Swell Investing Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Swell Investing Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Swell Investing

Swell Investing is a robo advisor platform that was created to help customers to invest their funds in socially responsible stocks, including investments in clean water, alternative energy, and healthy living. The minimum investment required by the company is only $50, which makes it attractive and accessible to younger and new investors. However, Swell's management fee is a bit steep. Some investors also complain that the service lacks some features of other robo-advisors, for instance, tax-loss harvesting. This service is best for intermediate investors, SRI investors, beginning investors, IRA investors, theme investors, and desktop users. If you want to do good for your own investment portfolio and for the world Swell Investing can help. This robo advisor creates themed portfolios of individual stocks, while focusing on companies engaged in socially responsible industries such as renewable energy, clean water and healthy living.

Los Angeles-based Swell Investing was founded in 2015 but it launched in September 2016. It intends to democratize the Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing (SRI) investment sector. The latter has been limited to dedicated exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and large investors. The platform gives an opportunity to take part in SRI with just $50. Swell is backed by Pacific Life, its parent company which provided the initial investment in all of Swell's portfolios. All portfolios represent diverse aspects of SRI, offering the investor a chance to take part in socially responsible investing, as well as to isolate certain areas of interest. It allows choosing the portfolios the users want to invest in and the preferred allocation for each of them. Let us take a look at the actual investors' testimonials about Swell Investing online.

Customer Reviews - Does Swell Investing Really Work?

The company has existed for two years only, so it does not have much customer feedback but the available reviews seem to be quite positive. The majority of users are satisfied with the commissions and fees, as well as with ease of use of the platform, its tools and resources, available investment options, asset allocation and the company's customer service. Swell functions as your investment advisor, since it deals with your money held in a brokerage account in your name at Folio Investments, Inc. Portfolio managers deal with Swell's portfolios. The platform applies an investment approach that is based on certain rules. It is highly appreciated by the socially conscious investors. You don't need to actively manage your funds because Swell's investment management professionals can do it for you. Choosing a portfolio and funding your account is not difficult. The rest will be done by Swell, while you are sitting back. Of course, you can check your portfolio any time, as well as request changes, but the greater part of the work is done by the company. Their target the audience who are interested in making the world different. The company allows to start investing to anyone who makes a low minimum investment. Even a few dollars can work to change the world.

Another advantage of the Swell Investing Robo Advisor is its flexibility. There is some lack of diversification in the investment portfolios, but the company can quickly address that with the help of Swell Impact 400, a list of more than 400 companies aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). These companies are the leaders in gender and ethnic diversity and all have a high environmental and social impact. Swell Impact 400 represents all stock market sectors to provide you with a more diversified investing experience. The service gives you an opportunity to choose from their areas of interest including the allocation for your portfolios. You can make changes in certain holdings anytime you wish. We also like the fact that Swell Investing allows people to invest in foreign stocks or individual stocks, not the traditional Exchange-Trade Funds (ETFs.) most customers of the platform are amazed with their own involvement in their investment activities. If you give Swell Investing a try, you will become a direct shareholder in all companies in your portfolio. It means that you are eligible to vote on shareholder resolutions or visit corporate meetings. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials about Swell Investing on third-party websites.

"With Swell Investing I only needed $50 in the beginning. I highly appreciate the fact that Swell requires low minimum investment. Even though $50 investment will not make you rich, it will help you to get started and motivate you for more. For example, I can invest in different companies. Swell's portfolios include stocks from different companies in the world. These companies make a difference, but that can also provide you with a good return. By the way, the fee is all-inclusive, which means that I did not pay expense ratios or commissions. This can help offset somewhat higher fees charged by Swell Investing."

"Due to Swell Investing I can invest into Swell's chosen stocks. I feel good that these companies positively influence our economy. I only invest in stocks. I am a shareholder and I have voting rights. Swell doesn't offer mutual funds or ETFs. I have opened an individual. At present, I have a goal to save for a home. Swell Investing is of great help. They offer IRAs and individual taxable accounts. Swell analyzes companies before adding the stocks to their portfolios. They determine whether a stock is worth investing in. They check the company's financial health and its impact on the world."

"What I like about Swell Investing the most is ease of use. The money I invest through this platform is held in a brokerage account. So I am sure that my assets are well-protected. Swell is a great investment advisor. Funding of my account is done through Plaid, through micro-deposits, or a third-party direct bank link. Portfolios are rebalanced quarterly, which is less often than with a standard robo-advisor."

My Final Summary

Swell Investing is suitable for investors with less investable funds, hands-off investors, socially responsible and environment-conscious investors. It is a perfect robo-advisor that objectively picks stock. It does not only multiply your money but also contributes to socially responsible ventures in a way. Since this platform invests in individual stocks, no expense ratio is involved. There is all-inclusive fee, there are no expense ratio fees or trading commissions. Minimum account requirement is very low - only $50; however, it is enough for new and small investors.

Swell is a unique corner in the robo advisor field, since it offers socially responsible investing only. It does have competition from Wealthsimple's socially responsible portfolio, but Swell has the advantage of giving the investor a chance to see what companies make up each portfolio, of investing in individual stocks, and of the individual allocation in stocks. This is different from the ETF investing done by other platform that usually invest in entire markets. Swell's portfolios are completely transparent. Besides, an investor has little ability to make changes within each portfolio, which is an advantage of individual stock investment. Probably, the only drawback for investors with Swell Investing is the absence of tax-loss harvesting. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of this investing platform, I do recommend Swell Investing.

Where To Buy Swell Investing In Stores?

Minimum investment with the company is $50 but there are no trading fees. The only annual fee is 0.75% per year of your investment funds. Accounts include Taxable, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA and SEP IRA. The website has a support webpage. The top right corner has a text box for you to enter search terms, as well as a search button. There is also a primer for investing called "Impact Investing 101" in the question and answer format. In addition to the answers to all questions, the company provides links to the articles on that question. Email of the support service is Support@swellinvesting.com. There is also a phone number.