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Total Control Herbalife Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Total Control Herbalife Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Total Control Herbalife is a weight-loss supplement that is manufactured by a well-known company Herbalife International. The formula contains tea extracts, herbs, and caffeine, all of which intend to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and increase energy of the user. The manufacturer says that taking this product daily will stimulate metabolism in a safe way to promote weight loss and increase energy in the body. We decided to investigate this supplement to find out whether its components can really deliver any weight-loss results. Our research team is concerned about some of the ingredients in the supplement due to reports of possible side effects. So, we delved into the individual ingredients and science behind the product to see if it is worth trying. Before we show everything we have learnt in the process let us take a look at what manufacturer of Total Control Herbalife is and how it started.

Total Control Herbalife came into existence in 1980. It was presented by the huge multilevel company Herbalife International of America and Herbalife Nutrition Company. They also manufacture a great variety of other weight-loss supplements. The product is sold in the USA and some other countries of the world. The company claims that Total Control is a weight loss booster that also improves the body's metabolism, alertness and well-being, if taken as directed. However, the product is not clinically-tested. The company manufacturing Total Control Herbalife is a multi-level company, which means that when you can become a member of the company and start earning points when you buy anything in bulk from them. You can also get discounts on different other products. According to the manufacturer, all the ingredients found in the supplement are natural. They include black, green, and oolong tea extracts, ginger root extract, caffeine, and pomegranate rind powder extract. Let us take a closer look at these ingredients.

Ingredients of Total Control Herbalife - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Unfortunately, the site does not contain full information about the ingredients in Total Control Herbalife, so we have made our own research of the issue. The first ingredient in this product is Black tea that contains caffeine. The latter is good with blood circulation in the user's body. This ingredient is beneficial for the protection of the lungs from damage because of the harmful products or cigarettes. Oolong tea found in the formula contains the polyphenol compound responsible for burning fat and enhancing the body's metabolism. The polyphenol compound is able to activate some enzymes, which help in this duty. Oolong tea helps the body to reduce weight and burn fats. It is good for obese people because it can speed up lipolysis that allows the body to burn fat. Green tea is also a vital ingredient in Herbalife Total Control. It is not just a liquid, but it contains a big amount of polyphenols and nutrients. Polyphenols are flavonoids, while catechins are powerful antioxidants.

Total Control Herbalife

These are the main ingredients. We are concerned with absence of any dosage information on the official website of the manufacturer. This may mean that they active ingredients are used in lower doses to provide any noticeable weight-loss results. Besides, there is risk of experiencing side effects and allergic reactions. The supplement also contains inactive ingredients including Calcium stearate, Dextrose, Dextrin, Maize, dextrin, Lecithin and Maltodextrin. There is lack of Total Control Herbalife reviews to learn how exactly the product works to improve your health. It is almost impossible to get any concrete evidence online about the effectiveness of the supplement. But we are happy that we have succeeded in finding real users' testimonials and potential side effects of the product. Let's take a look.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

We have not found a word about possible side effects of Herbalife Total Control on its official website. However, this product contains caffeine, which is usually associated with certain side effects. This is the reason why so many people complain about undesired reactions they experience. The most common side effects include diarrhea, dehydration, difficulties in concentration, headache, fatigue, increased heartbeat rate, nausea, jitteriness, and stomach upsets. There is no proven clinical study done on the product to back up its weight loss effects. Herbalife Total Control is associated with a number of warning. Before using these tablets, you should carefully read the product instructions. Each bottle contains a 30day supply. You are recommended to take one tablet three times a day before each of three meals. Accompany the pills with plenty of water. If you have any medical conditions or you are taking any medication, stay away from this product. The same concerns the following groups of people: pregnant women, lactating women, people under the age of 18 years. Patients with cardiac problems or those undergoing drug addiction rehabilitation.

Most users of Herbalife Total Control seem to be satisfied with the supplement; however, there are those who do not appreciate the product at all. The first reason is the ineffectiveness of the supplement for promoting weight loss. The second is the high risk of experiencing side effects such as jitters and fast heartbeat. Let us take a look at some of the following testimonials.

"Every diet pills I have used in the past caused me all kinds of side effects. Herbalife Total Control is not an exception, since I also experienced side effects when I was taking it. I had chest pains and shortness of breath after the first dose already. I felt the same effects when I took the second dose too. It made me feel weird as I could not catch my breath and I suffered from nausea. I felt like I was going to throw up any moment."

"TotalControl Herbalife is not as effective as it used to be before. Twenty years ago I used Herbalife products too and they were much more effective than they are today. Back then the bottle of Total Control used to be green and beige. Now it is not all effective and more expensive. What has happened?"

"Herbalife Total Control is not a good product. I purchased mine from a Herbalife seller. It did not help me to lose any weight within three months of using it regularly. I haven't noticed any difference in my weight or health. Now I am looking for another product that would help me to control my hunger."

Where To Buy Total Control Herbalife?

Each bottle of Total Control Herbalife contains 90 tablets and is available from the official Total Control website and some third-party sellers, such as Amazon and www.influenster.com. The latter sells Total Control Herbalife at the price of $39.95. The same price can be seen on Amazon too.

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Total Control Herbalife, I don't think this product can help you to achieve the desired weight-loss results in a safe and effective way. Based on customer reviews, it does not work equally for everyone. Many users have not seen significant results. There are certain complaints from real users of the product about its unpleasant taste and high risk of experiencing side effects. The supplement has some advantages, too. It can be taken by both ladies and gentlemen. The company behind the product has been around for 35 years. But since there is no connection between Total Control Herbalife and weight-loss, I cannot recommend this supplement to usage.