Total Visa Credit Card Reviews - What Is It?

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Total Visa Credit Card

The Total Visa credit card was specially created for people who have got bad credit or who are trying to rebuild their credit. It is an unsecured credit card with different rates and fees that usually come with a card of this kind. You don't have to pay a deposit in order to use this credit card. It is issued by Mid America Bank and Trust Company. You can apply for this card on its official website and can be approved in as little as a minute. It seems to be appealing to apply for a card with such a fast approval time, but there are a few things for you to remember. This card is not suitable for everyone. Not every person will be approved quickly. Before running to the Total Visa website to order their unsecured card, take your time to read through this review. We are going to talk about its features, real customer testimonials, rates and fees, advantages and disadvantages. By the end of this review, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether you need this card or not.

The official website says that this card is meant for everyone who is in a tough situation and is struggling with bad credit. We have done a lot of research about bad credit scores and we know how to can make them better, but there are not a lot of hacks you can do. In order to build good credit scores you will need some time and a good understanding of reasons why your credit scores fall down. First of all, you will need to perfect low balances on your Total Visa and provide on-time payments. Then you are expected to see your scores rise. Only after that you will be able to get credit cards with good rates and many benefits. The Total Visa Credit Card has some benefits, based on its website, but these are not so many or significant. The only two benefits of this card include that credit limit can go up after six months and reports to three credit bureaus. Let us take a look at customer reputation online.

Customer Reviews - Does Total Visa Credit Card Really Work?

This credit card has got a lot or customer reviews on third-party websites. We have taken a close look at these testimonials and can conclude that not all cardholders are satisfied with their choice. We have gathered up some insights of other websites and your fellow consumers. Credit Karma contains 44 reviews on Total Visa Credit Card. Half of those reviews are one star, while each fifth review is five stars. There are many that focused mainly on errors concerning credit reporting and late payments as well as poor customer service. One review referenced the credit limit increases we have already mentioned. One reviewer said that she had the card for a year and received a notice that her credit limit would be increased $50. She recommends potential clients not to waste their time. WalletHub gave the Total Visa a one-star rating. This site's credit card editor John Kiernan said that there are better options than the Total Visa Credit Card. The website's user reviews gave the card an average rating of 3.4 stars. 55% of those testimonials were either 5 stars or 4 stars.

Another site that estimated the card was Its contributor Toby Sembower gave it a 3.5-star rating, saying that the Total Visa Credit Card might be a good choice for those who have a bad credit history. However, you will need to pay a processing fee for a new card. The expert said this card is #3 out of unsecured cards and #4 out of 18 bad-credit credit cards for clients with bad credit. We have also found a lot of ordinary customers' testimonials on third-part reviews. Thus, one customer writes that he was very happy to get this card, as he wanted to rebuild his credit. He used it for the first four months and paid through on time. Then, about three months ago, the customer scheduled his usual payment for the seventh its due date and even took a screen shot of the confirmation. The seventh came around and it didn't come out. The man went back to the website and it looked like he never scheduled it. He just paid it with the late fee and scheduled the payment for the next month. The same story happened the next month, so he called the customer service only to hear that they had no proof that he scheduled. They did not even take into account the confirmation number he provided. The man decided not to schedule but just to pay it the day before but he was shocked that it still did not come out until several days after he had paid it. The customer took pictures of all confirmations and had the proof but they said he doctored it. At present, the man is done with them and he doesn't recommend this cad to anyone. Here are some other customer reviews available online.

"On September 9th I was approved for the Total Visa Credit Card and paid the $89 fee. I received confirmation, but they did not send me the card. I called them several times and every time they told they mailed the card to me. On 10/18/17 I still have not received it! I am tired of their constant promises that I would receive the card in a matter of days. It seems like they repeat the same from a paper and are just playing games! I have the bill to pay but I have no card!"

"I am not pleased with TotalVisa Credit Card. I haven't had any issues with scheduled payments, but I have to pay an annual fee. One problem happened today. I paid my balance in full, $328. I got a $50 credit limit increase. Several days after this payment, they reduced my credit limit to $250. It is even less than the limit I started out with! There were no late payments in more than a year, so it is unclear why my limit was reduced. Do not get this card. It is not worth it."

"Do not ever fall behind with the Total Visa CreditCard. I fell behind three months due to some circumstances in my life and they sold my account without even warning me! I tried to make payments and only then I was informed that my account had been sold. The law firm started calling and texting every day threatening to show up to my place of work to serve me with papers. I tried to explain then that I tried to pay and they will not accept my payments. By the way, I cannot find any information on this law firm. I would not recommend this card to anyone. Run far away from it!"

My Final Summary

Like every other credit card, the Total Visa Credit Card has its advantages and disadvantages. The main downside of this card is its high fees. You will have to pay $164 in fees within the first year. Every nest year you will have to pay $123 in fees just to use the card. There are many complaints from actual customers associated with the use of this card. The episodes of reduced credit limit without any reason occur quite often. The company behind the Total Visa Credit Card seems to do a dishonest business. However, the two main advantages of this card are the chance to get your credit limit increased after six months and the $500 credit limit. It is important to note that this is an expensive card, which doesn't make sense since it is mainy marketed to people who lack cash. I would advise you looking into other options available on the market, for example, the Discover it Secured. With this card you won't have to pay any up-front fees or annual fees. Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Total Visa Credit Card, this card cannot be recommended.

Total Visa Credit Card Pricing and Rates

In order to open a Total Visa Credit Card account, you will have to pay an $89 processing fee. It is an unsecured card, which means that you don't have to make a deposit to open the card. The annual fee works on a shifting scale. Within the first year of owning the card, you will need to pay $75. Every next year, you will be charged $48. These charges are added to your credit card balance automatically. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 29.99%, which is the highest among the bad-credit cards. You will be charged either $27 or $38 for late payments.