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Tone 360 Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Tone 360 Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Tone 360 is a weight loss supplement based on the major ingredient -Garcinia Cambogia that is known for its weight loss properties. The product is said to contain some other natural ingredients too. It works by increasing the process of thermogenesis in the user's body. This dietary product is claimed to deliver quick results by burning body fat and converting stored fats into energy. You are promised to get rid of stubborn belly fat and to lose weight in other parts of the body. This supplement assists to get the shape of your dream. These claims sound too promising but do they have anything to do with reality? To answer this question we will need to take a look at who the manufacturer of Tone 360 is. Well, this supplement is made by the company called Tone 360 too.

This company is located somewhere in the USA and is dedicated to producing a range of similar products with Garcinia Cambogia. All of them intend to help you lose weight; improve your health and fitness achievements. Generally, there is very limited information about the company on their official website. According to the manufacturer, this weight loss supplement comes in form of pills. It contains natural ingredients that help to burn fat, boost metabolism and suppress your appetite. As a result you are promised to live a healthy life and enjoy your physically fit body. Can Tone 360 really help in your weight loss process? Is this product as outstanding s claimed by the manufacturer? Let's try to answer these questions by taking a look at the ingredients in the product.

Ingredients of Tone 360 - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

This supplement is claimed to be made from a blend of natural ingredients which help to block citrate lyase enzyme, which takes part in making fats. It also increases brain serotonin levels, which helps to lower appetite for consuming sugary foods. Higher serotonin levels helps to speed up metabolism and lose weight. According to the official website, the major ingredient in the product is Garcinia Cambogia that has a number of functions in the user's body such as blocking fats accumulation, increasing metabolism, suppressing cravings for sugary foods, reducing accumulation of calories and suppressing appetite. Garcinia combogia is a natural ingredient that plays a vital role in the process of losing weight. This is the reason why this ingredient is an active element in many weight loss products. The major drawback about this ingredient is the high risk of experiencing side effects which will be discussed further in this review.

Tone 360

This weight loss product claims to contain vitamins; however, it is not mentioned which exactly and in what dosages. There is no doubt that vitamins are very important, first of all, because they take part in proper body metabolism and conversion of foods into energy. There is some link to appropriate body weight, but it is not proven that vitamins can burn fat. Vitamins are believed to reduce the size of adipose tissues which are involved in the process of storing fat. These tissues may cause high fat content in the body and a bigger body size. They are vital for good concentration mental focus, and performance in general. Vitamins are substances obtained from vegetables and fruits, so you may need your doctor's advice to find out whether you need any supplementation. Minerals are also added to Tone 360 probably because they are important for human health and proper absorption of nutrients by the body. Minerals are natural elements received from plants, vegetables, and fruits. These organic and inorganic substances help to keep the size of adipose tissues on the proper level. They may even shrink their size. Let us take a look at potential health dangers carried by Tone 360.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The official website of Tone 360 reports that this supplement is made from natural ingredients, thus it is not linked to any possible side effects. Even though there is no information of adverse reactions associated with this product, it does not mean that it can be used safely. The truth is that even natural ingredients are able to cause side effects. Garcinia cambogia found in this supplement may cause dizziness, headache, dry mouth, upset stomach or diarrhea. The Food and Drug Administration reported in 2009 that this product can lead to serious liver problems. Besides, Garcinia cambogia may interact with different kinds of drugs: allergy medicines, asthma drugs, diabetes medicines, pain medicines, iron, prescription drugs for psychiatric conditions, drugs that lower cholesterol, statins, Warfarin (a blood thinner). Pregnant or nursing women, as well as those with kidney or liver problems should not use this product.

There are not many customer reviews about Tone 360 on third-party websites. Most users report that it is a complete scam. These people were charged full price of the product, even though it wasn't stated anywhere that they needed to cancel the program in 14 days after ordering the supplement. The company refused to refund when the customers called them to complain. No information about any autoship program came in the package! There was no number to contact either. Customer service reps proved to be unhelpful and often unresponsive. Let us take a look at some of the available reviews online.

"I ordered the trial version of Tone 360 on the official website and I never received the order. I called them and told the rep of the customer service that the order did not come. I was said that it was delivered. I asked them to cancel the program but they said they could not do this until I sent them the product back. I never received it, so how can I send it back? That's ridiculous! I realized that they would not stop charging me, so I turned off my card. Luckily this helped."

"I ordered Tone360 through the trial. It was not mentioned anywhere that I had to contact them within 14 days of the order. I haven't even used the pills for a week, when they charged my card. I did not even approve that order. I called the number provided on their site and those people were rude and not helpful. This company is corrupt."

"I would not suggest anyone to buy tone 360 because this product can be harmful for your health. It caused me stomach ache and severe diarrhea that lasted all day. I called the company to learn the details on how I could get my money back, but I was informed that I could not receive a refund. They did not explain anything and just hang up. Do not order anything from these rude people! I would not recommend this product to anyone!"

Where To Buy Tone 360?

To buy this supplement is not a difficult task. It can be purchased from the company's website or from any of the stores online. The supplement will be delivered at your doorstep within a few days. Tone 360 is only available as a trial offer when ordered from the manufacturer's site. It presupposes paying just $5.95 shipping and handling and you will get a one-month supply. After ordering the product, you will have thirteen days to decide if the supplement suits you or not. If you want to continue getting the product, you will be charged $87.47 for the one-month supply. In addition, you will also be signed up for the "elite member" program, which means that you will continue getting a fresh 30-day supply of the supplement once a month, and you will be charged accordingly. To cancel your autoship program you will need to call the customer service at 800-809-0170 or send your+ email to support@garciniacambogia360.com.

My Final Summary

Tone 360 has too many disadvantages. There is no detailed information about the ingredients used in the product, possible side effects or free trial offered by the company. The exact amount of ingredients is not provided on the official website. Based on customer feedback, this weight loss supplement is not effective and often causes side effects. The use of the supplement may lead to the problems of digestive system. It also disrupts the blood circulation towards the intestines. The product can only be purchased online from the manufacturer's site. Tone 360 offers no money back guarantee, so you won't be able to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the results. The price of the supplement is too high when compared to other similar products. Taking into account this information, I cannot recommend Tone 360 to usage.