Tangle Pets Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Tangle Pets Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Tangle Pets

Tangle Pets are unusual hairbrushes attached to stuffed animal toys, which can be fun for children of all ages. These hairbrushes are claimed to work well with all hair types and have been initially designed with long hair in mind. Kids with short hair can use them effectively, too. The bristles of these brushes are somewhat longer than average; nevertheless, they are claimed to flow smoothly through any head of hair, wet or dry, tangled or straight. Many modern hairbrushes have short bristles that may get caught in hair, especially if it is tangled or wet, but brushes with long bristles work using wet/dry technology. It promises to help the brush glide gently through hair in any state - dry, a bit damp or soaking wet. Tangle Pets feature an easy-grip design helps the user to hold onto the brush so it removes tangles without sliding out of their hand.

The company behind the product offers seven different characters, so that you can choose any Tangle Pets brush you like. These characters include a dolphin, cat, ladybug, puppy, shark, bunny, and unicorn. These characters come with names already, but you can change it together with your child if you wish. You may want to choose a different character from your friends or siblings so you will be able to own the whole collection of toys. The company claims to high-quality plush for creating their toys, so that the stuffed character feels soft and pleasant against your child's hands. It is always pleasant to use a soft brush. These brushes are small in size, which makes them portable. You can take one with you wherever you go, even if you are taking a small handbag only. Such a hairbrush may serve as a great reminder of home if you are staying far away at a hotel or at your relative's house. Tangle Pets are machine washable, so you will be able to run your brush safely through the washing machine with no fear to damage it.

Customer Reviews - Does Tangle Pets Really Work?

There are not so many customer reviews about this kind of product. Tangle Pets may seem fun to use, especially in a group of family members or friends. After brushing hair together, children may start playing with animal characters. If the group has all seven characters, your game will be even more fun. Even though the manufacturer promises that their brushes cannot damage hair and will pass through any type of hair, there are still negative experiences. Some users report that these brushes failed to brush their children's hair well. Some of them have even damaged it. Another negative point about Tangle Pets is that these limit styling effects. It means that one of these brushes has only a small number of flat bristles, so there are few styling effects. For instance, you may need a round brush. This is very important for girls who like wearing. Tangle Pets do not usually appeal to teens, but these hairbrushes will appeal to all girls of elementary school age. Few boys will appreciate them, though. Of course, a teen may feel that they are too old to use a brush with a stuffed animal, even if the brush functions pretty well.

After you have got one of Tangle Pets brushes, you will hope you're your child will spend a lot more time brushing their hair. In reality this happens seldom. Like with any new toy, it is interesting only within the first several days. An advantage of these brushes is that they work well on wet hair, so you won't need to dry your child's hair before brushing it. Tangle Pets are claimed to be easy to use but it is not always the case with long-haired girls whose hair has got extremely tangled. You might need to comb through long hair several times. These brushes have a small handle, which allows a child to grip it. Many hairbrushes available on the market are intended for different types of hair, like curly, thin, straight, or thick hair. The Tangle Pets brush is said to work well on all types of hair. But based on some customer reviews, this brush can be difficult to use on curly hair. Are hairbrushes of this brand really worth buying? Are they fun and comfortable to use? What problems can you face when ordering the product online? Let's answer these questions by taking a look at the actual customers' testimonials left online.

"I let my five-year old daughter choose one of TanglePets. She was very excited about getting her brush. She was waiting for and talked about the brush every morning. After a few weeks I tracked the order and found out that it never shipped because these toys were out of stock. I was promised that it will arrive within two weeks. After two weeks I checked the status and saw an apology message saying that they cancelled my order. How can I explain that to a five-year old? She was very sad. I cannot recommend the product only because of such terrible customer service."

"I ordered one of Tangle Pets for a four-year old girl but I never received my purchase. I tried to contact the customer service of the company several times but in vain. I finally succeeded to reach the customer service and talked to a very polite lady who told me that my order would be was shipped at the end of March or beginning of April. It's the beginning of June now. I am still waiting for my order to arrive."

"I bought one of the Tangle pets for my daughter. I can say that the product is not worth the money it costs. While the brush is simple to use, it is made from cheap materials. The shipping time was too long (two months.) If you have already made an order I would advise you to cancel your order. Do not buy this product ever."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Tangle Pets, these hairbrushes don't seem to be worth your attention. They are associated with a great number of complaints. First of all, they are not easy to get, but not due to high popularity of this product. The official website of the manufacturer often reports that they are out of stock. Many people have reported that they managed to order the brushes but they never received them, despite the fact that their credit cards have been charged. When they tried to contact the customer service, they either failed to reach any of the reps or received an apology. Few customers received their money back. You cannot find Tangle Pets from online retailers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will have to pay return postage. These hairbrushes are much more expensive that the regular ones. I would advise you saving your money and buy another hairbrush from a reputable manufacturer. It is not mentioned if Tangle Pets can be used with a hair dryer. Almost every hairbrush available on the modern market works well with a hair dryer. With all pros and cons in mind this product does not seem to be a worthwhile investment. My advice is not to buy Tangle Pets online. I am sure you will find something better and cheaper.

Where To Buy Tangle Pets In Stores?

The cost of one hairbrush from this brand is $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping, so the total price will be $19.98. This price was taken from As Seen on TV Commercial page: tanglepets.com. You may expect to pay $9.99 for any type of Tangle Pets offered.