TacLight Lantern Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

TacLight Lantern

The TacLight Lantern is manufactured by Bell and Howell, a popular company in the country that is known for offering some other products of the kind. It promises that the lantern will deliver twice as much brightness as a traditional lantern. It is so bright that it can be seen up to two nautical miles away. We are also told that the product is "military tough" and is built to withstand the elements, including water submersion, heat resistance, and freezing temperatures. According to the commercial, it can even survive gunfire. The housing of the Lantern can slide, which allows it to get smaller than a smartphone, while having total weight of less than a pound. This sliding function is also responsible for adjusting the brightness. When buying the product, you should know that genuine Bell + Howell COB LEDs are brighter, smaller, and more energy efficient than regular LEDs. They are perfect for hunting and camping, power outages, working on the car, and other purposes. TacLight Lantern sounds like something that could be useful in many different life situations. But before purchasing it, you should learn as much as you can. Fortunately, we have gathered the most important information for you. At first we will take a look at must-have features for tactical lanterns and then we will discuss what real users are saying about their experience of using the product.

Customer Reviews - Does TacLight Lantern Really Work?

During our research we have investigated a few popular ASOTV tactical flashlights, including TacLight Lantern. It has multiple modes, sturdy aluminum housing, and adjustable beams. It is considered to be tactical, since it is used to quickly sweep an area and/or stun an attacker. The brightness of any flashlight is measured in lumens. To be classified as tactical, a unit needs to put out 60 lumens, without any dark spots or holes. Unfortunately, we are not told how many lumens TacLight Lantern by Bell and Howell puts out. We are told about its exterior construction and multiple modes. The manufacturer says that the brightness can be adjusted, which is another positive feature.

TacLight Lantern is associated with a great number of customer reviews on third-party websites. As soon as the product was released, it received a lot of customer feedback online. While some users are pleased with their purchase, others aren't. The consumer reviews for the unit have given it an average rating of four starts. It means that TacLight Lantern has more positive feedback than negative one. The most common compliments claimed that the product works well (as advertised), provides bright light and has multiple modes. We have taken a look at other Bell and Howell products, including Solar Charger, microBrite, and Ultra Bulb. Together these items received an average rating of about three stars. Even though TacLight Lantern is a new product on the market is has got quite many customer reviews on different websites. The company is highly praised for providing good customer service. Many of these reviews were written by people who have had positive experience with the product. Some of the complaints included poor work of the unit.

Everyone has their opinion about the TacLight Lantern and there are both positive and negative opinions out there. What really matters is what satisfies personally you. One guy says that he purchased the flashlight a few months ago, and he liked it a lot because it is a handy unit that can be used any moment around the house. It helps the man to reduce his electric bill because he uses the lantern at night when he is going to bed. The device can be used not only in bedroom but also in other areas of the house. His bill was at average $140.00 per month, and now it has decreased to only $87.00 per month. Several weeks ago they had storms roll through the area and they lost power, but the TacLight gave them the light they needed until the power was restored. However, the man has one suggestion he would have for the flashlight is installing a permanent rechargeable battery like that used in cell phones. It would be very convenient to be able just to plug it in for recharging. This feature would significantly improve the device and attract more willing customers. It is high time to take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"I am skeptical with the negative reviews abought the product and I am glad that I proceeded anyway. TacLight Lantern is a perfect little product. I ordered two of these units for Christmas gifts. Fortunately, they managed to arrive before the holiday. I must confess that the light from these lanterns is very bright, in fact it is much brighter than expected. I wish I had bought a few more because they appear to be worth the money. I would certainly recommend buying these lanterns."

"I guess I got lucky with TacLight Lantern! I ordered four of these flashlights on December 10th as Christmas gifts. They needed to be sent to two different locations. One of them was mine. They sent me a confirmation of my order, tracking information and email updates. I received confirmation that the products were delivered on December 29th. I came home, placed batteries inside and they worked great. I love my bright and compact unit."

"I ordered six TacLight Lanterns. At first, the lanterns were out of stock, so I had to wait for some time. I was able to track my order, and my credit card was not charged until my order was shipped. I am satisfied with the communication with the company. I received the order in a good condition and nice packaging. The lanterns worked as the ad claimed, and I am pleased with all of them. The only disappointment was that these Christmas gifts to arrive one day after Christmas because of the delay. I would definitely recommend these lights to my friends. I am considering on getting another order."

My Final Summary

There are numerous various factors for you to consider when choosing a proper lantern. First of all, you will have to decide whether you are looking for something compact and small, or rugged and bulky. Is weight an important factor for you? Which run time do you need? What kind of battery would you like to have in your flashlight? Which exactly light output are you looking to achieve? Do you need illumination or warm light? In fact, there are many other questions you may need to answer before making a final decision. Even though we have not tested TacLight Lantern on our own, based on the majority of real customers' reviews, this product appears to be worth your attention. This flashlight promises to provide you with bright light, high quality, proper functioning and durability. This tactical flashlight will most probably meet your needs. You will enjoy a 30-day refund policy and get free shipping. If or any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can get your money back without any problems. So, if you are looking for a worthy lantern you can give it a shot. Taking into account everything we have learnt about TacLight Lantern I do recommend this product to buying.

TacLight Lantern Pricing and Rates

The unit can be bought from the official website of the company. One TacLight Lantern costs $19.99 plus free shipping. You will have an opportunity to buy a second unit at checkout for an additional $6.95 fee. All of the orders on the official site are automatically upgraded to the deluxe option for free. This product has a magnetic base for hands-free use. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy, as well as a lifetime guarantee. To request one, you can contact the customer service by calling at 855-721-3332. You can also find this lantern on some retail stores; however, it is always better to purchase from the manufacturer. In this case you will be sure to receive a high quality product and you will be able to request a refund in case if you are not pleased with your purchase.