Teeter Hang Up Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Teeter Hang Up Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Teeter Hang Up

Teeter Hang Ups are inversion tables that were presented to the public in 1981. they work with the use of inversion therapy to treat back pain in a natural and effective way. This is an affordable and easy-to-use method that intends to improve joint and spine health. It requires just several minutes a day to relieve ease stress, your back pain, improve joint health, and boost the flexibility of your joints. This is probably the reason why this unit is claimed by more than two million customers to be the number one rated inversion table. This table is currently very popular but does this mean that Teeter Hang Up can really help you to reduce your back pain. Is it really worth the money it costs? We are going to explore these and more questions in this review. First of all, let's find out how this table works.

Well, as it was already mentioned, Teeter Hang Up uses the so called inversion therapy. This is a progressive form of traction that is used to decompress all joints of your spine with the same weight that compresses them while you are in the upright position. So, its principle of work is absolutely natural. These tables are claimed to provide four major benefits, namely relaxing tense muscles, reducing nerve pressure, rehydrating discs and realigning the spine. In this way, Teeter Hang Up promises to release tension in your neck, shoulders, and back; strengthen, decompress and enhance shock absorption; as well as to promote functional fitness for a healthy lifestyle. This device is especially useful for active people. In addition, it is even claimed to target core muscles without compressing the spine or adding any extra weight.

Customer Reviews - Does Teeter Hang Up Really Work?

Teeter Hang Up has a number of positive features. To accomplish all of its functions, the table features a ComforTrak Bed that provides a wide range of motion. Due to its "track" design you can customize the placement of the Lumbar Bridge and Accupressure Nodes depending on your individual needs. Another important feature is a smooth bed surface to decrease the friction and allow the user to slide easily and to enjoy maximal stretch. Grip and stretch handles allow easy movement. Precision balancing gives you an opportunity to totally control your degree of rotation. An ankle comfort dial has specialty foam able to reduce pressure and ensure a secure fit. In addition, when compared to other devices of the kind, Teeter Hang Up is made with special squeak-free roller bearings, auto-locking hinges, and heat-treated steel for better reliability. It is actually the only UL listed inversion table available on the modern market. When you are finished, you can fold your Teeter Hang Up in just a few seconds for compact storage.

What are real consumers saying about the Teeter Hang Up? In general, the product seems to have a highly positive online reputation. Most users claim that the unit helped them to reduce back pain and to improve their way of life. Some of the most common complaints included failure to relieve ankle discomfort, back pain, and that it took too much time to get used to the table. Most users reported that the device was easy to assemble, since the instructions were clear enough. The unit takes up not so much floor space (60" X 30"). It is study and heavy to hold an individual. The majority of consumers say they experienced good customer service, as the reps of the company managed to answer all of their questions and to resolve issues.

One woman reports that Teeter Hang Up was the best purchase she has ever made. She is 52 years old, a nurse and very often she is on her feet for 16 hours a day. every day she comes home she uses her Teeter and immediately feels relief in her ankles. It is the best feeling to have after a hard working day. She feels happy knowing she can get relief from back pain in the end of her day. Working in the medical profession has really negative impact on one's back. The woman reports that previously she had tried many different methods for her back pain including heat, ice, and back massagers. She had even visited a physical therapist two times. Now, she invert for five minutes twice a day and feels amazing! That is all she actually needs. The customer ordered her Teeter Hang Up online for only $99 for three months and $14 shipping. At first she ordered it for a one-month trial and then she decided to buy it. According to her words, if you have back pain, this device is something you need to order as soon as possible. There is nothing worse in the human body than pain and having back pain can be really exhausting. Don't be cranky any more; you can come home and invert to get more energy and make your life amazing again. The procedure won't take much time. Here are some more testimonials from the users of the Teeter Hang Up.

"Teeter Hang Up has brought me wonderful results. I bought this device a few months ago, and it has worked real miracles on my back that had been filled with a lot of chronic pain for many years. I am on my feet for seven hours a day five days a week as I work at a dog daycare. When I come home, I feel exhausted and my back is aching. I purchased this teeter to check whether it would relieve my pain and it hasn't disappointed me. I can sleep at night again! I like it so much that I recommend it to all of my friends suffering from back pain. My wife uses this unit too for her back pain, and she is also happy with the results."

"Teeter Hang Up works! I bought it four years ago for the treatment of my occasional back pain. I use the table every time I feel pain. Usually I have higher back pain but recently I had lower back pain and I used the Teeter at a 60-degree angle for two days, no relief. Then I decided to adjust it to an 80-degree angle, and I did some slow twists while upside down. I felt so much relief! I am glad that I purchased the Teeter Hang Up. I recommend this product!"

"Teeter Hang Up is an awesome device, true to its advertising. I bought this machine a month ago, and I have to confess a product I saw on TV actually works. This happens seldom with products that are being advertised on TV. This inversion table relieves back pain pretty well but only the pain linked to nerve damage. It may not be helpful if you have another sort of problem. Personally I am happy with my purchase, and I use this unit daily twice a day."

My Final Summary

If you have had back pain for a long period of time, you are probably looking forward to pay whatever it takes to get rid of it forever. But can Teeter Hang Up accomplish this? It is known for using the so called inversion therapy that seems to reduce back pain by stretching your spine and relieving gravitational pressure. And while hundreds of the customers have reported that the device reduced their back problems, some studies have shown that spinal traction technique may be ineffective for certain spine conditions. Some people may need to consult a doctor and have a more comprehensive treatment program for their pain. When it comes to spinal disk compression, Teeter Hang Up proves to be effective, especially when used in combination with other treatments. In this way, inversion therapy is not suitable for everyone. While traction can really reduce back discomfort, it can be unsafe for some users. The matter is that when you remain inverted for several minutes, your blood pressure increases and your heartbeat slows. As a result, the pressure in your eyeballs increases dramatically. So, inversion therapy may be harmful for those who have heart disease, high blood pressure, or glaucoma. You are advised to read through the Contraindications page for more details on the Teeter Hang Ups. It should be remembered that the product has a 300lb weight limit and is meant for individuals up to 6'6". While Teeter Hang Up is not for everyone, the majority of users appear to be satisfied with the product. It might represent an effective option for relieving back discomfort and pain. If you are not sure about buying the device, you can take advantage of the trial offer. Even after purchasing the product you can benefit from the 30-day return policy offered by the company. So, if you suffer from back pain, start doing something today and order Teeter Hang Up. This machine might help you.

Teeter Hang Up Pricing and Rates

The company offers a wide variety of models of Teeter Hang Ups but the Teeter Hang Up EP-560 is probably the most popular one. It can be ordered from the official website of the manufacturer as a 30-day trial for $14.95 (shipping), or it can be purchased for a single payment of $299.85. If you opt for a trial, once these 30 days have passed you will be billed three monthly installments of $99.95 each month ($314.80 in total). You will get the EP-560 Ltd with the Ergo-Embrace Ankle System, a ComforTrak Bed and four free bonuses: adjustable lumbar bridge for a deeper stretch and position/arch support; a set of eight acupressure nodes that can be customized to provide pressure relief; five Healthy Back and Core routines created by Dr. Shawn to strengthen and stretch; free priority processing. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy and a five-year warranty. If you want to file a warranty claim or get a refund, contact the customer service by calling at 800-847-0143.