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Thrive Diet Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Thrive Diet Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The Thrive Diet comes in the form of a vegan nutritional guide which intends to change the way you eat. It requires some time and helps you start eating healthy foods and avoid eating unhealthy foods. You can find these lists of foods in the book provided. The recipes of dishes are provided in the book and they can be prepared at home. You can also package these meals to eat on the go when you want this. It is known to come with different nutritional guides and recipe books to help you live a healthy life. The program encourages the consumption of natural foods without any preservatives. It can also help you support a healthy weight and be sure that your body functions well for proper productivity. Before we take a deeper look at this diet guide let us find out who the manufacturer of The Thrive Diet is.

The author of this vegan nutritional guide is Brendan Brazier, a former endurance athlete, whose initial plan was printed in the year 2007. It is designed to help you achieve positive results and support your health. It intends to ensure that you eliminate the consumption of some starchy vegetable, meat, caffeine and grains. The book contains a list the approved foods which are expected to help you achieve your weight loss goals more easily. The author suggests adzuki beans, sesame seeds, acai juice, and coconut oil. The drawback of The Thrive Diet is that some of the foods are not easily found in most of the pantries, which makes it difficult for you to stick to the diet and achieve the desired results. The author provides some clinical studies in its references section. The recipes are claimed not to have any side effects. Let us take a closer look at The Thrive Diet.

Ingredients of Thrive Diet - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, the Thrive Diet comes in the form of a diet guide with the recipes in the book. The latter are known to help you follow a healthy lifestyle, maintain a desired body weight and helps to stay fit. The meals and smoothies are meant to ensure that you get their maximum health benefits. The diet plan does not contain any animal ingredients because it intends to provide you with foods which your body can break down well and increase your energy levels. Each of the smoothies or meals has got distinct ingredients which can be found on the official website for you to prepare them as recommended and get the desired benefits. There are limited details about The Thrive Diet, even though it has certain requirements: you are not allowed to eat processed foods. You will need to consume a whole-food smoothie, raw energy bar, and a big green salad every day. Meals should consist of quality fats, high protein, and fiber. All food must be eaten at low temperatures or raw. Forget about cooking. Some foods should be stocked in your pantry such as seaweed, hemp, green beans, and chickpeas.

Thrive Diet

A sample menu of the types of the allowed foods includes a smoothie, Zucchini chips, pesto salad with tomato basil dressing, wild rice yam pancakes with fruit, whole foods such as nuts, sweet potatoes, seeds, lentils, beans, peas, carrots, green tea, asparagus, celery, sea vegetables, zucchini, quinoa, and some other foods not specified, almond flaxseed burger with a sweet pepper hemp pesto dressing and mixed greens salad. You should limit such foods as eggs, seafood, refined carbohydrates, dairy, caffeine, meat, and foods high in carbohydrates. This includes soda, coffee, or certain starchy foods. You can eat small meals every day to prevent hunger and regulate your blood sugar levels. There is no limit on the amounts of allowed foods. Will The Thrive Diet really teach you how to prepare meals and smoothies so that you maintain your health? Will it work efficiently for you? Will the results be satisfying enough? Let's answer these and more questions by taking a look at the real customers' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The company behind Thrive Diet does not mention any possible side effects of the program but it does not mean that it is completely safe for everyone. The exceptions still exist. The types of foods in the diet are all vegan and either slightly heated or completely raw. It is advised to consume large amounts of vegetables on a daily basis, but it is unknown if this diet will be easy to follow for everyone. If you have never tried a vegan diet it can seem to be extremely restrictive. This is why it is recommended to slowly ease yourself into a vegan lifestyle. You can introduce some more vegetables and raw bars but not follow each piece of advice completely. According to the studies, a raw vegan diet may be associated with possible side effects. A study featured in the Annals of Nutrition And Metabolism showed that vegetarian diets might lead to cobalamin deficiency. Cobalamin is also called vitamin b12, which can cause such side effects as: restlessness, fatigue, and difficulty with memories, poor balance, breathlessness, anemia, brain and nerve damage.

According to another study conducted by the Department on Nutrition and Wellness at Andrews University, eliminating animal products from the diet leads to the high risk of nutritional deficiencies, especially in calcium, vitamin b-12 and D, and long-chain n-3 (omega-3) fatty acids. This is the reason why vegans are highly advised to supplement with additional minerals and vitamins. Another study by the University of Giessen proved that vegans are at a higher risk for mortality from coronary heart disease. There are many conflicts about eating raw foods, since some foods are more nutritionally bioavailable when cooked. It means that the human body can better receive minerals and vitamins from cooked foods. Cooking improves the absorption of carotenoids and other nutrients.

There are limited customer reviews about The Thrive Diet on third-party websites. The principles of the program are flawed, and the book does not provide any research to prove the effectiveness of these principles. Besides, the claims made by the company are not backed up by any reliable evidence. This makes this diet poor quality. One famous dietician, Janet Brill, comments that this diet of raw food is not a secret to good health and longevity. The added vegetables and fruits are healthy, but there are better ways to reduce weight and stress. Let us take a look at the real customers' opinions about The Thrive Diet.

"I am not pleased with the Thrive Diet. Most of the recipes call for foreign ingredients which are hard to find in my region. This diet has not made a large impact on my body weight or energy level. I don't think that it is a scientifically proven diet."

"Let's start from what I like about the Thrive diet. The guide book is easy to follow and fun to read. However, it is not much fun to find the products required for the recipes. Besides, these foods make me extremely hungry. I also started suffering from bloating and heartburn when being on this diet."

"I did not enjoy the ThriveDiet. This diet did not help me to increase my energy levels or improve my mood. I did not lose much weight or gained lean muscle mass either. The food options are very limited and I got bored with the diet really fast. By the way, I was unable to find all the required foods. I do not recommend this diet plan."

Where To Buy Thrive Diet?

The price of the diet depends on where you are buying the required product. Some of the recommended foods (pumpkin seed oil and hemp) are very expensive. You are also advised to supplement to make up for the loss of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin b-12, iron, and other nutrients. This will increase the price of the diet even more.

My Final Summary

The Thrive Diet seems to have a lot of disadvantages. First, the diet guide is available through online only. Some of the products required for the recipes are not found easily. There is a high risk of experiencing nutritional deficiencies when being on this diet. You will have to spend additional money on buying the supplements. Based on real dieters' reviews, the diet turns out not to bring the desired results in terms of the increased energy levels, improved mood and weigh loss. Many users report experiencing different side effects. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend the Thrive Diet to following.