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Teforia is a smart infuser that is able to "read" each tea package and brews it automatically based on the ratio of tea leaves to water, infusion temperature, steeping time, tea varietal, and number of infusions. This device functions due to the use of the proprietary Selective Infusion Profile System (SIPS), which "combines advanced machine-learning technology with the ancient knowledge of tea masters." It means that Teforia brews a tasty cup of tea every time for you to enjoy the real character of each blend, depth of flavor and purity. The company behind the product also stocks a collection of the freshest teas grown without pesticides and pollutants.

If you are really into tea, Teforia wills almost certainly please you. But before starting your story of using the device, let us learn as much as possible about it. It is interesting to know that the way we make tea is extremely old. In fact, tea bags were invented in 1903, but before that we had been brewing tea the same way for 5,000 years. Teforia was created with the goal of making the best cup of tea possible without compromises or anything ordinary. The creators of the appliance wanted to change how the world makes and drinks tea. At the same time, they wanted to create a simple process. Let us find out what the result was.

Customer Reviews - Does Teforia Really Work?

Teforia is one of the most popular electric tea infusers available on the modern market. It is a programmable device sold online.it uses a no-compromise and eco-friendly approach. This appliance is meant to change the perception of what is tea brewing. Compared to other options, Teforia differs in a few ways. It uses an iOS and Android apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone with the help of wireless connectivity. The company also offers Smart Packaging of pre-measured loose leaf tea. It is a highly flavorful collection of teas. The device can work with any other brand of loose leaf tea from the store; however, you may not receive the flavor provided by the packets. Buying Teforia you will get an opportunity to personalize your favourite tea recipes and program them for easy and repeatable preparation. Many users appreciate personalized recommendations based on your personal preferences. The device has a beautiful design, is easy-to-clean, and features stain-resistant borosilicate glass carafe and infusion globe produced from BPA free plastic. As a result, your tea will stay warm longer. Teforia gives a great ability to explore different kinds of teas from around the world.

How does Teforia brew a perfect cup of tea? First, it will automatically read the shape and size of your tea leaves. The brewing process starts, which will infuse your tea leaves five times compared to other infusers that shoot water just once. This unique process will demonstrate the whole "symphony of flavor." The product is associated with positive feedback among its users. The customers like Teforia's app very much due to which the infuser can "learn" what tea you prefer most of all. You will be able to save the desired settings for future, share your favourite recipes with others, and even download new recipes. To avoid insomnia at night, it is recommended to drink low-caffeine tea at a certain time of day. It is pretty clear that Teforia is not like other infusers available on the modern market. Probably, this is the reason why so many customers prefer this device over the others. To understand how much value this home appliance is able to provide, let us take a look at several user reviews found online.

"Teforia is an excellent tea maker. It is certainly more expensive than my LG washer but it is worth each cent. It has high quality and makes highly flavourful tea. I am pleased with the Android app. What differs this infuser from other brewers is the idea behind it. It does not only brew wonderful tea using their pre-packaged Sips pods but gives me an opportunity to remotely control and brew tea from my personal collection and check what tea other people prefer to drink."

"I bought the device a month ago but I am already in love with it. All I needed to do is to follow the instructions. I downloaded the app to my phone and started using teforia. This machine turned out to be very functional. I highly appreciate its fantastic concept. This appliance is made for those who are not just willing to drink tea, but who is good at different kinds of tea. I can prepare both my own tea and different tea available in the offered collection."

"Teforia came as a well-packaged unit with removable water reservoir, stain-resistant borosilicate glass infusion globe with a double wall. The box was well-packaged with a soft cloth cover. The product came with a cleaning brush, one black microfiber cloth used for drying, water filter, safety pamphlet and three quick-start cards in an envelope. There was also a magnetically sealed box of fifteen Sips pods (three black, four oolongs, one yellow, and seven tisanes) which includes a card with tea types. Thank you for the installation instructions. I found them very useful."

My Final Summary

Teforia seems to be different from other tea brewers available on the modern market. The greatest advantage of this machine is that it is able to keep the tea leaf as natural as possible. In addition, it brews wonderful recipes every time. Buying this appliance you are going to start a tea journey that will help you enjoy tea on a completely new level. This device is very durable that is why it will be your lifestyle choice. You have to take into consideration that you will invest your money into a really flavourful tea that will give you the highest sense of enjoyment.

Another advantage of the machine is that this intelligent infuser is able to "read" each tea package and start the optimal brewing process automatically. It is beautifully designed, so it will fit any kitchen interior perfectly. Remember that it is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and light. It is simply designed to live on your countertop. Small lights will illuminate when you are using the machine. Wireless connectivity will allow you to enjoy even deeper tea experience. No matter how much tea you drink, Teforia might become a great leap forward in tea technology that will enable you to feel all the richness of tea leaves. There is nothing similar on the market. That is why I do recommend Teforia to buying.

Where To Buy Teforia In Stores?

If you have made a decision to buy this device, you can do it on the official website of the company. At the moment, Teforia costs $649 but its cost may increase to $1,299. The product comes with a number of pre-measured tea packets. Compared to other programmable tea infusers, this one has a rather high price. In case if you are not satisfied with Teforia, you can get a full refund by sending them an email to help@teforia.com. In fact, the device comes with a 30-day refund policy and a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.