Thompson Tee Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Thompson Tee

Thompson Tee is a well-known brand manufacturing and selling sweat proof undershirts, and it is true to say that they got into the industry due to the Shark Tank story. Today this company is the leader at the crowded sweatproof undershirt market. In this review we are going to focus on the V-Neck models - original fit and slim fit manufactured by Thompson Tee. The advantage of the online store ( is that you can receive the samples absolutely free of charge. This review contains an objective opinion about the brand and its products. Thompson Tee sells men's and women's undershirts which work in a similar way. The Thompson Tee is the original sweat proof undershirt. Based on the great amount of evidence, it is the only undershirt backed by a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology. This technology is responsible for absorption and blocking of sweat while preserving breathability of the fabric. No other shirt has this patented technology. Thompson Tees are unique due to their stitching system and proprietary layering blocking sweat from smelling. Separate front and back panels effectively trap sweat minimizing heat build-up, thus keeping you cool. The special sweat proof technology does not wash out or lose its effectiveness over time. The underarm barriers feature a center seam design for a smooth fit.

The underarm barrier is sweat proof since it uses a clinical-grade sweat proof fabric. This material 100% blocks sweat from passing through. There are many other brand shirts advertised as "sweat proof" but in reality they don't hold moisture well. As a rule, they consist of two cotton layers and are treated with chemicals that tend to wash out. But the Thompson Tee sweat proof technology works in another way that guarantees that the shirt will not lose its effectiveness even after a long period of time. Each Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield Sweat Proof Technology features a Sweat Proof Guarantee. If your underarm sweat somehow penetrates the sweat proof barrier they will return your money back. While armpit pads work by absorbing some sweat, the moisture cannot evaporate as it should. They lose their stickiness and become heavy beneath your shirt throughout the day, so you need to change them from time to time. Thompson Tee's sweat proof barrier traps sweat and releases it through evaporation. Besides, you won't have to worry about changing your sweat pads throughout the day. Thompson Tees can be machine washed and dried in medium heat. You are recommended to turn the garment inside out when washing it to ensure the material exposed to the skin is thoroughly cleaned. It can be hung to line dry as well. Avoid using bleach, non-chlorine bleach, bleach alternatives, or any bleach byproducts in the detergent not to ruin the sweat proof technology.

Customer Reviews - Does Thompson Tee Really Work?

To ensure consistency across many sweat proof undershirts, we have taken a look at the following aspects of the products: sweat proof performance (ability to prevent sweat stains), odor resistance (ability to prevent the odor buildup), fabric quality (how the fabric feels on skin, its durability), comfort, and price. According to the testimonials from customers who have worn Thompson Tee during at least one month at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the tee performs pretty well when it comes to its sweat proofing performance. They report that stain marks do not show up even when a t-shirt is worn for seven days. Speaking about odor resistance, unlike other sweatproof undershirt brands, Thompson Tee does not have this feature. The shirts may become a bit smelly but you can easily fight this problem by applying antiperspirant regularly. When it comes to fabric quality, Thompson Tee is available in two fabric variants - slim fit and original fit. The latter option is made up with 100% combed cotton and the shirt feels like a traditional undershirt. The Original Fit shirt does not hold the shape well after a few washes. The Slim Fit option uses the combination of Bamboo Cotton and Spandex which makes the shirt feel softer to touch and hugs the body more closely. This version feels and looks great on the body. It holds the shape well after several washes. Comfort is another important aspect to consider when choosing a t-shirt. As said before, the Thompson Tee t-shirts may feel a bit bulky under the arms since the fabric in that area features three layers of the sweat proof barrier. However, these undershirts are very comfortable and can be work underneath your clothes. The original fit undershirt may feel more ill-fitting but the Slim fit fits perfectly well, according to the majority of customer reviews. The Slim fit Thompson Tee is more pleasing to the eyes ind fits the body curves very well. Let us take a look at what actual people are saying about undershirts from this brand.

