The Flipping Formula Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE The Flipping Formula Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

The Flipping Formula

The Flipping Formula is a real estate system that intends to educate its students on the issues of the subject, improve their financial position as well as to simplify and demystify the real estate market. It was indorsed by Dave Seymour and Peter Souhleris, stars of the A&E TV show "Flipping Boston." In addition, this educating system also promises to help improve your success using the program's formulas, strategies, and techniques, such as how to fix up the property, how to fund your deal with other people's money, and how to realize a big profit. Investors can realize really big profits from flipping real estate. Probably, this is the reason why the industry has boomed that much over the last fifteen years. A new investor usually feels overwhelmed by all the information they learn in order to earn money, and even a little fearful that they may be making a huge mistake. To reduce this fear the Flipping Formula offers real estate "mentoring" programs such as remove the mystery out of real estate investing.

Is The Flipping Formula worth the money, or does it just give empty promises? Let's answer this question by taking a look at the details that we found out. In general, the system includes a proven technique for locating real estate deals with the use of other people's money. You will need the funds to repair your real estate quickly, and then then exchange it for great profits. The same formula can work for different people living in different cities of the country. By signing up for the educating system, you will access their Education Center that will provide you with an opportunity to receive the complete Flipping Formula. Besides, you will be able to use the Quick Start program that will put you on the quickest path to getting wealthy in real estate market during your first month already. Besides, you will gain access to a library of webinars, insider forms, videos, deal calculators, and pre-recorded material from previous seminars. The company also offers advanced training devoted to creative funding and financing, which is meant to teach you learn practical methods and techniques how to fund your real estate investments correctly. These on-demand courses are taught by one of the top private financial experts in the country, so you will also be taught the seven steps to fast funding, how to invest in real estate at a fraction of the value, how to recognize fundable deals, when to use equity deals and short sales, and more.

Customer Reviews - Does The Flipping Formula Really Work?

The Flipping Formula is operated by Premier Mentoring Inc., a company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. The company appears to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, despite the fact that there are more than 100 closed complaints over the last several years. The most common complaints reference the difficulty getting refunds. This may occur if you haven't cancelled within three days of signing a contract. Some users complain encountering high-pressure sales tactics during classes. One customer stated that he was said to call to his credit card company and ask them to increase his available limit. Another customer complained that the company's staff promised him financing his real estate deal if he signed up for a paid seminar. These complaints occur too seldom, so their truthfulness is under question. The majority of customers have not faced any pressure or anything of the kind. On the contrary, they claim to have been met nicely by the polite staff. They found the information disclosed at seminars very useful for the creation of the successful investment business. You need to sign up for higher-cost seminars, if you want to perfect your skills and knowledge, though.

Many company's clients advise to follow the offered Flipping Formula and the results will undoubtedly happen. One guy writes in his review that he attended the seminars, listened to everything attentively, and executed the provided steps. As a result, he succeeded in his business. He confesses that they really know their stuff and recommends the service to everyone. It is certainly not a scam. Numerous customers are thankful to Mike, Lisa, Dave and Peter, co-creators of The Flipping Formula, for their rich life experience and positive attitude. Let us take a look whether there are any actual customer reviews online telling about the amazing knowledge of making money those people received.

"The Flipping Formula has become a real game changer for me because this program got me started on estate business. Starting this program is one of the wisest decisions in my life. It gave me all of the tools to start my business. It does take effort, time, patience and focus to push these tools to work, but it works perfectly for hard-working people. It was difficult for me to start but after I got the coaching package deal, it got me faster. I also benefited from the videos online. Thank you for the techniques you taught me."

"TheFlippingFormula gave me a great opportunity to become rich. I started with education that cost me money and required a lot of work. If you want to learn something valuable and you are ready to apply this knowledge in practice, then you can make this business too. Thanks Pete and Dave. To my mind, the education of this program is just priceless. If you do everything correctly, you will return your money invested into this program. Good luck and bring your friends!"

"the Flipping Formula works better than I expected. Dave and Pete are wonderful! They gave me precious information and I learned how to invest my money into real estate. I wasn't sure about the seminar at first, but then I was pleasantly surprised about what I received. The only issue left is to put all this content to use. For this reason, I am going to attend more events. I hope real estate will bring me much success."

My Final Summary

Now that you know what The Flipping Formula is and how it works, it is up to you to decide whether it is a suitable option personally for you. The construction of each seminar is unique and involves different techniques. According to the majority of customer reviews, most people have had an exceptional experience when spending time at the seminars. They claim to have learned a lot in the sphere of real estate investment. They are provided with the necessary tools and feel more prepared to start a business.

Before handing over your credit card, be ready that you will not necessarily meet Dave or Pete at the event you are going to attend. They have a lot of mentors who host their seminars in different parts of the country. Seminars don't get less valuable because of that. The initial Flipping Formula seminar is free built. After that you can buy access to the $2K seminar. Despite such high prices, these seminar-based real estate programs are claimed to be worth the money they cost. With this in mind, The Flipping Formula can be recommended for giving you precious learning time.

The Flipping Formula Pricing and Rates

The official website claims that you can sign up for a free trial for the Education Center. According to numerous customer reviews, the Flipping Formula seminars and programs range in price from $2K to $50K. In order to get Flipping Formula pricing information, you will need to contact their customer support by calling at (800) 680-0036. If you are not satisfied with the service for any reason you can request a refund.