Sunrun Reviews - What Is It?

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Welcome to the future of solar energy offered by the American company called Sunrun. Its mission is to create a planet that works by the sun. they offer purchase and leasing options at $0 per month, so you can save your money on monthly electricity costs. The company will fill your heart with complete peace as it provides you with free repairs, maintenance, monitoring, and insurance for 20 years. Going solar has never been easier and cheaper before. Go solar with Sunrun and you will be able to take control of your electricity costs each month. Sunrun currently services CA, AZ, CO, DE, CT,HI, MD, MA, NJ, NV, NH, NY, PA, OR, UT and SC. With this company, you will pay for the power, not for the solar panels. As a result, you will enjoy maximum savings without any monthly payments. In this way, you will own your system and observe your regular savings.

Sunrun makes going solar and saving a pretty sum of money on your electric bill possible. According to most people's reviews, you can save 20% on your electric bills each month. Exactly how much you save depends on your solar electricity rate, your usage, and the rate charged by your local utility. All customers inevitably see significant savings already in the first year after installing solar panels. The company takes care of everything and they take proper care of the system even after it is already installed. They guarantee high quality of their solar system performance. In case if the system does not work properly, you will have the right to demand a refund for the difference. If the system produces excess power you can just enjoy it. They take care of insurance too. You can contact the company in different ways. Call at 1-844-321-6937. Talk is free. Their Email is

Customer Reviews - Does Sunrun Really Work?

You can find a great number of testimonials from customers who are pleased with Sunrun solar panels and the company itself. They share their positive experience they had in dealing with the company. For example, one user says that he first met Sarah, his Solar Consultant, several months ago. To his mind, this woman has been the most helpful person throughout the entire cooperation with Sunrun. She has been always ready to help from day one and always made herself available to consult the man and answer his questions. He was a demanding client, according to his words. He was really impressed with how knowledgeable Sarah was. There are many other helpful and nice professionals in the company. They always take perfect care of their customers. In fact, many customers say that they were positively impressed with the Sunrun Team from the Customer Service. They used to consult the same specialists through the installation process. The professionals gladly shares their experience with all of their clients.

Most customers say that they were very pleased with how the installation process was conducted. The specialists working at the company provided them with all the necessary information on how the solar panels function and how they should be taken care of after installation. However, the best way to know what real users think about this method of supplying the house with energy, let us have a look at the user reviews left online.

"We set up our Power Purchase Agreement with Sunrun several years ago. The panels were installed by Verengo. After about three years, our system stopped working. However, I was really amazed with the fast reaction of the company's team who immediately arrived and solved the problem. I was very glad. My only complaint in this process was that it was me who noticed the problem first. I hoped that Sunrun was monitoring everything and would inform their customers of any concerns with the systems. That is the reason why I gave them four stars and not five. After that my system has worked perfectly."

"A sales representative in New Jersey came to my door and was very polite. His name was Justin. He provided me with the necessary information on the panels. My system works great. The panels function nice and I am saving a lot of money on my energy bills each month. That's phenomenal! Sunrun products and services are always accurate. The staff is friendly and consistent. The setup was timely setup. I used to have some concerns and contacted the customer service. Every time I talked to a live person."

"Sunrun team of specialists is wonderful! All of the staff were attentive and professional. I remember Leonard, Brandon and Matt! The process was not long. They made up everything within two days. I am pleased with everything: the application, permits, installation, planning, and production of the system. I highly recommend Sunrun to every person who wants to go solar. The system performs its function up to the highest standard. My experience with this company has been efficient and quick. Thank you!"

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend solar systems from Sunrun for many reasons. First of all, this method of producing electricity is completely natural and helps to save a lot of money. The cost of solar panels has never been lower, so you can switch to home solar any time suitable for you. The company's staff will help you to select the best home solar plan within your budget. Sunrun has more than 100,000 customers who are happy with their solar systems and an opportunity to save on electricity each month. The process of installation does not require much time. The company's specialists can do everything within a few days only. Then Sunrun company takes care of the functioning of your systems that are covered with a lifetime warranty (when you choose a Solar Lease or Solar PPA agreement).

There is a Home Solar Blog where you can read solar news to learn beneficial energy saving tips in your house. You will be able to learn how solar systems work and help thousands of people to save on energy costs. Sunrun is a worthy company when compared to other solar companies. To my mind, it is the best choice for your home solar power. You can find dozens of testimonials from happy customers online. They say that the systems really work! I am amazed with the fact that Sunrun no longer charges their customers a true up for producing more than estimated. Their prices are quite reasonable. The company has a professional team of specialists who are open to promptly answer any of your questions. I highly recommended Sunrun!

Where To Buy Sunrun In Stores?

You can order solar systems from Sunrun in different ways - through their official website, by calling at their phone or by mailing them. The cost of the service differs greatly. It depends on what panels you need and want, the size of your house and your personal requirements. It is up to you to decide what panels to choose but it is better to consult one of the company's representatives before making a final decision.