Total Wireless Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Total Wireless

Total Wireless is a brand that operates on the Verizon network as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) under TracFone Wireless. The brand has more affordable rates. It works by purchasing text messages, minutes, and data at wholesale from Big Red, and then reselling them to customers. Since big carrier Verizon tends to prioritize its direct customers over those of MVNO's, will you lose anything on performance with the low-cost Total Wireless services? Are they worth it? Let's find answers to these questions in the following review. All of their plans operate within a certain number of days, mainly 30 days. However, there is also a 90-day plan. So if you want a quick-fix Verizon proxy with no need to do the registration procedure or pay high prices, this option is just for you. Total Wireless offers low prices, while other carriers' prepaid plans presuppose paying more for the same services. For instance, Total's 5GB plan costs $33.20 for 30 days, while the same plan from MetroPCS is priced at $40 per month. Total Wireless comes through with call add-ons and data. For additional $10, you can tack on 5GB of data; for extra $10, you can get an opportunity to call globally. The thing we appreciate about the data add-on is that it isn't spent until you have used up all your monthly data. And any unused data you have added will keep rolling over from one month to the next one. The data add-on doesn't expire as long as your service is active. This feature allows you to add on additional data anytime you wish, then save it up for the period when you need it more.

Customer Reviews - Does Total Wireless Really Work?

Total Wireless has a wide selection of phones including Apple iPhone 6-8 standard and plus; iPhone XS, iPhone SE, iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S10 and S10+, Samsung Galaxy Note9, S10E, S8, LG Premier Pro LTE, LG Rebel 4, etc., Moto E5, Moto G6, Alcatel MYFLIP. Apple and Samsung are certainly the biggest brands and you can get the latest model of iPhone or Samsung if you want. Google fans will need to BYOD, though. And if you are a fan of Moto or LG, there is not a big selection of these brands. If you prefer old phones, you will like an Alcatel MYFLIP flip phone. If you are on a budget, there are refurbished phones and older models, too. It should be noted that if you bring your phone over from your carrier, you will need to check whether it is CDMA compatible (the network Verizon runs) at first, not GSM. You can do it on the website.

Let's take a look at the activation process. In fact, setting up service is easy. You will be given three options: a Total Wireless phone, a Total Wireless hotspot or BYOD. You can purchase a CDMA SIM kit and device plan at any of the major retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy or on You will need to pop the SIM card into a compatible device and receive a new phone number. You will be activated in ten minutes. Porting your number in may take from 10 minutes to 2 days.

Since Total Wireless is based on the Verizon network, the coverage is rather expansive: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprin. You are expected to have a good signal in any part of the USA. According to the numbers, it is really so. OpenSignal estimated Verizon's network as #1 in the beginning of 2019. But Verizon can slow down MVNOs using their network to provide their customers with higher speed. It means that you may not have the same speed as Verizon customers. Until 2017 Verizon had limited MVNOs to 2Mbps upload and 5Mbps download speeds. Total Wireless promises 4G LTE speeds on their official site; however, it is necessary to say that these speeds may vary with area.

Total Wireless offers good customer service, according to the customer reviews available online. As we took a closer look at the customer feedback, we found out that the personnel are responsible and professional, they offer a refund in case you have problems with your speed, and they are fast to respond. However, there are some cases that when customers canceled their account and transferred their phone number to another company, they failed to get a refund for the service. Total Wireless tech support can be reached out in three ways: over the phone, through the online chat or by mail. The majority of the higher mentioned issues were resolved. If you decide to cancel your account, you should better do it at the end of your 30 days. Doing so, you won't get charged for the data you haven't used. Tech support over the phone is very good. The same can be said about the staff at physical stores. Unfortunately, these physical locations are not numerous.

