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TJX Rewards Credit Card

If you have visited a Marshalls or T.J.Maxx, you probably know that you can find there great deals on high-quality housewares, designer handbags, clothing, and other items. This list can be added with Sierra Trading Post and HomeGoods. If you like this chain of discount retailers, you would probably like to earn rewards for your spending. TJX Rewards Credit Card gives points which can be redeemed on the goods from these stores. This credit card provides you with $10 for every $200 you spend, 10% off your first purchase, and the ability to unlock giveaways and sweepstakes, new-merch notifications and invitations to unique events after you register your card online. Let us take a closer look at these perks.

A 10% discount on your first purchase actually means that you get a 10% coupon with your card to use at any Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, Sierra Trading Post or HomeGoods. You will receive a $10 rewards certificate for every 1,000 points you get from any of these four stores. There are no limits on the amount you can earn. There is so called Access Program, which allows cardholders to save more by registering online. It opens loyalty benefits that include private party invitations, exclusive discounts, and alerts about new shipments. According to the company behind TJX Rewards Credit Card, there is 0% fraud liability because you are not responsible for unauthorized charges with your card. Keep in mind that the card has high 28.99% variable APR, which means that you will not carry a balance month to month. The fees for late payments may reach $35, which can be avoided with autopay.

Customer Reviews - Does TJX Rewards Credit Card Really Work?

To apply for the TJX Rewards Credit Card you will have to go to the company's website and click Apply Today. Then you will be offered to complete the application with your contact and personal information. Specify how you would like to get payments and check your identifying details carefully. Specify whether you would like to register with the optional Card Security, which is designed to protect you from financial difficulties and unemployment. You will be additionally charged for this service. Read the terms and conditions and click Accept and Submit confirming that you have understood them. After that you will need to confirm your information and send them your application for approval. Your application will be reviewed by Synchrony Bank. You will be informed whether you are approved within a few business days. If your credit is strong enough, you may be upgraded to a TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard, which has more benefits.

Once you get the card, you are highly encouraged to make timely payments. This will allow you to unlock special deals and rewards. Avoid undesired interest. At the end of each billing cycle, your grace period will be extended by Synchrony Bank by 23 days during which you will be able to pay your balance without accruing interest. To avoid late payment fees (up to $35), you are advised to set up autopay from your checking account. If you have any issues or questions, you can contact the customer service by calling at 1-877-890-3150. You are always free to sign up for more credit cards. You can use the TJX Rewards Credit Card as a secondary card. Use it whenever you visit TJ Maxx brand stores. Other credit cards can be used for other everyday needs of yours. The major drawback to opening two credit cards can negatively influence your credit score. Your average age of credit will go down, and the amount of hard inquiries into your report will increase. If you need to apply for a loan within the next 6-12 months, take into account this vital factor.

There is a great number of negative customer reviews about the TJX Rewards Credit Card on third-party websites. One guy claims that it is the worst credit card he has ever used! He pays his card four times a month and somehow his payments are "late". It is unclear how it can be possible. The customer service is just terrible. The man has had the worst experience ever with the representatives of this company. In most cases they simply ignore his calls. Another cardholder reports that she has to log onto her account regularly having this card. She got it thinking that it would help her card on a whim to save on a large purchase at Home Goods but she almost never used it afterwards. Last Spring the woman decided to use it and purchases a $30 pair of shoes at TJ Maxx. Usually she spends thousands of dollars in purchases on her main cards (AMEX and VISA) each month, so she forgot about that silly $30 purchase. The company"s staff sent her an online statement, but it got to her Junk mail because the cardholder is having a problem with the filter. I never thinks about checking the account because she doesn't use it. The company has not made any warning and several months later the woman finds out that now she owes more than $100 and her account is in collections. They have ruined the cardholder's credit and closed her account because of those $30! The woman tried to talk to them, but they do nothing but read a script. Everything is automated and there is no customer service as such. If something goes wrong, it is the customer's fault. Here are some other reviews from unsatisfied cardholders.

"Stay away from the TJX Rewards Credit Card. It is not flexible and you cannot pay your bills at the store. I set the auto pay but it didn't work properly. All they want is you miss the payment. Late payment fee is crazy. I purchased items for $365 and paid $708 at end. It is just headache. Avoid getting this card."

"TJX Rewards Credit Card has horrible payment policy. I paid my card off in full and they credited only half the payment saying it was not my usual payment pattern. It was held for two weeks. The bank released the finances and these showed on my bank account. TJMax system put these a hold due to the fact I did not pay in full (even though I did)! I finally closed the account. Don't waste your time and nerves on this card."

"I am not satisfied with TJX Rewards Credit Card at all. I signed up for this card because I had to make a large purchase at TJMaxx and they claimed they don't charge foreign transaction fees. I travel a lot and I wanted to use this benefit. The thing is that I could not use it anywhere abroad. It was constantly declined. I called them and was told they needed verification. They were going to send a code on my phone, so I give them my phone number. As a result, they said it was not an authorized number. What terrible experience with this company's customer service. Stay away from this shady card."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about the TJX Rewards Credit Card, it is not worth getting unless you are loyal to the great deals found at Sierra Trading Post, Marshalls, T.J.Maxx or HomeGoods. Still, there is high chance that you will experience possible problems and issues. Avoid getting this card if you don't deal with this chain of discount department stores, if you are looking for an everyday credit card or if you tend to carry a balance on your credit card. The TJX Rewards Credit Card has very high APR - 27.24%. This is much higher than that of most credit cards on the market. Make sure to pay off your bill in full and in time. There are many negative reports from people who have paid their balance in full but still were charged late payment fee. It's nonsense. Remember, that if you apply for another credit card this will negatively influence your credit. Taking into account these drawbacks I cannot recommend the TJX Rewards Credit Card.

TJX Rewards Credit Card Pricing and Rates

There is no annual fee for the TJX Rewards Credit Card. Purchase APR is 27.24%. You are expected to get 10% off your first in-store or online purchase. They give you $10 Rewards certificate for every 1,000 points you earn. You will also receive five points for each $1 of net purchases made with your card at Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, Sierra Trading Post and HomeGoods stores in the USA and Puerto Rico. Online stores are and You will also get one point per $1 where Mastercard is accepted.