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Titanax Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Titanax Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Titanax is a male booster that is specially designed to increase libido and testosterone levels. It contains a natural ingredient blend that is claimed to maintain normal hormonal levels. This enhancement supplement promises to improve your male power by boosting stamina, enhancing sex drive and sexual performance. The formula also claims to increase metabolism and energy levels in the men's body. This male enhancement supplement promises to provide sexual benefits for men due to its unique formula of natural ingredients. According to the official website, it can help you achieve longer-lasting erections, improve your sexual confidence, improve your pleasure and boost your overall performance. The official site is low informative but it is clear that the manufacturer of the supplement positions it as an alternative to prescription medications. But can this product really perform the function of the purple pill? We will try to answer this question by discussing the major ingredients used in the product. But before that, let's take a look at the manufacturer of the supplement.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the supplement is badly known and is not reputable in the country. There is no information about it on the site. However, the manufacturer makes several promising claims on how the supplement works to improve your sex life. It is claimed that the product works by boosting testosterone levels and libido of the user. It is said to improve your performance and support muscle growth. This product also promises to increase sexual desire, endurance and stamina. It also features powerful ingredients with testosterone boosting properties. According to the website, the supplement utilizes a dual formula that increases testosterone levels and blood circulation to the penis for better erections and control of the sexual organ. Let's check whether this formula is really beneficial for men suffering from erectile dysfunction by discussing its ingredients.

Ingredients of Titanax - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The formula is claimed to support natural testosterone production and to improve libido, as well as physical and sexual performance. The product works to boost sex drive, stamina and endurance. The formula helps to maintain stronger erections, which aids to fight erectile dysfunction. It increases metabolism that results in higher energy levels and more power to enable you to perform well. The product's website claims that Titanax includes the following ingredients: Korean Ginseng, Yohimbe, Maca, Fenugreek, Ginkgo Biloba. However, our research has shown that the product contains some other ingredients too. Let us discuss them in detail.


Maca is an ingredient that is believed to be able to boost the user's energy levels, enhance moods, boost their immune system, and support the overall health of the body. Unfortunately, the intake of this ingredient may be linked to certain side effects. Tongkat Ali is claimed to be a powerful testosterone booster. It promotes male potency, increases libido and maintains physical and sexual performance. This ingredient may cause certain adverse reactions too. Nettle Extract is a compound that contains biologically active compounds and works by boosting your immune system. It also promises to strengthen joints and provide you with the necessary iron formation of blood cells. This product may also lead to some undesired reactions.

Wild Yam Extract is considered to be able to increase energy levels, enhance mood and hormonal balance. It is also linked to boosting testosterone levels. The intake of this compound may be associated with some adverse reactions. Horny Goat Weed is an ingredient that has power to improve the state of an individual suffering from erectile dysfunction. This compound is believed to be able to improve the user's libido and sexual performance in general. Some patients may experience health issues when using this supplement. The greatest concern of mine about the ingredients used in Titanax is the absence of dosage information. If you don't know the actual concentration amounts of these substances, you are at a higher risk of experiencing adverse reactions.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is no information about potential side effects of Titanax provided on the official website. To study this question we have consulted such reputable websites as WebMD, Drugs.com and Examine.com. They reported a number of side effects for several ingredients contained in the supplement. It is important to say that these effects mainly stem from two substances, ginseng and yohimbe. When taken by mouth, the latter has been associated with heart attack, kidney failure, rapid and irregular heartbeat, seizure, and other side effects.

Tongkat Ali is generally well tolerated. It is mainly used for bodybuilding purposes, but the most common side effects may include restlessness, a rise in aggression, and a higher sexual desire. These effects are linked to the natural rise of testosterone levels in the male body. Ginseng may be linked to some side effects when taken by mouth for a long period of time. There is a limited number of Titanax reviews from actual users on third-party websites and forums. We have done some research for customers' stories and found very few of them. Let us take a look at these testimonials.

"The company behind Titanax is just terrible! They claim that you get a 14-day trial for paying for the shipping only and then charge you $120 for shipping and a full cost of the product. I tried to send my product back to them but they don't do refunds. It is a total scam! I would not recommend this supplement and company to a friend."

"Titanax does not work at all even though I tried to follow all the directions. I cannot recommend this ineffective male enhancement supplement. It does not improve my libido and sexual life. My testosterone levels are the same after I have taken the product for a month. I called the customer service but the rep turned out to be unhelpful."

"Titanax did not really help me to enhance my sexual pleasure or continue my workout at the gym. I feel tired and exhausted after the workout. This product did not help me to suppress my hunger craving or to boost my metabolism. Moreover, it caused me nausea and stomach ache after taking it. I need to look for another supplement that would be effective and safe for the treatment of my sexual difficulties."

Where To Buy Titanax?

The supplement is available through the website of the manufacturer only. It means that you will need to pay $4.95 for a 60-day supply of the product. This will begin a 14-day trial window after which you will be charged $89.95. Besides, you will be enrolled in the autoship program. In addition, you will be regularly charged the same amount of money each month. You will need to contact customer service at 888-320-4623 if you want to cancel the program. There is a $14.95 restocking fee.

My Final Summary

Even though Titanax is a natural supplement, it does not seem to be an effective testosterone booster. It is linked to the number of negative customer reviews on third-party websites. The product is claimed to be made from natural compounds that are believed to boost testosterone levels and libido; however, there is no dosage information on the official website. After consulting many customer service agents, we still were unable to get this vital information. Without knowing how much of the ingredients are included, it is difficult to predict how effective it may be for you. Having said that, only one ingredient, ginseng, has enough clinical evidence to be effective for fighting erectile dysfunction symptoms. None of the other ingredients has sufficient evidence for their safety or effectiveness. The product has no satisfaction guarantee. Based on what we have learned about Titanax above, we cannot recommend making a purchase.