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Than Merrill Seminars

Than Merrill is an author who oversees CT Homes LLC and a real estate investor. He is also the founder of FortuneBuilders, a special program that is designed to teach students everything about how to make real estate investment a successful career. This guy is also a star of the HGTV series "Flip This House". His official website,, is a resource that provides detailed information on his biography and different business ventures. Than is a famous person in the real-estate investment field - his company offers seminars across the country which have much of common with other real estate investors, includingPeter Souhleris, Nick Vertucci, and Dave Seymor, Armando Montelongo and Tarek El Moussa. Attending Than Merrill Seminars you are going to learn answers to such questions as how Than got into real estate, what businesses or programs he offers how legitimate his expertise is and many others.

Than Merrill was born in Fresno, Calif., and visited college at Yale University. He was a strong safety for Yale's football team but his football career finished with a serious knee injury in 2003. After that, Than realized that he was passionate about real estate, so he transitioned to real estate after reading a book called "The E-Myth: Why Most Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It" by Michael E. Gerber. The man was inspired with the information about designing franchise - creating systems of purchasing and managing properties. Than launched his real-estate investment venture in the early 2000's with his two colleagues Konrad Sopielnikow and Paul Esajian. They called their business CT Homes LLC, a name they still use today. Than and his partners learned the pros and cons of real estate over the next few years. Eventually, he was able to create a special approach to the way of handling investment properties. Than launched FortuneBuilders, an avenue for sharing the methodologies and systems that helped him at CT Homes LLC.

Customer Reviews - Does Than Merrill Seminars Really Work?

According to Than Merrill, he and his business partner have been in the trenches for 14 years, so they chose a systematic approach to developing it. At present, their real estate business has fifteen people working at the office and more than thirty projects at a time. But let us take a look at what exactly Than Merrill's team offers. Than has edited a few real estate books as well as launched several real estate companies. Thus, he wrote one book himself and he wrote another one with Michael Gerber. The title of Than's book is "The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Started in Real Estate Investing." According to the customer reviews about the book on Amazon, it helps to learn how to make money wholesaling real estate with no need to deal with tenants. The book describes how to find a home, find a seller who wants to buy it and sell it quickly. The transaction seems to be quick and risk-free if you follow all the specialist's recommendations. At the time of publishing, the book had an average of 4.4 stars from more than 100 reviews. Than has also co-written a real estate variant of Gerber's E-Myth book that touches on what was mentioned in the previous book - creating systems that lead to a successful business in the sphere of real estate investment. That book had an average of 4.3 stars from more than fifty readers on Amazon.

Than also offers a number of businesses. His first business project was CT Homes LLC. It was created on the East Coast and quickly expanded to San Diego. His other businesses include Grand Coast Capital and FortuneBuilders. The latter is the realization of Chad's experience in the real estate business, according to the author. It came up with the software and systems that can significantly reduce the risk of rehabbing and wholesaling properties. This business proves to be highly beneficial for individuals who want to make a career out of real estate. You can attend weekend-long or two-hour seminars on real estate investment to get in-depth information, as well as sign up for FortuneBuilders' Mastery program. The latter is created with the goal to make you an expert in nine aspects of real estate investment including Marketing, Real estate appraisal/due diligence, Escrow, Construction management, Financing, Property management, Business management, Property disposition, and People management. Let us take a look at what real visitors of Than Merrill Seminars think about them.

"I attended ThanMerrill Seminars and found them to be very motivational. I am going to proceed to the three-day class as I have got a lot of interesting ideas in my head. These guys possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to make real estate investment a flourishing business. As with everything in life, you success depends on your own efforts and what you are ready to invest initially. I am going to visit The Mastery Class too!"

"I was really happy to attend Than Merrill seminars, as well as the 3-day classes with Jon Steingraber. It was perfect time in my life. I received a lot of vital information and I can even say that FortuneBuilders has changed my way of thinking. I am going to build a real estate business together with my wife with one major purpose - to change my family life and receive financial freedom. I would recommend this service to my friends."

"Than Merrill Seminars are just the most powerful classes in the sphere of real estate investment I have even attended. My mindset changed from the second day of that class. No I know what I am going to do during the rest of my life and I like it. I had lunch with a friend, and he instantly noticed that I had changed for the better. After that lunch, he even managed to get a job that he was having difficulty getting. I would recommend these classes to everyone!"

My Final Summary

Than Merrill's portfolio of charitable organizations and real estate companies is really impressive and unique. This specialist is among the best real estate investment experts in the country. FortuneBuilders, his most famous business, was featured in's top-5,000 best business in the USA three years in a row. The official website is highly informative and offers Than Merrill Seminars, real-estate seminars that provides the listeners with the information on how to create a successful real estate investment business.

Than Merrill's original business, CT Homes LLC, was quite small but today it has about 30 transactions at once. Grand Coast Capital Group is the lending group who finances the deals transacted by FortuneBuilders students. Based on our talks with Than, his business approach makes sense. However, to make a wise decision, we suggest reading customer reviews online. Most of them are very positive. With this in mind, I would recommend Than Merrill Seminars.

Than Merrill Seminars Pricing and Rates

Than Merrill Seminars are priced differently based on diverse factors. For more information, you are recommended to contact the customer service. Most people who have attended these events say that they are worth the money they cost. Many of those people linked their lives with real estate investment business.