Thompson's Water Seal Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Thompson's Water Seal

Thompson's WaterSeal manufactures and sells waterproofing products to take care of your exterior surfaces such as wood deck. Their wood stain will and waterproofing products make it easy to protect your decks, outdoor furniture, fences, and exterior wood. Their innovative one-coat formula is easy and quick to apply, and even cleans up with water and soap. Now you can easily enjoy water protection and good looks of your outdoor space. Thompson's WaterSeal waterproofing products are within reach. You can choose from a wide variety of waterproofing stain colors to complete your exterior wood project the way you wish. The company offers a number of different products including Exterior Stains, Multi-Surface Waterproofers, Penetrating Timber Oil, Cleaners and products for small projects. The official website of the company allows to shop by categories. The first category includes Thompson's Waterseal Stains, Sealers and Waterproofers. You can buy a can of Thompson's WaterSeal Clear Sealer that provides a long-lasting protection of the surface from sun and water damage. The sealer is easy to use and it is able to hide minor wood blemishes with just one coat. The product dries within two hours bringing the beauty to the material.

The most popular Thompson's WaterSeal Waterproofer is Clear Multi Surface Waterproofer that provides protection from water damage to the wood, concrete and brick. Thompson's WaterSeal Timber Oil is another important product that penetrates timber to enrich its color and protect wood. Only one coat of this transparent oil is enough to nourish and beautify the wooden surface. Thompson's WaterSeal clear sealer provides long-lasting protection enhancing the natural color of wood and showing the wood grain. The product guarantees complete outdoor wood protection. There is also a solid version of the product. You can also shop by stain colors such as Natural Cedar, Autumn Brown, Timber Brown, and Honey Gold. If you have any questions about Thompson's WaterSeal products you can contact the company by using the contact form on the official website ( You are expected to get the answer to your question within two working days. You will need to enter your first name, last name, email address, and you question. If you need immediate assistance, call at the number 1-800-367-6297.

Customer Reviews - Does Thompson's Water Seal Really Work?

During our deep research we have encountered a great number of customer testimonials about Thompson's WaterSeal products. Thompson's WaterSeal Clear has received special attention from its actual users. Many of them have agreed that it really provides wonderful weather protection for different kinds of materials including bricks, concrete and mortar; however, it is not suitable for wooden substrates. The product works by forming a waterproof barrier that is absolutely transparent to the eye. You don't need to apply a primer underneath this product. While it provides a long-lasting effect it has almost no odor.

Thus, one female customer reported that this stuff showed brilliant effectiveness. She applied it to Western Red Cedar with the help of a garden sprayer. After that she brushed it out for a more even application. According to the customer, the product prevented the Cedar from acting like a sponge. Now it does not sucks up moisture; instead, rain beads form before running off harmlessly. Another advantage of the sealer is that it did not change the appearance of the wood, which pleased the customer a lot. She refused from coatings because she appreciates the natural look of the wood. Thompson's WaterSeal Clear allows the wood to go gray naturally, which is also good, unlike staining. The sealer protects the wood in any weather conditions. Another customer reports that they use the stuff on their timber outbuildings once a year. They spray just one coat to saturate the wood and the product perfectly maintains the condition of the wood, allowing it to get grey naturally over time, which looks nice in the countryside surrounding. The usual timber preservatives of different colors make timber look unnatural.

Another user of Thompson's WaterSeal Clear says in his testimonial that after reading many reviews about this product he decided to try it as well. He applied it to the bricks at the side of his house that had some damp issues. The man put two coats of the product on the bricks and found out that it was quickly absorbed. He used a brush, since it worked better than a roller; however, the customer asks everyone to sheet the ground, especially if there are slabs that need protection. At present, the man is happy with the stuff but he needs more time to say how it goes on. It seems to be fine at the moment. The customer adds that the product was easy to apply. The brushes are easy to clean off afterwards as well. In fact, the brushes succeeded to leave little or no sign of the sealer having stuck to their bristles. No stain is left on the surface, so the customer is satisfied with Thompson's WaterSeal Clear and he highly recommends the product to others. According to some customers, it was hard to open the tin because the liquid inside is rather watery. You should be careful with opening the tin and using the product to avoid splashes around. Brushes can be easily washed with soapy water. In general, most users are happy with what the product does, so their reviews are mostly positive. The instructions on the tin are clear and describe the use in the smallest detail. Here are some more testimonials about the product found online.

"I bought Thompson's WaterSeal to seal a new concrete base for my shed. The concrete was covered with dust and extended beyond shed, so that some water seeped into shed. Due to Thompson WaterSeal I have coped with these problems. The first application made concrete darker but as soon as it dried the concrete returned its original color. It is a great product at a good price. The results are really reliable. It is a useful sealer that does its job."

"I bought Thompson's WaterSeal to prevent water penetration into a brick cavity wall. It was easy to apply and seems to be effective without any wet signs. I have also tried an experiment on the bench near my house. I coated a piece of plywood (8 inches by 4 inches) with a thin layer of cement. After seven days I applied two coats of the sealer to the right hand side of the plywood. After five hours I applied water over the whole board. The untreated part of the bench soaked up the water and the area to the right resisted the penetration of the water. It gathered in small blobs on the board. My experiment has proven that this product has great performance."

"I have used Thompson's WaterSeal on my concrete asbestos garage roof in the past but due to its age it has been damaged by moisture ingress. There was moss growing all over its surface. I think it requires a fresh coat of the product every few years. It perfectly stops moss growth and water ingress. With this product I don't need to replace or cover the roof. My last purchase was made in order to help my friend whose house has no cavity walls. The lower brickwork started to let through moisture when it is raining. I should confess, the product has helped significantly."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about Thompson's WaterSeal, this brand seems to be very reputable and well-known among its customers. One of the most popular products from the brand is Thompson's Water Seal Clear that provides perfect weather protection for mortar, bricks and concrete by forming an invisible waterproof barrier. The product is not suitable for use on wooden surfaces, though. You don't need to apply a primer. The product provides long-lasting protection and has no odor. Cementone Roof Repair Compound Grey (1kg) is good for coating finishes coverage. Drying time is 1-2 hours. It is absolutely transparent and water-resistant. The product is suitable for a wide variety of applications. So, if you need to protect your outdoor deck from undesired elements, you should turn to Thompson's WaterSeal. You can choose the necessary color for your deck since the company offers a wide variety of colors from warm red browns to blonder tones. Choose opacity, from transparent to see the most grain, or a more solid color to give some shade to the surface. If you have a small outdoor staining project, you can opt for Thompson's WaterSeal spray - a proper solution for chairs and other outdoor surfaces. Based on the customer feedback online, most people are pleased with the brand and its product. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Thompson's WaterSeal, we do recommend this brand to usage.

Thompson's Water Seal Pricing and Rates

Thompson's WaterSeal offers a wide variety of products that vary in pricing a lot. Thompson's WaterSeal Clear (5 liters) can be bought for $15.99 ($3.20/Ltr). Its initial price was $19.99, so you can save $4.00 (20%). The product is not suitable for use on wooden surfaces, it provides weather protection for mortar, bricks and concrete by creating a transparent, waterproof barrier. No Nonsense Water Repellent Seal Clear (5 liters) costs $19.99. Thompson's One-Coat Patio - Block Paving Seal Clear (5 liters) is priced at $31.99INC. Thompson's High Performance Roof Seal Black (2.5 liters) can be bought for $26.62. The price of Thompson's Emergency Roof Seal Black (1 liter) is $21.99. Cementone Roof Repair Compound Black (1kg) costs $15.99. Cementone Roof Repair Compound Grey (1kg) can be bought for $15.99.