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Total Life Changes Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Total Life Changes Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Total Life Changes is an international marketing company that involves many levels and sells nutrition and skincare products, which are intended to reduce your stress, help you stay healthy, and enjoy peacefulness. The company also promises to teach you earn money by promoting products of everyday usage, including their Iaso wellness and weight loss products. Total Life Changes is based out of Ira, MI. Compared to other MLM companies, this one claims that you will be able to earn money not only from retail customers, but from supplementary bonuses and wholesale distributors. In any case, the company promises to provide you with all the tools and support you need. Thus, there are two aspects of Total Life Changes; the MLM opportunity and the products. Let's take a look at each of these.

MLM is also known as Multi-Level Marketing, which is a marketing strategy in which you are expected to be compensated for your own sales and for the sales of the other salespeople you recruit. The latter can provide many levels of compensation. MLM is also called pyramid selling, referral marketing, and network marketing. In simple words, you will earn a commission for every product you sell. If you recruit another representative, you will earn a commission for every sale made by them. The more people you recruit, the more money you will get. The most common complaint about MLM opportunities is that representatives are more interested in recruiting people than in selling products. This what is called a Ponzi scheme and it is illegal. To understand whether the company is worth your attention, let us take a look at the reviews left by the participants of the system.

Total Life Changes

Customer Reviews - Does Total Life Changes Really Work?

Total Life Changes held an F rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time of our research. There were 187 closed complaints (19 of which were not responded by the company without any explanations or details. WebTrafficLounge.com reported that the company makes the products that can potentially provide health benefits, but their major concern was that you will make your money not by selling products but by recruiting others more. The second negative aspect is the failure rate for MLM representatives, which is about 99 percent. It means that 99 out of every 100 people who invest their money in order to become a company's representative, never return their investment. According to False Profits, the chance to achieve financial success is equal to that of winning at the tables in Las Vegas. The one percent who does make money actually takes this money from the people who failed.

Since we have reviewed different network marketing companies, we found it strange that Total Life Changes does not provide their compensation plan on their official website. These can be long and difficult to read, but any reputable MLM company should list this kind of information. On top of this, the company provides limited marketing training. You will need to do everything on your own, such as hold parties at your home, enroll your own friends and family members, etc. Since Total Life Changes has many reps, your market may be saturated, which makes it difficult to earn any money. From a product perspective, the IASO Tea offered by the company had a 3-star rating on Amazon. The most common compliments referenced effective weight loss, improved digestion, and fast results. On the other hand, many users complained of high price, failure to work, and undesired side effects (strong smell of the urine, stopping of bowel movements, etc.). For you to make a more informed decision about Total Life Changes, let us take a look at the real customers' testimonials left online.

"I bought Total Life Changes Resolution Drops and Detox Tea. As soon as I received the set, I tried both products. The first day, I received splitting headache almost immediately after taking the recommended dose. I didn't take the products the next day but I resumed on the third and fourth day. I suffered from horrible headache again. I refused from taing either of the products again and I don't recommend these to anyone. My friend works for the company but she doesn't make a lot of money. She says it is hard to find customers. The best way to market is by going up to customers with your business card or by social media"

"Total Life changes products did not work for me at all! I was very disappointed but since I became a representative of the company I needed to return my money. It was really difficult to motivate individuals to buy anything. I felt so bad when I couldn't reach a person I wanted to recruit. I felt so foolish! I would never advise this company to anyone"

"I became a TotalLife Changes representative a few months ago but I have earned absolutely nothing with this company. To make business you need to buy their health products in large quantities and then sell them to your family members, friends or any people you wish. I have spent a lot of money but earned nothing"

Where To Buy Total Life Changes?

The company makes a wide variety of products, including Iaso detoxification tea, beauty applications, a selection of weight loss supplements, gourmet coffees, as well as kits that combine their products. The Total Life Changes website doesn't list any prices, but third-party sources inform that these can range from $50 to $1,500. It means that their products are really very expensive. For example, Total Life Changes Resolution Drops and Detox Tea Sample costs $64.42 ($32.21 per item plus free shipping. To buy any product from the company you will need to go through a current Representative, who will earn some money from your sale. If you want to skip this step, be aware of the fact that Total Life Changes products are available on Amazon too. All Total Life Changes products come with a 30-day refund policy. You can request it by calling 888-873-1898; however, few customers succeeded to get their money back.

My Final Summary

Since there are two aspects of Total Life Changes, buying and reselling products and becoming a company's representative, let's take a look at each of them. Their products seem to have a mixed online customer reputation. Their effectiveness is under question, since none of the ingredients in their products has been proven to work even when used regularly for a long period of time. The company doesn't list the ingredients in their products on the site, so you never know whether they will work for you or, on the contrary, cause a severe allergic reaction. Their products also seem to be too overpriced and overhyped.

Becoming a Total Life Changes representative is not as profitable as claimed by the company. But even if you succeed to earn some money, you need to know that it is coming from people who failed to succeed. Only 1% of all representatives earn money. Recruiting people is a very difficult task, according to the customers' reviews. If you want to earn money or buy health product, you are recommend to look elsewhere. Total Life Changes will hardly meet your expectations.