Stop IRS Debt Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Stop IRS Debt

If your wages are being decreased or your property is being levied because of a big tax debt, do not fall in despair. There is a company that is always there to help. Stop IRS Debt claims to help people and businesses to solve their financial problems. To accomplish this, they have a specially selected team of professional in-house attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and tax preparers (CPAs), who can help with negotiation, mediation, tax return planning, appeals representation, etc. the company has been in business for more than fifteen years. They claim to have helped thousands of businesses and taxpayers to manage IRS collections and resolve millions in tax debt. They have a lot of satisfied clients, which means that they offer affordable rates.

According to the Stop IRS Debt official website, the process works in four steps. The first one is consultation during which the company discusses your problem and options, creates an initial plan, remits paperwork (including forms 2848 and 8821), and provides you with tax relief representatives. The next step is investigation that presupposes contacting the IRS to cease any collection proceedings, assembling your case and order a master. This stage also involves submitting your power of attorney. The third step is mediation during which the company will negotiate with the IRS to define your liability, reach an agreement, form a final resolution and submit it for approval. The fourth step, Resolution, means that your tax matter is finally resolved! Common outcomes include having penalties waived, a reprieve against collections, decreasing your tax liability, etc.

Customer Reviews - Does Stop IRS Debt Really Work?

There are numerous users' reviews about their experience with Stop IRS Debt. It is no surprise as the company has worked for more than fifteen years already. Their team of tax preparers (CPAs), attorneys, and Enrolled Agents use a high-rate work-flow system and customer tracking. So, you will always know what is going on. Each attorney is highly experienced in tax relief matters, such as preparing settlements and negotiating an IRS installment agreement. It is also pointed out that Stop IRS Debt is not a law firm but a tax resolution firm. Considering the fact that the company based in Los Angeles has been in business for so many years, the overall online customer reputation appears to be positive. They had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time of our research. Besides, the company has only nine closed complaints most of which reported lack of results. In each of these cases, the company responded quickly to find a proper solution.

Stop IRS Debt had an average 5-star rating on TrustLink with 81 customer reviews. Common compliments cited a smooth process, positive outcomes, and perfect customer service. The website contained no complaints at all. Finally, the company had three reviews on Yelp and a 1-star average rating. There is a supposition that all three reviews were created by the same individual who was probably paid by a competitive company. If we take a look at customer reviews we will find out that these people are satisfied with how the company's staff handled their Revenue Tax issues. For instance, one man wrote that he had his license suspended and they were garnishing me. Stop IRS Debt fixed his license issue, so he could drive to work. This customer also saved more than $16,000 and he felt very happy about his experience with the company.

Another man confessed that this company was truly a blessing in his life. They did a great job in resolving his big tax issues. The whole process was fast and very easy. It took a few months and he could say with confidence that everything was fine. He even said that he would certainly hire them again. On woman claimed in her testimonials that the last half a year was a real nightmare for her because she dealt with the IRS. She finally hired Stop IRS Debt to help her. It took us about nine months before she could say that her tax debt was behind her. The company's staff made her feel cared and comfortable. Now the woman feels the peace of mind. Let us take a look at what real customers are writing about their experience with the company online.

"I was amazed at how attentive and friendly the guys from StopIRSDebt were. I highly appreciated the fact that they took the time to talk to me when I was confused about the forms. I told them about my debts but I did not feel judged. On the contrary I felt being cared for and they did their best to help me as soon as possible. I am so grateful for their help. I would address them again if I need to."

"I talked to Mark from Stop IRS Debt about my taxes and issues I faced in my life with these crazy IRS people. The specialist told me not to worry and just wait. He together with his coworkers took care of me and met my needs very well. I was able to keep my retirement accounts and properties and get these issues resolved. I am happy I found to Mark and this wonderful company."

"I hired StopIRS Debt specialists for a Garnishment. I was surprised at how fast I was resolved - within just three days. I thought that would last for many long months. I am the happiest man on earth now. My nerves are calm and my faith in the system is restored. I am so grateful to the company's personnel."

My Final Summary

If you have any problems or issues with the IRS, try to contact them directly and talk to an agent. If you fail to do this for any reasons, you should address Stop IRS Debt to solve your tax issues, especially in more difficult tax-related cases, where you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes. There are many options if you owe back taxes, including an Offer in Compromise, installment payments, waiving collections due to economic hardship, waiving accrued penalties, etc. More than one of these options can be implemented in most instances. If you have a difficult case or owe a lot of money, Stop IRS Debt will handle your case from start to finish without subjecting you to stress.

You should have realistic expectations. It is not common for the IRS to absolve a person of their back taxes completely. It has to be mentioned that Stop IRS Debt has a positive overall customer feedback. People who have tried their services remained satisfied and some of them even returned peace of mind and good night at night. They liked their experience of working with the company and its separate representatives. Even the most complex cases are handled in about six months. Besides, the customers manage to save a lot of money. So, taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of this tax relief firm, I can undoubtedly recommend Stop IRS Debt.

Stop IRS Debt Pricing and Rates

This tax relief company doesn't talk about any fees on their official website, since these may vary depending on your circumstances and needs. For instance, simple tax returns can cost several hundred dollars each, and more complex cases may cost in the thousands. An average tax resolution case will cost you from fifteen hundred to twenty five hundred dollars. For more information call Stop IRS Debt customer service at 888-978-6747, or fill out their application online.