Tac Glasses Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Tac Glasses Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Tac Glasses

The topic of sunglasses is urgent not only in the middle of the summer but also in winter when the sun still shines and sometimes creates the glare. If you are in need for sunglasses this article is for you but today we will discuss not just regular sunglasses. Tac Glasses are special sunglasses manufactured by the company called Bell Howell. They have been designed with the use of military technology and are supposed to enhance colors, reduce glare, and give better vision clarity in general. The makers of these glasses claim that the product uses a new light filtering technology that helps to drastically reduce glare and enhance colors of what you are seeing. They say that Tac Glasses are suitable for any type of environment, as they are supposed to give you better clarity.

You are recommended to take these with you everywhere you go. They are said to be reasonably priced. The official website offers an opportunity to pick up a second pair to be used in your car. You can check the status of your order by visiting www.customerstatus.com. Allow 24-48 hours from placing your order until it is updated in the systems of the company. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the customer service by calling at 1-866-322-7714 between the hours of 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST. The company is not very reputable but also offers some other products; however, their official website is very low-informative. It carries a purely commercial character with the window where you can order the product. Let us take a look at what actual buyers think about Tac Glasses.

Customer Reviews - Do Tac Glasses Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product on third-party websites. There are mixed testimonials with both positive and negative impressions from the glasses. One customer writes that Tac Glassses are not like he expected or advertised. Customer service representatives are terribly rude. He says that he threw the glasses in the trash in hope that a homeless person can find it and exchange it to some food. The man is very disappointed with these glasses and does not recommend them to anyone. Another buyer reports that the glasses really have the worst quality. He calls the company's reps liars. It would be better to donate this money to a charity organization. The guy tried to return the product but al he received was headache. He asks potential buyers to save their money and not to buy it. By the way, it is not listed anywhere on the official website whether the glasses are able to block eye damaging UV rays or not. Bell Howell is an old company in the USA and it is a real shame that they don't provide this vital information on the site. This makes Tac Glasses not worth buying. It is also not mentioned whether their glasses can be used by people who already wear glasses. Can Tac Glasses fit on glasses? That's unknown.

Another disappointed buyer claims that these glasses do not enhance anything, images, color, etc. They just darken what you see around like any cheap sunglasses. This is a complete rip-off. The product's commercials probably use CGI technology to create the images as seen through these lenses. They are liars! Many other customers are sure that Tac Glasses are a scam. One guy bought two pairs of these glasses and each of them broke on the first day of usage. They do not improve the image. It is obviously another rip off item offered by a global shop. The glasses have a poor quality and do not provide protection against the sun. They also have sharp edges and are uncomfortable to wear. False advertisement is a separate topic for discussion. One user writes that end of the ear piece scratches the lens even though he was careful to carry the glasses in the bag. When the ear pieces are folded inside the bag, the end scratched the lens and worsened the user's vision. He feels very disappointed. One woman reports that when her glasses broke she called the customer service and talked to the company's rep named Nancy. She said to send the product back together with a copy of the receipt. Send the glasses back cost the woman $7.00 but she has never seen the replacement. So, the guarantee does not work well.

Another male customer purchased two sets of Tac Glasses and when he received them he realized they made everything too dark. The man had to lift his glasses to see the instruments in his car. As he drove he could not see what the speed of the car was. They are too dark and can be dangerous for drivers. The man did not find them comfortable to wear. The lenses' shape looks trendy but is not comfortable. The guy asks everyone not to waste their money. According to his words, these are the worst sun glasses he has ever had. Unfortunately, many Americans still believe the false advertisement. The frames on these glasses also leave much to be desired. One young lady bought two pairs. She wore one pair five times, but the frame near the bridge broke as she took them off. The other glasses broke as she was taking them off. But the woman confesses that the vision quality was crap. The glasses were useless. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials.

"I ordered two pairs of TacGlasses with the extra night vision lenses over a month ago. My credit card was charged a total of $88.13. I have yet to receive them but these products, but these do not arrive. I have tried to reach the company's customer service by phone at least eight times during their working hours. When I checked my order status I found no shipping confirmation. This website seems to be a ripoff scam to get your credit card information."

"Don't buy Tac glasses from Global Shop. They are false. I regretted having bought them. They are too dark so I can see nothing. The advertisements claim that they enhance vision but in reality they do the opposite. They are made from cheap plastic that may cause cancer, reproductive harm and birth defects. You can find a warning on the product's box. That's terrible to use plastic that causes cancer in glasses that are designed to prevent eye damage! Shame on the company!"

"I was eager to purchase Tac Glasses as I believed the advertisement. But this product turned out to be a joke! They are uncomfortable, cheap, and a total scam. I feel very disappointed and I do not recommend these glasses to anyone."

My Final Summary

This is not the first type of glasses on the market making such loud claims. Similar types cost a lot more money actually for nothing. Our major concern is that the Tac Glasses don't live up to the claims being made about them on the official website. Just a few customers are happy with these glasses but they seem to have been paid for their positive reviews. Most of the customers are not that impressed at all. They are complaining that the glasses are too dark, too bulky, and uncomfortable and are made of cheap plastic that can cause cancer and other side effects. With what we have learnt about the product, the Tac Glasses are worth buying. They certainly don't seem to be beneficial for one's vision. If you want to buy a good pair of sunglasses you may want to check out the Night View Glasses. With all this in mind, Tac Glasses cannot be recommended to usage.

Where To Buy Tac Glasses In Stores?

The cost of the product is based on where you are going to buy the Tac Glasses. If you buy them from the promo website you can get them for $19.99. If you are shopping on Amazon then you can purchase them for $34.44, which is much more expensive.