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Strayer University

Believe it or not but the number of students ordering online distance education courses grows with each year. The major reason behind this tendency is that the restrictions of traditional campus-based education don't meet the requirement and needs of modern working people. Strayer University is one of the institutions offering online learning to people who wish to receive a degree despite their marital status, employment and age. This university's blended learning model combines online iCampus instruction and brick-and-mortar classes at one of 70 nationwide campuses. It promises to accommodate your busy lifestyle and provide you with the face-to-face interaction to reinforce and encourage your education. It is up to you to choose between one of Strayer's 67 concentrations and 27 accredited degree programs. In any case, this higher educational establishment will make your dreams come true. Like other online universities, Strayer University's degree programs emphasize fast growing and high-demand fields to provide you with real world skills.

The major advantage of online learning through this university is that it allows you to succeed in your career after graduation. Unlike most other online institutions, Strayer has great experience. It has been around since 1892, so it has great experience in the educational field. More than 100,000 students have earned their undergraduate and graduate degrees at this university over the past 125 years. If you are fresh out of high school or you want to continue your college education after absence for a few years, an online degree from this university could be an ideal fit for you. But is Strayer University a suitable option for you? What factors should you pay attention to when making a decision? What are the pros and cons of this institution? We are going to explore these important aspects further in this review. Let's start by taking a look at what actual students think about their experience at Strayer University.

Customer Reviews - Does Strayer University Really Work?

When it comes to student reviews for Strayer University online, it seems that they have a mixed character. For instance, gave it a 3.9-star average rating with 2,509 student reviews. The most common compliments referenced engaging coursework, flexibility to fit your schedule, and solid support of the faculty and staff. At the same time, it is quite difficult to find any really negative testimonial on the website. Most of them are 3-star reviews. The university had a 5.2 rating (out of 10) on Common compliments cited the high quality of education, flexible schedule and how the school supports you throughout your educational journey. Some of current and former students complained about questionable coursework, poor staff communication, high tuition, and issues with financial aid. The university had an average rating of 3.2 stars on About half (49%) of users would recommend the Strayer. Most compliments cited amazing staff and enjoyable experience, while some complaints referred to the poor quality of education and difficulties with financial aid. These complaints appeared to be a recurring theme on, where 336 students left their reviews. The school earned a 2.6-star rating on this website.

It should be mentioned that Strayer University had an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. There were no closed complaints at the time of our research at all. The customers are happy with the fact that the university offers a wide variety of degree programs and support network. Strayer University provides its students with a three-tiered support system. Its Strong Start program provides assistance while an individual is signing up for courses, getting their books, etc. You will have access to a choice of tutoring options during the school year. You will have online access to your tools and courses, as well as tech support is available 24 hours a day. Strayer gives access to experienced clinicians who are always ready to listen to you and to help you with resolving your problems. It is high time to take a look at the actual users' reviews online.

"I really liked my experience at Strayer University. I had good knowledgeable professors and a great program. I received my MBA in Health Services Administration. The staff is always nice and ready to help whenever you need it. Admin was polite and understanding. I highly appreciated flexible system of online learning. My MBA from Strayer helped me to get a good job as a Business Systems Analyst. At present I make a good salary and get rewarded quite frequently."

"StrayerUniversity is an awesome school with an adult environment. I took an online course and stay very happy with my choice. The faculty representatives are always here to help me get the knowledge and professional experience. Now I have my higher education from Strayer and I am going to get a high-paid job soon. I do recommend this institution to busy adults."

"Strayer university is just perfect because it is able to help students reach their professional goals! Their staff is talented and professional. All of them are willing to assist students to further their education and achieve the degree. The professors have real world knowledge and experiences. They use effective teaching methods able to spark an interesting discussion online. Besides, the free success and tutoring coach helps students to follow their individualized plan in order to complete the degree successfully."

My Final Summary

Strayer University is a worthy online higher educational institution. It is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. It means that you can be sure that your degree will be respected and recognized by organizations and schools across the country. The university has an overall positive online reputation. As we learned from some student reviews, Strayer offers knowledge and professional skills necessary for your future career. It is said to be good investment for your time and money. Strayer's Associate Degrees include Accounting, Business Administration, Acquisition and Contract Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Information Technology. Strayer University Bachelor's Degrees include Business Administration, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Information Systems and Nursing.

Before deciding whether Strayer is a right online university for you, you will need to take a look at your personal preferences and needs. If you are mainly focused on cost, it seems to be one of the most reasonable institutions. Speaking about the educational side, it should be mentioned that Strayer specializes in common degree paths mainly. One of the greatest advantages is the flexibility it offers. You can study whenever you want from the comfort of your home. Taking into account all pros and cons of this institution, I would recommend Strayer University.

Strayer University Pricing and Rates

Strayer university is a bit less expensive than the competition, such as DeVry, Kaplan, and University of Phoenix. From a loan default perspective (an indicator whether students can afford the institution's education programs), the average 4-year Strayer student pays $35,728. This is a much lower cost than at the University of Phoenix.