There are quite many testimonials from the users of the services offered by Total Wireless. Most of them are pleased with the plans saying that Total Wireless has certain advantages when compared to Verizon. For example, it has the same coverage and there is no need to worry about cosmic bills. You can get unlimited talk/text and 5gb of data for just $35 per month. It is very easy to find a suitable plan online. If you have any questions you can contact the customer service. The technicians are always responsive and friendly. It is convenient to order a plan online.

One woman reports her experience of using Total Wireless. She says that the first thing for her in getting a smart phone is to choose the network. Verizon has many towers on the territory of the country but it is quite expensive to use. The customer was looking for unlimited call and text but she wanted to use just occasional data. The issue with most plans is expiration of the data at the end of the cycle. The woman mainly uses internet at home through the cable company and she occasionally uses phone internet around town for convenience. And she has rare trips outside the town. Another advantage of Total Wireless is that the 3GB data bought separately does not expire. In this way, you do not lose your money like with other plans. The woman went with the $25 phone and text only plan. She spent an additional $10 on the 3 GB of data. The plan worked well for her without any problems. Since the customer was planning to spend 10 days out of town, she added three more GB that went into reserve. When the cycle rolled over everything worked as she expected. She had added the next month's phone and text card and it activated for the new cycle. Besides, all of her data remained! The woman was out of town and was able to get on the Verizon network even in the area far from cities and towns. Her data speed was 3 to 5 mbps but that was still ok. The customer faced no issues with the text or phone. She has an unlocked Lenovo Moto 5G Plus with 64 MG and 4GB ram. The phone was set up without any problems. There have been no issues with the plan either. Here are some more customers' testimonials found on the net.

"Total Wireless offers perfect plans at great prices. I ordered 6GB per month because my research has showed this is the best-priced plan. By the way, I have learned that Total Wireless is owned by America Movil, a Mexican telecommunications corporation that also operates the TracFone Wireless family of MVNO brands. According to the report, the Total Wireless service runs on Verizon's network. Thank you for fast data at the best price! I would recommend this brand."

"Total Wireless is a nice option for cell phone. This is the place where I found cell coverage. In fact, I have a dumb phone and a smart phone on this plan. I am completely satisfied with it. I have checked other places but they offer plans for smart phones only. This one allows me to use the dumb phone I have and like. It does not matter which phone you have, you will definitely find a suitable plan for you."

"Total Wireless is an amazing prepaid company. I genuinely like its services, first of all, for fast speed and customer service. I have had their plan for two years already and have never had any issues. I have good signal everywhere, even in the areas that have dead zones. I recommend this company. It is necessary to note that any Verizon phone is compatible. You can port your number to keep it when you switch. If your phone is paid off you can bring it over. I did not have to pay $20.00 to Total wireless to have a smart phone on the plan. Other companies do charge for this."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about Total Wireless, this company appears to offer great service. It is a good option for everyone who is looking for a cost-efficient high-quality service. Using the plans from this company you are expected to enjoy high speeds; however, you may seldom face slower speed. In general, the majority of customers are pleased with their experience. Prices at Total Wireless are great, ever though it features the same features as other companies of the kind. There is also an unlimited data plan. Among four plans offered by the company, the value-to-cost ratio of the data is based on how many lines you have. For example, 5 GB for 30 days is enough for one person; 15 GB will be good for two people; 20 GB for three; and 25 GB is great for four lines. Total Wireless is best for those who need to talk much, text much, and use data (but not too much). Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Total Wireless, we do recommend using their services.

Total Wireless Pricing and Rates

Total Wireless offers a few plans for you to choose from. They vary in the number of lines and pricing. Unlimited Talk and Text only (one line) is priced at $23.70 per month. 5GB (one line) will cost you $33.20 per month. You can buy 25GB (one line) for $47.50 per month. Extended plan 15GB (one line) is priced at $90 per 90 service days. 15GB (shared data) (two lines) can be purchased for $57 per month. You can get 20GB (shared data) (three lines) for $80.70 per month. 25GB (four lines) will cost you $95 per month. Total Wireless also offers add-ons. Global calling is priced at $10. 5 GB extra data cost $10.