Tactical Lighter Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Tactical Lighter Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Tactical Lighter

The Tactical Lighter from Bell & Howell is a USB-powered, flameless lighter that is both wind and weatherproof due to its construction. In the official commercial, we are said that the product has high quality and even shown that it is being run over by a tank, which leaves it unscathed. The product's unique benefits are linked to the special lighter fluid, the arc plasma design, and flame approach for an electrical charge. To understand how this device works we will need to take a look at how it generates an electric current. Then we will study not only the benefits of the product, but also potential drawbacks. Actually, instead of lighter fluid, this device uses an internal, USB-powered battery. The battery lasts about 100 lights per cycle and can be recharged between uses, as claimed on the official website. It also promises to provide an electrical charge to power the arc of plasma that is generated between the points on device's tip. To make any item catch fire you will need to place it between these two points. You can light candle wicks, cigarettes, and anything you can fit.

One of the major claims made by the Tactical Lighter manufacturer is that the device can work in windy, wet conditions. These are the conditions where conventional lighters would fail immediately. This is possible due to the fact that the electrical arc cannot be "blown out". According to the product's commercial, the lighter was abused in some other ways. For example, it was boiled in a pot of water and frozen in a block of ice. We haven't tested this sturdy device ourselves but we have analyzed a lot of real users' reviews available online. Does the Tactical Lighter live up to its military-grade branding? Let's find out an answer to this question by taking a look at the customers' testimonials left online. But at first it is necessary to say that the manufacturer of the product is the company called Bell & Howell. However, there is no information about this company even on the official website. The only way to contact the manufacturer is by calling at 1-877-884-8026 between the hours of 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST.

Customer Reviews - Does Tactical Lighter Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Tactical Lighter on third-party websites. The average rating is four stars, which means that there are some complaints too. Many users say not to fall for this device. This unit comes in a very cheap cardboard box that says that the product was made in China. The device itself is made of metal and plastic. It is doubtful that it will last too long and does not seem to be a legit item. Many users simply have to return the item due to its low quality. Avoid buying it as a gift because the person you will give it too won't be happy with such a gift. Not all customers who have returned their purchases managed to get their money back. Some users complain that the official product's advertisement is false and the TV video is fake. In reality, it can be easily smashed with a hammer because it is manufactured from cheap plastic. They show it boiling in the water but immediately pull it out. If they kept it under water for one min or so, it would be undoubtedly destroyed. False video advertising is nothing more than just a tactical way of selling the product for high price. One customer reports that he didn't have it for even a month but the flame stopped going across. So, the man wasn't able to use it as directed.

One customer tells a very long story about is experience of buying and using Tactical Lighter. The man says that he saw this product for $5.99 in the "as seen on TV" section at CVS. According to his words, it is the same lighter, but it does not require AA battery. It has a built-in battery. This customer claims that this is worth no more than $5.99 since it is cheaply made. It is funny to see advertisements describing how durable and tough this thing is. It is so cheaply made that it seems to die after a short drop off the coffee table on to the floor. It may even break when simply lighting a cigarette. The unit charges in about an hour. It features three led lights. If you see three lights it means that the unit is fully charged, but when it hits one light it means that you have to charge it. This is not a lighter to take with you in a backpack or a glove box. The battery will die really soon whether you use it or not. It is able to light about 15 cigarettes when fully charged. If you were to keep the lighter lit for more than a second, it will drain very fast. If you keep it lit, the battery will die in just ten seconds. It does light a cigarette easily, even though it will not be suitable for anything else except for a candle. I can suppose that lighting a candle wick will drain the battery in one or two shots.

According to the manufacturer you can use Tactical Lighter for lighting in the rain and wind, but that's not quite true. If you light the cigarette longer than half a second, the batter will be dead. This is what usually happens in rainy or windy conditions. For this reason, you will need to learn how to light a cigarette really quickly. If you don't manage to do this, it will kill the battery. Avoid wetness, since it can kill the battery permanently. A slight breeze of wind affects the electric current and does not allow the connection to be made from side to side. So sitting out in the wind, drinking coffee you may struggle to light a cigarette with this device. So, if you see the device for more than $5.99, do not even buy it. That's too expensive for a product that will break pretty easily. Let's take a look at other customers' reviews left online.

"I was very disappointed with my TacticalLighter! It came not in the packaging, as shown on the advertisement. It came in a plain white box with a label saying that it was made in China. The device is completely plastic not metal, like claimed on the commercial. Besides, it has no black velvet pouch as in the description! I bought it as a gift for my husband and was ashamed. The product's commercial is very misleading! Read all reviews before ordering this lighter! I wish I had! I am sending it back!"

"Tactical lighter is just a piece of crap that never worked. I plugged it in to charge it for two hours. Then I decided to use it, but it never worked. The device is cheaply made. It would cost me more to go ship it back, so I decided to leave it. But still I wasted my money on painkillers for my headache from disappointment. Waste of $20! I would not recommend this product to anyone."

"I can't get Tactical Lighter even though I ordered one as a present for my friend three weeks ago. I called the customer service today to check order status and learnt that they have not shipped it yet. I was shocked to tell you the truth. They did not indicate any possible shipping date. They asked me if I wanted to go ahead and I refused. I think that was a right decision."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learned about the Tactical Lighter, this device does not appear to live up to its claims. Although we haven't tested it ourselves, it is an unworthy purchase, based on the negative customer feedback. This device does not work as advertised. It is made from cheap materials, thus it cannot be durable. Though the product has some potential strengths, it will not be suitable for lighting larger objects like cigars, pipes, larger pieces of wood, etc. Besides, it has a high price. I don't think that this product will meet your individual needs, thus I cannot recommend it to buying.

Where To Buy Tactical Lighter In Stores?

Tactical Lighter is available on the product's website. The device costs $19.99. There is an optional bonus offer that includes an XL version of the product (suitable for tall candles). It will cost you additional $6.95. Shipping and handling are free. The company offers the return policy. All orders are covered by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. To get a return, you will need to contact the customer service by calling at 1-877-884-8026.