The Light Phone Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY The Light Phone Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

The Light Phone

As soon as you walk out of your front door you start realizing that you belong to the modern smartphone-obsessed culture. The Internet is filled with funny and dangerous videos of people getting into different uncomfortable situations due to being focused on their phone's screen. According to statistics, 81 percent of U.S. adults own a smartphone, using it about 1.75 hours per day on an average. But what if you try to remove this temptation of a smartphone? Would you appreciate the real world more? How will this improve the quality of your life? Today we are going to discuss a device that is centered on the idea of giving more of your time and attention to your close ones, not gadgets. The Light Phone is a credit card-sized device designed to only make and take calls as a seamless extension of your smartphone. The device is made to be used as little as possible in those times when you don't need the internet, but still need peace of mind.

The unlocked 2G GSM Light Phone is a minimized device. Its limited functionality does not allow texting and features just ten speed dials, ringtone and vibrate modes. There is also a desktop app with Windows, Mac, and Linux support, which allows you to keep the same phone number. You will need to pay a minimal fee of $5 per month. Due to its limited features and diminutive design, it's clear that the device might allow you to leave your smartphone behind while staying calm that you won't miss important calls. The manufacturer of the device is not reputable or popular in the country, thus it cannot be trusted completely. The product has an official website that seems to be not very informative. Is this device really worth your money? What exactly are you getting? Is there any better competition on the market? We are going to answer these interesting questions about the Light Phone.

Customer Reviews - Does The Light Phone Really Work?

The Light Phone took its start via a May 2015 Kickstarter campaign, where the product raised more than $415K. Despite being on the market for almost three years, the product hasn't got many customer reviews online. We did find one hands-on review on the website called Business Insider, where the author liked some characteristics of the device such as its slim design, light weight, and credit card-sized profile. It is so light that it can be taken with you wherever you go and you will hardly feel it. According to some positive reviews, the device gives an opportunity to enjoy everything around and your existence in the moment. Some users missed being able to listen to music through a built-in app or directly. None of the customers who left their reviews on the official website had any complaints about the quality of calls. While they said that The Light Phone was not designed to replace an iPhone, they noted that it was a difficult transition for them. Another disappointment is the high price of the device. It costs $150, which is too much for such a limited gadget like this. However, it looks cool and stylish.

Another internet resource, 50 Campfires, provided a quick unboxing video about The Light Phone, where it can be seen that the company went all out on the nice outdoor-themed packaging. The readers of this site found the device quite effortless to set up; however, they noted that most carriers should be able to forward calls. Few customers had problems with test calls and they confessed that it was not as clear as a smartphone. From a company perspective, the device was founded by Kaiwei Tang and Joe Hollier in 2014. Joe is a multi-disciplinary artist from Brooklyn (director, designer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur). Kaiwei comes from a design background. Both guys helped to design The Light Phone. Is this device as functional as advertised by the manufacturer? Is it worth buying? Let's try to understand this by taking a closer look at the real users' testimonials left on different third-party websites.

"I was disappointed with the Light Phone I received. Actually, I liked the appearance of this phone and its size. However, the price does not correspond its quality. Besides, SIM card was missing, and had probably been punched out of the larger paper card that. I guess it was a returned phone, and its previous customer probably had kept the SIM card with it. I called the company's customer service and, fortunately, was allowed to return it for a refund. Still I feel frustrated"

"The LightPhone has not worked well for me. This phone will not have reception too frequently. I cannot send text messages or make a call most of the time. Messages come through several days later even when sent in Wi-Fi areas. Other phones have perfect service in the same spot but this phone does not. Even if I manage to make a call, the contact can stop any moment. The network simply does not work properly via this phone. I have replaced the sim card many times and tried other ways to improve the service, but nothing works with this phone"

"The Light Phone is the worst cell phone I have ever had in my life. It stops so many calls that I often want to smash it against the wall! It features terrible cell phone reception, even in metro areas. My calls drop immediately! They should stop selling this awful cell phone. It is completely useless. It even failed to connect to T-Mobile cell site 1-1/2 miles away. And I don't care that it has good sound quality and volume, a bright screen, and nice camera. It simply cannot be used as a cell phone. It is better to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Avant"

My Final Summary

Even if you look online for the Light Phone you will see that it is available on the company's official website only. It costs $150 but, based on all the negative customers' opinions; it is not worth this money. You are paying for its simplicity, poor connection, inability to receive and sent text messages and many other drawbacks. Many basic cell phones can be bought for just the same money and provide you with a number of useful features and perfect operation. In our opinion, there are no arguments to support the need to buy the Light Phone. Thus, it cannot be recommended to purchasing.

The Light Phone Pricing and Rates

The Light Phone is available for $150 through the official website only. It includes a micro USB cable and a SIM card (U.S. orders only). Beside the purchase price, you will need to pay $5 per month for using the company's service in the U.S. All Light Phone orders come with five months of free service. There are no refund or warranty details on the official website of the company. We sent an email to and received a response that they were currently replacing any defected Light Phones and refunding open orders.