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Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a monthly styling and clothing subscription service. Signing up for this service you take an in-depth survey about your style, your sizes, and pricing preferences. You will need to choose when you would like to get your stylist handpicks and delivery depending on your needs and preferences. This service costs $20 per month and includes free shipping and returns. If you keep at least one item from those you received, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total. By the way, if you decide to keep all five items, you will get a 25% discount. In most cases, Stitch Fix tries to follow style and price preferences of their customers. Liverpool is a denim brand that can be often seen in Stitch Fix boxes. It can be stylish pair of jeans that fit like a glove. You may receive a top made of a poly/cotton blend with nice patterns on it.

Generally, customers seem to like what they receive from the company. In any case, it is up to you to decide whether to keep the items or not. If you are not very pleased with four of five items you may return them back to the company. The average price of each box is about $70-90. This may seem a little more pricy but the tings prove to have high quality and provide modern fashion. The $20 monthly styling fee (including shipping and returns) is quite low for shopping in this way. You do not risk much while shopping for clothes in the comfort of your home. Those who have been receiving this box for at least a few months confess that they feel very excited about what they are going to receive next time. They also get an opportunity to build the relationship with a professional stylist. Let's check what real customers of Stitch Fix think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Stitch Fix Really Work?

Each Fix box comes with cards containing styling suggestions for each item in the box, as well as a little note from a stylist. The note is probably the most important thing in the box as it shows what inspired the stylist to put the item you can see in the box. There are many customer reviews about the service online. Many women are very pleased with their subscription and recommend it to all of their friends. One woman writes that even though she is never super casual, she really liked the black sweatshirt sent to her. It was made of traditional lightweight knit and featured raglan sleeves and a relaxed neckline to provide an overall looser fit. Most of all, the woman liked the embroidered sleeves of the item. A thick floral pattern can be found on each sleeve to add more style to the casual outfit. The customer is also satisfied with the brown pants she received. She liked both the color and the feel of the material. They are ideal for the fall and winter time. According to the woman, this box was worth the cost.

Another customer named Nicole asked for a pair of booties and something to wear to work. She has had the same stylist for two years and she felt that all of her requests were considered. The woman confesses that she trusts her stylist who used to send her things she loved and even pushed her out of her comfort zone. The steel blue booties became the anchor for her looks. Their color is just gorgeous and they go with everything. So, they went into the woman's closet without any doubts. She also confesses that it is always fun to get a box each month. The most unexpected item she received was a sleeveless top that was extremely beautiful for warm fall days. It had an exclusive style. Overall the woman has had a really amazing experience with Stitch Fix within six months. The company helped her to create nice outfits for the fall.

Another customer reports that she is just obsessed with the service. She has been struggling with clothing lately because her young body is fading and she needs new clothes to emphasize her look. Her friend recommended Stitch Fix to her and the problem was immediately solved. The woman tells that all she needed to do is to fill out a style profile on the official website of the company and let them know her preferences. The stylist put everything together and sent her a bunch of pieces. The customer likes the fact that if she doesn't like anything she can just return it back to the company without any fees. But usually she keeps almost all pieces because her stylist understood her preferences really well. The woman was very exact in her needs. Let's see whether all customers are as satisfied with the delivered items as that woman.

"I like Stitch Fix because with its service I am finding more and more ways to express my individuality and character. At present I am in love with the fall, so I am expecting for new clothes for this wonderful season. I loved the super soft comfortable sweater and jeans I received last month. A few days ago I decided to keep a layered jacket that manages to put me in the mood for fall perfectly. I also loved the soft green jacket and a grey sweater that felt so cozy!"

"As I am a new mom, StitchFix is a great option for me. Shopping has become stressful and exhausting for me, so I found a way out of the situation. The company succeeds to refresh my wardrobe on a monthly basis. I loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe. My stylist sent me a printed floral blouse that is just ideal for fall. It is also a great anchor item for filling my fall capsule wardrobe."

"I have been with Stitch fix for five months already. Last month I found a dress, a jacket, a nice shoulder bag, a pair of pumps, and a beautiful top in my box. I immediately understood that I had to keep all of these things. I have to confess that my stylist did a great job. I fell in love with the casual chic dress. It is made from cozy and soft fabric and has a perfect fit. All of the pieces work well together. The pumps and the shoulder bag complement each other perfectly. I am looking forward to my next box."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is necessary to say that Stitch Fix is a worthy service that can be subscribed for online. You will need to complete a checkout process online too. If you are not pleased with anything, just return it for free. You just need to pack up the items you don't like and take the bag to the nearest post office. It is very convenient! The company also allows you to provide your personal feedback about the boxes and items contained inside. Each box comes with cards containing special styling suggestions for each item, as well as a note from your stylist. It can be a very helpful piece of information for you. If you are not quite happy with your stylist, you may ask for another one.

There are numerous customer testimonials about the service on different websites. Most people are satisfied with the items they receive, as well as with their stylists. Usually, a stylist takes into account the season and their client's clothing preferences. So, don't worry, you won't receive cold weather items in the middle of summer. Another surprise you may find in your box is a piece of stylish jewelry, for example, a gold chained necklace. According to the customer feedback, they are sending really cool and high-quality things. In conclusion, I can certainly recommend Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription to everyone.

Where To Buy Stitch Fix In Stores?

The styling monthly fee is $20. You will also need to pay for whatever items you like minus the $20 credit. Each box contains clothing and accessory items specially chosen for you depending on your Style Profile. The company ships to the USA only.