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Tincup Whiskey

Tincup American Whiskey is an MGP bourbon that was created by a man named Jess Graber and is bottled in Colorado. Earlier Graber created Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. Many people do not understand why it is called an American Whiskey, not a bourbon. To answer this question we contacted Jess and found out that he is an upfront guy. He said that it was a sourced whiskey and he explained that one of the reasons why he refused to call it a bourbon was because it was not like the other bourbons available in the market. He created a flavor that was different from those found in other bourbons. After mixing bourbons at MGP they are shipped to the Stranahan's facility in Colorado where the crew of Jess do two things before bottling the beverage. They cut the whiskey with Colorado water and add a certain amount of Stranahan's. Due to this manipulation, the drink cannot be called a bourbon any more. In fact, Jess retold the actual process of making the whiskey. The name of Tincup actually belonged to an old mining town situated on the western side of the Rocky Mountains. It was named after the cups the miners. Jess Graber has been distilling since 1972. He created Tincup in honor of Colorado's first whiskey drinkers.

ABV of Tincup Whiskey is 42% and it is priced at about $30. Mashbill includes 64% corn, 32% rye and 4% malted barley. When you first see the bottle of this drink you are sure to like its light caramel color. In fact, the first flavor to smell is caramel that is soon accompanied by light nondescript rye, spice, green apples, a light touch of wood and dill. There is a sweetness of Sweet Tarts and Pixie Stix, as well as sprinkling of cinnamon. Initially the beverage has a sweet graininess to it that gives way to citrus, rye, cherries, and dill. The spice moves from the nose across the palate and is accompanied by a soft minerality instead of sweetness. The finish is rye, caramel, chalky minerality and a little of wood. Tincup Whiskey is kind of a light whiskey that is well-balanced and has a thin light body. The aroma of Tincup Whiskey is really unique, the nose is light and subtle, the palate is sweet and a bit spicy. The finish mimics these features.

Customer Reviews - Does Tincup Whiskey Really Work?

The product is associated with high customer reputation online. The average rating from different websites is 4.5 stars out of five stars. Tincup Whiskey can be considered the brainchild of Colorado-based Jess Graber. A high rye whiskey features a bourbon-style profile but it is spicier and more powerful. The cap can be used as a cup. Speaking about taste characteristics it has to be said that most customers agree is has spice and fruit - apples, some cinnamon, clove and spiced brioche. There are flavors of toffee, ginger nut biscuits, caramel and sweet oatcakes with honey. The palate is rather light with cinnamon spice, sweet grain, and a trio of apple notes - skin, ripe and Jolly Ranchers. Then there is an aroma of toffee followed by toasted fruit loaf and spicy rye. The finish is tannic raisins, cinnamon toast and soft caramel sweetness.

Most customers love Tincup Whiskey saying that this whisky is smooth and easy to drink. It should be served neat but chilled. One man reports that he has tried different sorts of whiskey in his life and this one is his favorite. He is also attracted to the unusual packaging of the bottle. Many flavors of the whiskey are said to perfectly compliment each other. The customer recommends to enjoy it with a cube of ice. However, another customer says he prefers it neat, without an ice cube. This whiskey is good, so it does not need to be cut with coke. The man confesses this drink shivers him timbers. It is a light whiskey and won't be a good option for those who want something bolder and more oak driven. Not only men like Tincup Whiskey, but also women do. One female customer reports she found it by chance. Initially she was intrigued by the tin cup on the bottle top. She found it very smooth spicy and sweet after adding two cubes of ice. The woman recommends to wait for five minutes and then blend it to get an ideal taste. She prefers to drink it in a tin cup. In her opinion, it is a great whiskey with a cinnamon flavor, notes of caramel, and a settling toffee flavor in the end.

