StyleWe Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


StyleWe is an online store that offers consumers an opportunity to shop fashionable clothes with unique designs in a fast and convenient manner. The store provides items made by small boutiques and independent fashion designers. Unlike other shopping platforms that offer a variety of unusual selections, these are StyleWe designers who focus on the designing, the company handles customer service. This online store claims that, consumers are able to curate relationships with designers who can create unique styles according to your personal fashion choices. Designers claim that this unique model allows them to create the items that would bring them recognition and positive customer feedback, unlike anonymity associated with designing clothes for a larger label. Such benefits are really appealing but are their garments are really worth shopping from StyleWe? Does the store provide the quality consumers are looking for? To answer these questions, let's learn more about what they really offer.

StyleWe offers different categories of women's clothing that can be found only in a large online store. These include tops, dresses, outerwear, skirts, jumpsuits, pants, and swimwear. There is also a big handbag section, but there are no jewelries or accessories available. You can browse any of those selections with no need to sign up for the site. You will need registration, though. It can be done on the up side. You will immediately get a ten percent off of your first purchase on StyleWe. The available selections don't prescribe to any definite style or have any particular order. It allows you to view the whole number of items available on the site. After clicking on the item you like you will see detailed product information, including fit measurements, materials, and laundering instructions. Let's check what real shoppers write about this store online.

Customer Reviews - Does StyleWe Really Work?

You can find a great number of StyleWe reviews on different websites. There are positive and negative opinions. The majority of customers are pleased with their experience of shopping from this website. They are satisfied with the quality of items, fast shipping times, reasonable prices and good customer service. Some people report having issues with the site, so they simply contacted the representatives of the customer service and had their issues resolved quite quickly. The most frequent comments from the users of StyleWe center on the supposition that StyleWe is located in China. This information has not been confirmed but the reality is that many of the products found on the site are manufactured overseas and can boast high quality. A lot of things are made by independent designers. By the way, it is a wrong opinion that clothing made in China has poor quality. The materials used for the creation of the items are selected by experienced designers, so there should be nothing wrong with the quality of clothes.

Individual comments on StyleWe left mixed impressions, including the one about incorrect sizing. In order to avoid mistakes with sizes it is highly recommended to study the size table available on the site before ordering anything. StyleWe's customer service representatives are open to respond to the complaints of customers. If you are at a loss which size to choose, you can contact the customer service and consult one of the representatives. You can also refer to the Product Details that come with each item to see the exact measurements. This will allow you to choose the necessary size (S, M, L, etc). One customer was disappointed with the quality of her order. In this case, you can always return the product you don't like. The company offers a good return policy. There are numerous reviews that praise the company's customer service. The shoppers had an overall positive experience with this online store.

It is necessary to mention that the website is easy to navigate. It shows several pictures of an item with available colors for you to choose from. It is advised to check the individual product sizing information. The shipping is usually timely, delays occur seldom. One customer wrote that the delivery took five weeks. Finally, the customers are happy with the fact that StyleWe offers cheaper options than other online stores of the kind. Few shoppers had a negative experience, but the company appeared to be responsive to their complaints. Here are a few reviews from actual customers of the company.

"StyleWe is the first store that gave me a glamorous outlook. My first order was a stylish evening dress that completely satisfied all of my requirements. After that I have already ordered many other clothes from this website. I was pleasantly impressed with all of them. Black maxi dresses are just marvelous. The same can be said about a simple A-line Short Sleeve Crewneck Maxi Dress with the extended short sleeves and a crew neckline. This store is a paradise for any lady."

"I ordered a dress from Style We. When I saw it, I just fell in love with my purchase. It was Deep Pink Long Sleeve V-neck Bandage Dress. It hugs my body in the right places. This dress can be worn to special occasions because it radiates my confidence and emphasizes my curves. It looks like the picture. I am going to order other items from the site too. Thank you very much for your quick delivery service."

"My last purchase from Stylewe was the Burgundy Sexy Polyester Solid Pencil Skirt. It gives me an absolutely pulsating look. I have not had a pencil skirt before because I thought it would not fit me but I was wrong. After getting this dress, I started wearing skirts of this design often. The skirt is made from high-quality fabric. I have made other purchases from the store and was pleased every time I did."

My Final Summary

StyleWe is a worthy online store that offers a wide variety of designer clothes of high quality. Despite the superior quality and materials from which the items are made, the prices are not too high at all. The overall customer reputation appears to be very positive, even though there are some complaints from shoppers too. Nevertheless, the company's customer service representatives try to respond to those complaints and to find good solutions to any problems. All of the experts have a friendly tone and provide great service.

The shipping is usually times, even though delays may occur but this is not the company's fault. We have the impression that StyleWe is an online store for budget-minded shoppers looking for high-quality items. If you like StyleWe's selections and you are fine with the price; this store is the right option for you. The company supports independent designers and leads a transparent business regarding shipping times. Taking into account all pros and cons of this store, I do recommend StyleWe to customers with realistic expectations.

StyleWe Pricing and Rates

To become a StyleWe member you don't have to pay anything, but the registration is required if you wish to buy anything. Items range from $40 and can reach $150. Standard shipping costs range from $1.99 to $6.99. Usually it takes from five to seven days for the item to arrive after processing. Free standard shipping is applied to all orders over $60.