One female customer says she has been buying from the Thompson Tee brand many undershirts and she considers them to be super comfortable. The woman has already said goodbye to all the other T-shirts. Her new undershirts are perfect fit and move with her body synchronically. They also fight her sweat odor and do not get stains even after being worn for a few days in the raw. These undershirts support the body without restricting the movement, but at the same time they hug the body in an amazing way. The woman only wishes there were more colors to choose from. She is in love with the brand and tries to purchase a new T-shirt from time to time. Another male customer says that Thompson Tee shirts have high quality and wash well without losing their anti-sweat properties. The technology really works. He confesses he has been looking for a good option for many years and these were the first undershirts that do not develop any sweat stains! He also likes the way how his body moves wearing this shirt and how free he feels to wear it. Its fabric can perfectly keep his body dry and cool. The shirts from this brand stay dry even when he is working out. This fact has significantly boosted his confidence, because earlier he used to buy pads that interfered with his physical performance. According to the customer's words, Thompson Tee has changed his life and he will definitely buy more of these shirts. Here are some more testimonials about the brand.

"I have recently bought one Thompson Tee shirt but I am sure I will buy more. I like the way I feel while wearing this undershirt - it is made from nice fabric that is pleasant to the touch and is very comfortable. There is no better undershirt anywhere, for sure. This undershirt does not bunch up, it keeps me cool, and makes me feel fresh all day long. There are no wet spots under my arms in the end of the day and this makes me happy. I would recommend this brand to anyone who tries to fight sweat."

"Thompson Tee shirt has become my favorite undershirt ever. It features a simple design, fits perfectly and is extremely easy to wash. I bought one piece to try and after wearing it two tomes I bought two more! This shirt really works to conceal my ability to sweat intensively! I have fallen in love with these shirts and I will no longer need to wear dark clothes to hide my soaking wet arm pits. If you have problems with sweating like I do, try this shirt. You will like it. I cannot live without mine."

"Thompson Tee shirt is just amazing. I wear it to work all day long during which I need to walk a lot, to bend down and stretch up high. After all these movements my shirt stays put on my body and does not change its shape. I like how it feels on me too. I am a sweaty man but this shirt gives me a cool feel during the day. I am going to get more of these shirts soon and I recommend them to all of my friends."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about Thompson Tee, it is definitely a good choice for a sweatproof undershirt. It is a popular brand that is known for its great customer service and effective undershirts in terms of sweat proofing. The fabric has high quality which makes it durable but at the same time soft and pleasant to the skin. The fit is simply the best, based on numerous customer reviews. The fabric perfectly prevents the appearance of an unpleasant sweat odor. It is breathable, so your skin remains dry even when you are involved in an intensive physical activity. The prices of these underskirts are very reasonable taking into account the use of the Hydro-Shield sweat proof technology and high-quality materials. Thompson Tee is a well known brand in the country, so its products can be easily found online and in traditional stores. If you decide to go for these undershirts, you are advised to go for the Slim Fit option that is $5 more but it has certain advantages when compared to the Original Fit. The product does not lose its shape and has a good look to the eye. So, if you are looking for an undershirt that remains dry and odor free no matter what you are doing, Thompson Tee can be a great option to choose. Based on its high customer reputation, we do recommend this brand.

Thompson Tee Pricing and Rates

You can buy Thompson Tee shirts on the company's official website (, as well as from such retail stores as Amazon. One Thompson Tee Original Fit undershirt costs $26.99, while a Slim Fit shirt is priced at $31.99. The pricing is average when compared to other brands of T-shirts. The company offers a risk-free trial that can be returned if you are not satisfied with the product. You can enjoy free shipping for orders over $50. The company offers Return/Exchange policy. You can return or exchange your purchase in an opened or used state within thirty days from purchase date. If you have any questions about your order and return policy, you can send your email to: