SuperBoost Wifi Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE SuperBoost Wifi Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

SuperBoost Wifi

SuperBoost Wifi is a specially created device that connects to your current Wi-Fi signal and improves signal to provide space that has had bad connection with a reliable signal from your router. The unit features a simple construction and functioning. You will need just to plug it into the wall of a room where you need a better signal. It features a clean design that includes a lot of plugs that will fit power outlets in the United States of America and Europe. It is a well-known fact that Wi-Fi boosters have been available for a long time already, so there are many competing products out there. In this review, we are going to find out how the device compares to more well-known brands, learnt its price and return policy. But what is even more important we will find out what real customers are saying about their experience of using the SuperBoost Wi-Fi Booster.

There is little information about the manufacturer of SuperBoost Wifi on the product's website. It is also unknown whether they manufacture any other products of the kind. We called the customer service of the company many times to learn some details on the product's specs but failed to reach any of the representatives. According to the official site, upon arrival you will need to take the booster out of the box and connect it to your current router network. This will take several minutes. Once the unit is connected, it is expected to start sending the signal even to the rooms with poor signal. To connect to the better signal, you will need to connect to the booster, not your router. You will need to open your Wi-Fi settings and find the new booster there. Simply connect to it and enjoy faster internet speed. To check how much the booster helped you may use the quickest speed test available through Google. Search "Google speed test" and get the results.

Customer Reviews - Does SuperBoost Wifi Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, the SuperBoost Wi-Fi Booster includes four power adapters to handle 240V plugs in Europe, 120V plugs in the U.S., and 230V plugs in Australia, China, New Zealand and Argentina. It is necessary to point out that the site makes no claims about the effectiveness of your booster. In fact, it depends on the signal coming into the booster, where you place it, and the number of obstacles standing between your room and your booster. Remember that the SuperBoost does not make the internet connection of your router faster, it just extends the signal. Let's try to find out how exactly Super Boost Wi-Fi improves a signal.

You have probably got your router that provides you with internet connection. You have also got rooms in your house some of which are going to be too far from the source of the signal. They are sometimes called "dead spots." It may be, for example, your back patio, where the signal is spotty. A Wi-Fi extender is a device that catches the signal and "throws" it to your room. While it can work wonders for the signal strength, it does not always mean that you need to buy an extender. Sometimes the placement of your Wi-Fi router is the culprit for your dead spot woes. Before buying a Wi-Fi extender, you should try to place your router in the most central area of your living space. You may want to get a range extender to fit the technology of your router. Since the SuperBoost site doesn't provide any information about the unit's technical properties, it is tough to say if its technology is equal or less advanced to your router.

There are few customer reviews about Super Boost Wifi on third-party websites. They mainly carry a negative character, even though there are positive opinions too. What people like about the device is its ease of use with which they can provide connection to their wireless network. There is no need to be an IT expert to set the product correctly. A WPS Protected Setup is included. If your router has this feature too, you will just need to press the WPS button and have the devices connected. You won't need to re-enter your password after unplugging. According to the online opinions about this signal booster, the handling and the connection to the WLAN is reported to be uncomplicated. At the same time, some people complain that the quality of the signal leaves much to be desired. This may not be the fault of the buyer. It is the manufacturer who sets very high expectations. As a result, the customers are disappointed with the product which turns out to have a much lower performance than promised. Negative opinions are often expressed about the orders that have not been received as well as long waiting times for delivery. Here are some of the actual users' testimonials found online.

"I would not recommend ordering anything from this company. I ordered SuperBoost Wifi for my mother who is in an assisted living where the internet reception is not good. I ordered the product on the 4th of December but I have not received it yet. I asked for a tracking number from the company's customer service via email many times, and finally, I received it. But what is the worst is that it doesn't exist! I called the customer service and all I heard was a recording saying that all reps were busy. I had to stay on for half an hour but I never was not responded."

"SuperBoost Wifi is a terrible product from a horrible company that has awful customer service. I have been trying to return the product for a refund but the reps do not answer my phone calls and emails. I have been put on terminal hold. I have an assumption that this company does not have any customer service at all. Avoid buying anything from this company."

"SuperBoost Wifi The signal I received does not meet my expectations and manufacturer's promises. I am not satisfied with the product at all. It is wiser to opt for some other product of the kind. I would not recommend this device to anyone. Do not waste your money."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about SuperBoost Wifi, this product does not appear to be worth trying, since it comes with many disadvantages. A lot of real customers are not satisfied with how it works. Many of them were so disappointed that decided to return the product. But to do this, one needs to contact the company's customer service first. The problems is that the reps do not reply to phone calls and emails. According to the official website, their Exchange Only Policy lasts for thirty days from the date of your purchase. Unfortunately, few people managed to exchange their products. The company's policy is too tricky and dishonest. The product's site reveals little information about the specs of the product itself, despite its high price point. Many people report that so much better connection boosters are available at the same price. This is another reason why SuperBoost Wifi cannot be recommended to usage.

Where To Buy SuperBoost Wifi In Stores?

At the time of writing this review, the SuperBoost Wi-Fi Booster costs $52.95 plus shipping rates that depending on where you live. The manufacturer of the product is based in London, so your shipping may cost you a lot of money if you live in the USA. According to the fine print on the official website, the company has a 30-day return policy. However, you cannot make any returns. Instead, you can only exchange your booster into another one. The company's email is Remember that a booster for an exchange needs to be in perfect condition and come with the original packaging.