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Touchpoint is a passive neuroscientific items that should be worn on your wrist and carried with you whenever you need it. It utilizes patent pending Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulant Tactile technology that is believed to be able to reduce anxiety and stress levels within just thirty seconds. This non-invasive method is claimed to have helped thousands of people with different disorders from general anxiety to sleep disorder and Parkinson's disease. It promises to help those suffering from anger outbursts, short attention span, and unhealthy cravings. It is claimed to reduce anxiety by 70% in half a minute. Stress relief has become possible with these small devices. Let us take a look at the most common uses of the device. These can be difficult times at home. Touchpoint promises to help you relax, release tension, and control your anger. This non-invasive treatment can be beneficial for every family member. People with autism will also find it helpful.

This device offers a passive method of decreasing sensory hyperarousal in children with autism spectrum disorder. It can be used at school, at home, or during a session. The solution is said to be powerful in reducing the nervous system hyperarousal symptoms, including constant anxiety, difficulties concentrating, panic attacks, self-destructive behavior and irritability. It promises to help you sleep better due to the patent pending Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulant Tactile technology that can lessen stress levels and increase your relaxation before going to bed. The product can be used to help those with post-traumatic stress disorder, manage panic attacks and calm down the patient. The first Touchpoint device was launched two years ago by Dr. Amy Serin, a neuropsychologist, and Vicki Mayo, an executive child advocate. The Original product cost $240 on Kickstarter before a more affordable version for $135 saw the world. The company behind the product is not reputable, though. If you are interested in how the device works, check out its official website. Since it contains little information, read the detailed review below. Is this all hype or does the produt really work? Let us take a closer look at the device itself and real users' impressions.

Customer Reviews - Does Touchpoint Really Work?

In fact, you will need a pair of Touchpoint devices, since they need to be can be worn on your wrists, held in your hands, or attached to your clothing. The principal of work is based on using varying vibrations to modify the user body's responses to anxiety and stress. This helps to restore the operation of homeostatic nervous system, allowing you to think clearly, calm down, and behave in a rational manner. Two versions of the product are available on the market - original and basic. The latter is a manually operated device which comes with three speed settings. It is easy to use and has a long battery life. The original version has six pre-settings, and you can save the settings you like too. This version is operated through an app which you will need to be downloaded on your phone. According to the manufacturer, the device can boast long battery life. It is said that the battery can last for about eight hours after being charged. It takes three hours to recharge it. The unit requires rechargeable lithium batteries. A single person's kit includes two Touchpoints, couplers for watchbands, a comfortable carrying bag, clips and cables. You can also get a set of metal or silicon watchbands compatible with the units.

How do these devices work? The manufacturer mentions BLAST Technology (Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation-Tactile Technology) on their official website. In plain English, it means that the units work by interfering with the stress response of an individual's body. The BLAST technology is linked to some scientific researches but Dr Serin, the innovator behind the product, has tested the technology and used it in a wearable device. It should be remembered that TouchPoints are not intended to treat health conditions and should not be used as a substitute for medical aid. These are nothing more than general-wellness devices that can be used on a daily basis. There is lack of science behind this product. Once you have got these gadgets, it doesn't mean that you will be able to get rid of anxiety and stress forever. The vibrations sent by these devices are said to reduce high-frequency waves that associated with stressful situations. It means that these wearable items alter the response of your body allowing it to get back to its homeostatic nervous system. That's just the theory that Touchpoints clear human mind. Whether it really works we will find out by looking at the real customers' reviews available online. Speaking about possible negative side effects of the product it is necessary to say that it may hold you from getting the medical help you really need. Here are some of the actual users' testimonials.

"I bought Touchpoints in hope that they would help me to stay more productive at work. I often suffer from tension and stress due to my work commitments. I did not feel any effect on my nervousness, calmness or mind. Besides, I was negatively impressed with the unprofessional attitude of the company's reps. I ordered Touchpoint four months ago from Europe and had been waiting for my purchase for three months. Now I feel disappointed with no results. Waste of money."

"I first started using Touchpoints during a stressful situation with my ex. I felt some improvement in my state but not as significant as I wanted. Then I dealt with difficulties linked to my business. Unfortunately, TouchPoints proved useless in those issues. I felt no calming results at all. Probably, my stress was stronger that those devices could deal with. These may be helpful for decision making and rational thinking, though."

"I ordered touchpoints from the official website of the manufacturer six months ago. This was my first trial but nothing ever arrived. Then I went to their site, found a telephone number and ordered it once again. I finally received my purchase in a month. I have used the device for several weeks now and I can say that these are not miraculous products. They help, of course, but they are certainly not worth the money they cost. These could be more effective."

My Final Summary

Since Touchpoint was launched, it has been associated with long waiting periods. It has somewhat eased after the product's popularity diminished. While the product has simplified some people's lives, it has no influence on the lives of others at all. At first interested consumers are irritated with long shipping times and then after receiving their order they often get disappointed with the purchase. They say that TouchPoints are not as effective as claimed by the company on the official website. Do not expect that this little gadget will solve all of your problems with anxiety, sleep, cravings, focus, and even addiction. The technology used in the product lacks scientific evidence for its effectiveness. Besides, it is too expensive. I do not recommend buying Touchpoint. There is a wide variety of alternatives available on the market at lower prices.

Where To Buy Touchpoint In Stores?

TouchPoints Basic will cost you US$160, while TouchPoints Original can be bought for US$250. Shipping is free in the USA for orders over $100. Shipping is free in Australia for orders over $40. You will have to pay for the international shipping separately. The company behind the products, TouchPoint Solutions, offers a 100% Satisfaction guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty. If you are not pleased with the product, you can ask for a replacement or your money back!