One man writes he has never been a fan of Bourbon and it was hard to believe that he would love Tincup Whiskey. This whiskey has a great flavor, according to the man's words. It is smooth and has a unique aroma. Now he is a big fan of Tin Cup. He also likes the shape of the bottle, while he adores the fantastic taste of this whiskey. All his friends who have tried it, love it too. This is a truly American product! Another customer claims that being at the age of 45 he has tried all sorts of whiskey from around the world and Tincup Whiskey is actually one of his favorite ones. He appreciates its spicy taste on the tongue as well as the warming and smooth feeling on its way down. There is no nasty aftertaste and in general the drink gives a pleasurable experience. However, the man says it can be even more improved. For this reason he gave it four stars out of five. In his opinion, even a good whiskey has a room for improvement. Another guy reports it is a nice whiskey and does not need to be mixed. He likes it that way but sometimes the man cuts it with Coke. The bottle is cool too. It has six sides and a tin shot cup on top. This beautiful bottle is embossed on the sides and features cork stoppers, which the customer appreciates. Besides, the product has a great price for its quality.

However, not all customers like Tincup Whiskey. One of them says he has been drinking it for many years and lately has noticed a difference in taste. It seems to be have harsher taste than before. It is not as smooth as it used to be. The man liked the original formula more and asks the manufacturer to go back to it. He wishes to sense more corn and less rye. Another customer expected it to be not as harsh but in fact this is the matter of individual preferences. Tastes differ. The third customer confesses that Tincup Whiskey is a flavorful and smooth whiskey, as well as features a strong bourbon character but it is not as full bodied as some Kentucky bourbons. The man admits, though, that it seems to be a choice rather than a drawback. It is still worth a try. Here are opinions of some other Tincup Whiskey consumers.

"Tincup Whiskey is my favorite whiskey right now. It is smooth and easy to drink. I like the caramel notes in my mouth a lot. It is almost a liquorice flavor. It is a great option for doing room temp shots or drinking with some ice - I enjoy it in any forms. I have been drinking this whiskey for the last several months and I will certainly buy it in the future. I recommend this high-quality drink."

"Tincup Whiskey has a good rye and fruity balance. It pairs well with Coca Cola. When consumed on its own it is very straight forward and spicy. To my mind, it is a better sipping whiskey than Jack Daniels but it has not achieved a scotch level. I like it for its special taste and being brilliant for mixing with other drinks. It is definitely worth trying, especially when the price is not so high. Overall, I am pleased with this flavorful and smooth whiskey!"

"I was looking for a good whiskey and I stumbled across Tincup Whiskey! I couldn't find my Single Barrell Jim Beam, so I decided to try something new. I really liked Tincup Whiskey. It has lots of flavors and I like each of them. It can be consumed in a little "hot" condition but I like it well chilled. Its taste depends on the temperature. I was really surprised with this revelation. This is an outstanding beverage and I will buy it again!"

My Final Summary

Tincup Whiskey is a classic American whiskey that features a bourbon style profile and has a spicy finish. It is cut to the best water in the world, coming directly from the Rocky Mountains. Tincup Whiskey is the brainchild of Jess Graber, a distiller from Colorado who has had the hobby for over thirty years. Only in 2004 he presented his business to the market. A high rye whiskey is powerful and spicy enough to meet the preferences of many consumers. The bottle features a cup that can be used for drinking whiskey. Jess has been distilling since he moved to Colorado in 1972. He created Tincup in honor of the first whiskey drinkers of Colorado's who drank from tin cups. The man was inspired by the mountains. Tincup Whiskey has become a favorite bourbon for thousands of people throughout the country. Although it has a whiskey taste it is smoother that most rye alcoholic drinks. It has a smooth finish and can be drunk either hot or icy. Another advantage of this whiskey is its great price. Taking into account all pros and cons of this drink we do recommend Tincup Whiskey to all whiskey drinkers.

Tincup Whiskey Pricing and Rates

Tincup Whiskey can be bought from the company's site or from a number of retail stores. The price may vary, though. For instance, thewhiskyexchange.com offers Tincup American Whiskey at the web exclusive price of $31.95 or $26.63 ex VAT ($45.64 per litre). You can choose the delivery method you prefer. Express Delivery will cost you from $6.95. It allows you to choose the day of delivery. Standard Delivery takes from two to four working days and costs from $4.95. Tincup Lantern Pack (70cl / 42%) is priced at $34.75 ($49.64 per litre).