ThredUP Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE ThredUP Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


ThredUP is a clothing resale marketplace that offers a convenient way to shop and sell quality secondhand clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men and children. This is actually an online consignment shop online. Its website allows you to sell your clothing by mail. The shop accepts only gently used brand clothing. To start using the shop, you will need to request a Clean Out Bag from the site first. Then you will need to put your clothing, accessories and shoes into this bag and mail it to them together with the prepaid label. It means that you have to pay the company to process your clothing. It may sound strange but the process has certain pros including a high chance of earning some money on unnecessary items in your closet. The whole process is easy - just order a bag and mail it back to them. If some of your clothing is rejected, it can be donated or sent back to you if you wish. Some clothing may be bought by other people, and depending on how much you sell, you may choose to have thredUP donate the clothes that were not purchased. On the other hand, you may have the items returned to you for $10.99. This option must be selected before you send your bag to them. Your ordered bag is associated with your account. According to the store's rules, it takes up to five weeks for a buyer to process your clothing. To have your clothes processed faster, pay $10.99.

ThredUP can be worth your time if you use the shop with proper expectations - it is for those who want to get rid of unnecessary clothing. It is for anyone who doesn't want to bother with driving their items to local consignment stores or wasting time on posting each item on Poshmark or eBay. With thredUP, you will just need to send them through the mail. This option might also be good for those who don't live near a Goodwill or Salvation Army but who would like to make a few dollars dollars by mailing their clothes in. A $10.99 shipping fee is not high if you will want to have your clothes back. If you choose it, it means that you care about the clothes you sent in. let us take a deeper look at how the shop works and whether real users are happy with it. The shop has existed for many years already and the site of this shop is

Customer Reviews - Does ThredUP Really Work?

It is not difficult to deal with thredUP. If you received a bag from a source outside of thredUP (from your friend or family member), you will need to activate it on the site by registering with an email address. Carefully read the details on the prepaid shipping label and ship it off in the bag that is pre-labeled. You will not need to pay for shipping. We have read a lot of positive and negative reviews about the shop from the people who have used it. Many of the negative reviews are from customers who mailed in a bag of their clothes, only to earn a few bucks. Some complaints stemmed from the fact that their items were sold for ten times less the amount. Here it is important to understand that thredUP is a business that needs to turn a profit to survive. You need to be OK with the fact that you will not receive a large payout unless you have a really high-quality designer item. What users of the shop like is that thredUP is an easy way to get rid of their clothes through the mail.

Just like actual consignment stores, this shop uses certain guidelines when assessing your clothing. They take into consideration how new the item is, age of item, its seasonality, style and quality as well as current situation of the item. If you have ever sold anything to consignment stores, you known that expensive designer items are seldom purchased because they are too many already. ThredUP cares about designer clothes. If you want to earn some money and have lots of designer labels, you can earn a decent amount! listen up. ThredUP calls these items LUXE-brand. They provide a rather high payout percentage. For instance, if you have a Louis Vuitton bag, it will be listed for $899 and you can get 90% of that price, which is $809. That's not bad!

There are many people who have had a positive experience with thredUP. These users knew what to expect. One woman tells in her testimonial that she received an envelope with the Clean Out Bag after she ordered it on thredUP. It arrived about a week later. The woman filled it with jeans, shirts, and some accessories. These were popular brands, such as Old Navy, Gap, and H'M. The woman mailed it in and in a month she received her $15 on the items she sold. The rest were donated because the woman decided not to take them back. The bag came with a prepaid shipping label and the woman only needed to drop it off at USPS or schedule a pickup. There was also a helpful brochure telling of all the steps.

Based on many customer reviews online, most people have had great experience of cooperating with thredUP including buying, selling and returning items. Thus, one woman reports that she has recently used this shop to get rid of some baby clothes. She sent all of them - the used and brand new ones - to the shop. There were about forty pieces of clothes and she told them to donate whatever they didn't want. The only kept seven pieces and received a small percentage of the sales. They said they only took name brand items. The woman was not frustrated at all because she still didn't need any of those clothes. On the contrary, she was happy that someone's else child would be able to use them. She thinks thredUP is worth giving a try. Another customer is not a seller but a buyer from this store. She says that when she got her first order delivered she was pleasantly surprised. Everything was so cute! The stuff she received was absolutely new and was in perfect condition. The customer was glad that she had bought brand clothes at such low prices. Here are some more testimonials from the users of this online store.

"I really enjoy using thredUP. In fact, I purchase about five items each month! I have already bought about sixty items within this year and I am not going to stop. There are so many nice clothes that cost a penny. Every day I am wearing a new item. My coworkers like my outfits, and wonder where I take money to buy them. I simply pointing to each item saying "ThredUP!" I like scouring the site for specific items (denim jacket, skinny jeans, pink blouse, etc) and browsing new arrivals. I buy something new for myself every time I reach a professional goal."

"My first package from thredUP arrived earlier than I expected. When I opened it I saw that everything was nicely packaged and was in great condition. When I started trying on different items I looked great in each of them. I decides to keep all of them because they were perfect size. I like this website because it offers a wide variety of things to choose from. What's more, the prices are amazing, just like the quality of the items. I like the feeling I get about reusing things. I am grateful for such a great idea! I do recommend thredUP."

"ThredUP is my favorite online store. Before I ordered three items a few days ago, I was only a browser. I bought a great designer top from this site three years ago. Believe it or not but I still wear it. Last year my luggage was lost, and of course many of my clothes were lost too. So, I decided to come back to thredUP. Last week I saw so many nice things from the site. They gave me a 25% off coupon. My parcel arrived yesterday. There was an in-depth description. The shipping is fast and reasonably priced."

My Final Summary

Overall, thredUP turns out to be a wonderful store selling used brand clothes. Based on the customer feedback online, most users are pretty happy with their experience of using the store. It is convenient to use and the majority of people like the idea of recycling their clothes. However, using this shop for selling your items, you should not be expecting to make a ton of money. You should be ready to donate the rest of your clothes. This does seem to make your life easier. In order to maximally benefit from thredUP, you will need to send them top-selling or high-end brand items. If you don't have many designer names or popular brand names but you still want to make more money, you may want to use Poshmark or eBay. But if your goal is more to get rid of your unnecessary items than to get a profit, thredUP might be a great option for you. All you will have to do is to send your items to them. The shop will sell your clothes without any hassle. It is a simple way to help other people buy brand items at lower prices. If you want to make the world a better place, you should certainly use thredUP. Taking into account all pros and cons of this online store, we do recommend it.

ThredUP Pricing and Rates

In order to buy something from thredUP, you must have a valid account on the site. You are responsible for paying the shipping fees. The prices in the shop are subject to changes at any time. Promotional offers do not apply to Rescues boxes, Goody Boxes, or Remade apparel. The company reserves the right to cancel any discount, promotion, or coupon. One customer should have only one account per delivery address. There is a refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days after getting your order and get a full refund. You are responsible for paying for the shipping, though. Speaking about the sellers on the items, they have to pay for sending their clothes and other items to the store. It they are not sold within five weeks, the seller has the right either to donate the rest of the items or to have them sent back to them for $10.99. From any sold item the seller can receive a certain percentage based on the table provided on the official website of thredUP. The sum of money you receive may depend on such factors as the age of the item, its state, and brand. The site specializes in children's apparel too.