown in the region Piemonte. The best foods pairing this wine include Beef, Lamb, Pasta, Game (venison or deer). It contains 5.5% Alcohol and features light, smooth, bold, tannic, soft, sweet, dry, acidic taste. Most people who have tasted Stella Rosa Rosso felt raspberry, red fruit, peach, cheese, cream notes. Stella Rosa Black (750 ml) is known for its natural carbonation. The grape juice is fermented in Charmat-style tanks. As alcohol forms, so does the carbonation. Once the wine gets sweet enough, it is centrifuged and bottled. This is actually a proprietary blend of a few red grape varietals such as Brachetto. The natural flavors of the wine include ripe blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry. It pairs well with black walnut ice cream, Fresh Havarti and Manchego cheeses, bratwurst bathed in beer, blue cheese-stuffed hamburgers,dark chocolate souffle.

Customer Reviews - Does Stella Rosa Wine Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Stella Rosa Rosso with the majority of them highly positive. Most people who have tried this semi-sweet wine report that it is really good, bubbly and sweet enough, but at the same time light and refreshing. There are notes on flowers and honey, sweet plum and blackberry, and vanilla. Some drinkers have reported that this wine is like a bubbly Moscato but with jam-like flavor. It is easy to drink and delicious. This fizzy fruity wine is usually enjoyable for people of all ages including younger and elderly people. One woman says in her testimonial that she was surprised by the effervescence of Stella Rosa Rosso but she liked it. It is really a light and tasty low-alcohol wine. To her it smells and tastes like strawberry. It is good with a light cheese plate or a fruit plate. In her mind, this is the perfect wine for people who do not like the bitterness of red wines. It's semi-sweet and features a refreshing taste. What's also important is that this is a cost-friendly drink that can be consumed at a party, cocktail party or at a wedding. The beverage is dry, but infused with quite intensive fruity flavors.

Another drinker of Stella Rosa Rosso says that it is the best wine she has ever tasted. Even though she is nit a big wine drinker. This beverage tastes like a mixture of grapefruit and grape juice. It goes down so smooth that you can hardly believe it is actually a wine. This wine is a great option for just sipping and lounging around. Another female customer says that the first Stella Rosa Wine she had tried was Stella Peach and she was in love with it until she tried Stella Rosa Rosso. The woman was hooked. It is one of the best-tasting wines her lips have ever touched. She is sure to buy it again in the future because she is obsessed with this wine. It is sort of pricey but it is worth every penny it costs. It is neither sweet nor sour, just perfect. However, not all testimonials as as positrive. For instance, one customer says that for a red wine, Stella Rosa Rosso is much sweeter than it should be. Its flavor can creep up on you and you can easily have a bottle of this wine to yourself.

Stella Rosa Black contains the following ingredients: wine, sugar, grape must, color added (Grape Skin Extract), Sulphur Dioxide (Antioxidant), Natural Flavors. This wine has a low percentage of alcohol but its taste is really good. The price is also rather reasonable. Many wine drinkers have fallen in love with this wine. Even not big drinkers think it is amazing. What's more, it doesn't have a harsh aftertaste like other red wines. It is on the mid-sweet side, so it can be consumed by diabetics but in small quantities. Compared to other red wines, this Stella Rosa Black is very fruity and is not expensive ($12). one female customer reports this semi-sweet wine features dark fruit notes that easily seduce her taste buds. The woman's family often carry this wine in their house. Her husband loves it too! If you have not tried any Stella Rosa Wines, the customer would suggest to start with this one. It pairs well with blueberries, strawberries, green grapes, and a cucumber sorbet sprinkled with trechas. Another customer says in her review that she purchased a bottle of Stella Rosa Black as a gift for her friend. According to her words, it was delicious and light. She liked the smooth flavor and finish. It also paired well with her Italian dinner. So, she is going to buy it for herself in the future. Let's read some more customer reviews about Stella Rosa Wine.

"Stella Rosa Wine is my favorite wine ever. I can drink it in large quantities like juice without getting drunk. It is very delicious and can be perfectly paired with different kinds of meals. I often buy Stella Rosa Black with a strong berry taste I love. I have offered it to my guests when they came to visit me and all of them liked it as well. This wine is simply incomparable."

"I think I have never had anything tastier than Stella Rosa Wine (I mean the wines). I prefer Stella Rosa Rosso, since it is a perfect blend of fruits and berries. I like the fact that it tastes differently with different food. It is not very strong so, I can drink a glass or two on a hot summer day. I do recommend this wine to my family and friends."

"I am not an alcohol drinker but I really enjoy having Stella Rosa Wine from time to time. I like it because it is low in alcohol (about 5% alcohol) and is very sweet like sparkling juice. What I don't like about this wine, though, is its price. I think it should cost less with such a low alcohol content. It is over 13$. however, I still like it."

My Final Summary

Stella Rosa Wine started in 1917 by the Riboli family, which means that the company has a great experience in the wine industry to satisfy the taste even of the most demanding customer. Today it is one of the most popular wine manufacturers and sellers in the USA. The Riboli family has saved its artisan wine-making tradition through several generations. The family chose the region called Asti in Italy as the source for high-quality grapes, which contributes t the perfect taste of their wines. Their first wine was Moscato D'Asti, a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine with the flavors of apricot, peach, and honey. It pairs perfectly with fresh fruit, fondue, salted nuts, Pad Thai, chicken Alfredo pizza, and cheesecake. This wine has got a number of awards. Soon after, Stella Rosa Rosso saw the world. It is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling red wine that quickly received phenomenal success from fans. This classical wine is a must-have at any occasion. It is known for the flavor of fresh strawberry and red berry. Stella Rosa Rosso pairs well with chocolate-covered strawberries, Pepper Jack and aged Gouda cheeses, beef enchiladas, spicy pasta with garlic bread, cheesecake with berries. Stella Rosa Black offers seductive flavors of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry. It is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling red wine that is recommended to be consumed with dark chocolate souffle, blue cheese-stuffed hamburgers, fresh Havarti and Manchego cheeses, bratwurst bathed in beer, black walnut ice cream. Taking into account everything we have learned about Stella Rosa Wine, we do recommend this brand.

Stella Rosa Wine Pricing and Rates

Stella Rosa Wine is presented in a wide variety of flavors and tastes. All of them can be bought directly from the company's official website. The price varies from wine to wine, though. Stella Rosa Rosso is priced at $5.99 - $28.00. You can buy Stella Rosa Peach for $8.63 - $22.99. Stella Rosa Black can be purchased at the price of $10.19 - $24.88. Stella Rosa Tropical Mango costs $8.63 - $19.99. You can order Stella Rosa Rose for $9.49 - $30.00. Stella Rosa Moscato Rose is priced at $9.99 - $23.99. You can buy Stella Rosa Red Apple for $8.99 - $17.24. The price of Stella Rosa Green Apple is $8.63 - $18.99. Stella Rosa Platinum costs $9.19 - $18.39. You can order Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato Rose for $11.99 - $26.99. Stella Rosa Imperial Black Lux costs $14.97 - $28.09. The price of Stella Rosa Imperiale Brachtto D'acqui is $10.99 - $22.99. You can buy Stella Rosa Ruby Rose Grapefruit for $12.99 - $17.99. The price of Il Conte Moscato D'asti Stella Rosa is $12.99 - $17.99. Stella Rosa Imp Prosecc can be bought for $12.99 - $21.99. The price of Stella Rosa Bry is $14.99 - $16.98. You can order Il Conte Stella Rosa Rosso for $12.99 - $22.99. The price of Stella Rosa Gold is $9.99 - $18.99.