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Stemceuticals Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Stemceuticals Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Stemceuticals Age Decelerating is a cream specially created for people who want to reverse the aging process of their skin. This skin care formula promises to improve the look of your skin by hydrating it intensely and fighting the aging signs. This product is made for use at night, since it works better when you are asleep, thus you are expected to wake up feeling radiant and fresh. Daily use of this product leads to better skin structure, smooth feeling and glow with radiance. The cream is made with the use of natural ingredients and is claimed to be free from silicones, GMO, paraben, gluten, and other synthetic and harmful substances. This product promises to decelerate the aging process, making you look vibrant and young.

Before we move to the ingredients found in the formula of Stemceuticals Age Decelerating it would be a wise idea to take a look at the manufacturer information available online. Well, this cream is manufactured by the company called Stemceuticals. There is not much information about this company on the official website. It is only mentioned that their facility is located in the USA, which means that the company is also based in the USA. It claims to have followed all the safety and quality measures during the manufacturing process. This product is said to improve your skin texture, making it smooth and silky. It also promises to hydrate your skin and reduce the visible aging signs. Are these claims real? Does the cream really work as advertised by the manufacturer? To answer these questions we will need to discuss the product's ingredients.

Ingredients of Stemceuticals - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The brand website does not provide many detains on the working process of the Stemceuticals Age Decelerating and its ingredients. However, the site is full of promising claims. This cream should be applied before having a night-long sleep. It works by soothing your skin, making it silky and soft. The ingredients found in this formula are powerful and effective to speed up the process of repairing skin damages. The drawback of all of these claims is that the manufacturer does not provide the full ingredient list and any evidence backing up their loud claims. There is no guarantee that you will wake up vibrant, radiant, fresh, and glowing the next morning. Everything the manufacturer says about the ingredients used in the product is that they are from organic sources and are free from GMO, gluten, paraben, and artificial substances.


We have done our own research of the problem and found out that the Stemceuticals Age Decelerating contains vitamins, plant stem cells, peptides and antioxidants. We are concerned with the fact that there is no information on the official website and anywhere online about exact ingredients in the product. We are also not aware of the dosages of these ingredients. This does not allow us to determine the effectiveness and safety of the cream. If there is lack of some components, it means that the effects may not be enough to benefit the user's skin. But if these compounds are used in high concentrations, this may cause certain side effects. So, we are not sure that this cream will hydrate your skin properly and fight any aging signs present on your skin. Besides, some of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions. However, the manufacturer recommends applying this product every night before going to bed. Will this cream improve your skin texture and combat all the skin imperfections? We can answer this question only by looking at the testimonials left by real users of the product.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Stemceuticals does not mention any possible side effects associated with the use of this cream, but this does not mean that it is absolutely safe to use. Some side effects may occur including skin irritation, redness, itching, burning, peeling, dryness and others. In case of experiencing any of these adverse reactions you are recommended to stop using the cream immediately. Is the undesired symptoms persist, consult your doctor or cosmetologist.

There is a limited number of real users' reviews about Stemceuticals on third-party websites. We have encountered both positive and negative opinions. Many customers confess that the product has not improved the state of their skin. They still have the same wrinkles and fine lines. Their skin does not look any fresher or shinier. Some users have even faced side effects. Here are some of these testimonials.

"The first few days I used Stemceuticals, I liked the way this product made my face feel. It seemed to work well within the first week but then I developed two large breakouts on my right cheek and then five more breakouts next to my lip. I decided to stop using it and now I am dealing with the damage it caused to my face. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid this product."

"I wanted to like StemCeuticals but the only thing I noticed when using this product was extreme skin dryness after applying it. I waited for a few days for the situation to change but my face seemed worse. I haven't seen any difference in the youthfulness of my skin. I started using Loreal Collagen moisture to moisturize my skin. Now I look better but I will not use this cream ever again."

"I didn't like the way STEMCEUTICALS felt on my skin. This product is slowly working on my skin. It does retain the moisture and hydrate my skin but I was expecting more results. I am also disappointed that the container is plastic, not glass. By the way, I received this cream at a discount for my honest review."

Where To Buy Stemceuticals?

The product can be ordered from the official website only; however, there is no price information online. It is currently unavailable on Amazon. It I unknown when this item will be back in stock.

My Final Summary

Stemceuticals Age Decelerating has a great number of disadvantages. The manufacturer of this cream does not provide the ingredients and their dosages on the official website. The cream may contain dangerous chemical substances, which can be very harmful for the human health. There is also no information about possible side effects or allergic reactions that may occur in people using this product. The product has a limited number of customer reviews most of which carry a negative character. It is only sold online. The positive thing about Stemceuticals Age Decelerating is that it is free from fillers, gluten, synthetic substances and paraben. It is also manufactured in USA. If you really need to boosts hydration levels of your skin, speed up the repair of the damaged skin and combat visible aging signs, you should look for another product. It needs to be manufactured by a reputable company and have positive customer reputation. Taking into account everything we have learnt about Stemceuticals Age Decelerating we cannot recommend this product to purchasing.